Travel light! Easily store our 30,000-article travel guide on your smartphone.

Wikivoyage is available offline for most devices. Check airport-city transportation options while in the plane. Prepare your trip from anywhere. Faster than your expensive roaming connection. More up-to-date than paper books.

Android edit


You can install the Kiwix Wikivoyage app (smaller Europe only version) from the Play Store. Alternatively, you can use the main Kiwix app, also from the Play Store, and select the Wikivoyage download option. While the Kiwix Wikivoyage specific app was updated as of January 2020, the main Kiwix app might be easier to update with new content. Install it when you are on WiFi, as the application is about 600 MB, and the latest archive is 1GB.

You can also use the Kiwix PWA simply by visiting in Chrome or Samsung Internet browser (the latter is faster, if you have it), and installing the PWA from Configuration. Then download the latest Wikivoyage archive in-app (1GB).

Installing the main app from APK is also possible.

iPhone/iOS edit


  1. Install the free app Kiwix,
  2. Open Kiwix and select the Wikivoyage file for download. Better download it when you are on WiFi, as the file is about 1GB.

As an alternative, visit on your iOS device in Safari, add the PWA to Home, and then download the Wikivoyage file in-app (a 1GB download).

UWP App (Windows 10/11 & Mobile) edit


Just install from the Microsoft Store: it is ready to use. If using a Mobile Device, you should download over WiFi, as the application (which includes the latest ZIM file) is approx. 1GB.

Installing without the Store is also possible.

Windows/Linux/macOS edit

For Windows 7/8/10/11 desktop and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE), we have portable and installable Wikivoyage apps (.AppImage, .deb, .exe) available from our Wikivoyage by Kiwix repository. No extra download is needed.

Alternatively, you can install Kiwix for your operating system, open the app, and select the Wikivoyage file for download. Ensure you download it when you are on WiFi, as the file is about 1GB.