Wikivoyage:Main Page guidelines

The Main Page is the entryway for most casual readers into Wikivoyage. It should show us in our best light, and we've put a lot of thought and work into designing it, to include a mix of gradually-changing information. Editing it directly is usually not necessary, as the Main Page can be updated by editing the corresponding templates.

  • Destination of the Month, Off the Beaten Path and Featured travel topics showcase our featured articles, which are changed every month. These articles are selected in advance at Project:Destination of the Month candidates. If you wish to edit the text or replace the image, please test it first in Main Page/Sandbox.
  • Discover spotlights interesting and often quirky factoids about the places described in Wikivoyage guides. These items are also selected in advance, and added to a queue of upcoming items at Project:Discover. This section is not updated on the Main Page itself, but in a template that is automatically included in the Main Page:
  • Getting involved engages Wikivoyagers to start improving the project. It shows four static links at the left side of the bar, and the Collaboration of the month at the right side. The collaboration of the month is single destination article selected for a focused effort to improve it in some way. Articles are selected in advance at Project:Collaboration of the month. Changing the Collaboration of the month should not be done directly on the Main Page, but is done via this template:

The rest of the Main Page should not be changed without first discussing it with the community. Even if there is community consensus, because of the complexity of the page layout, care should be taken in doing so.