Microformats are a loose group of standards for adding simple markup to human-readable data items such as events, contact details or locations. The information in web pages that follow the standards can be extracted by software and indexed, searched for, saved, cross-referenced or combined. More technically, they are items of semantic markup, using just standard (X)HTML with a set of common class-names. They are open and available, freely, for anyone to use.

Since microformats depend on particular (X)HTML elements and attributes, it's not - yet - possible to implement them in basic Wiki syntax. However, some of our MediaWiki extensions do or will support microformats for output.



hCard is used to mark up contact details for people, organizations or venues (i.e hotels, shops, pubs, museums, etc.). and can be extracted as a vCard. The new Project:Listings implement hCard. For examples, see Birmingham (England), Cincinnati or Singapore/Sentosa.



The rel-licence microformat is already used on every page on Wikivoyage.



If you have suggestions for other ways to implement microformats on Wikivoyage, please discuss on the Talk page.

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