Wikivoyage:Migration to Wikimedia

Wikivoyage was formally started in 2006 when a group of editors formerly on Wikitravel decided to move their editing activities and current content to a new site, in accordance with the site license, a procedure known as "forking".

The first languages moved were German (in 2006) and Italian. The English version of Wikivoyage was founded in August 2012. Wikivoyage migrated to the Wikimedia Foundation in November 2012.

Merging former accounts edit

It is no longer possible to merge contributions that were imported to Wikivoyage from Wikitravel to your Wikimedia account, but you can request an admin to update the "(WT-en)-Username" user page that is credited with edits you made to point to your current account if you can verify that you are the same person.

Clean up edit

For more information on ways to help out, see the Cleanup page.

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