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The geographical hierarchy is one way to think about and organize travel articles - breaking down big areas on Earth's spherical surface into smaller and smaller areas until you get to areas too small to be worth writing an article about. But it's just one of many ways of thinking about travel articles, and to form meta-articles that group other articles together. Some other ways are listed below; there are probably more.

Itineraries edit

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An itinerary views a group of destinations as a linear division rather than a spatial locality or region. For example, one could retrace a real or fictional historic voyage (such as Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days), a well-known pilgrimage (such as the Hajj) or a famous road or rail line (like the Orient Express).

Itineraries may cross geographical regions, but should have a well-defined path. The Appalachian Trail and Route 66 are good examples here.

An itinerary normally provides less detail than the individual city articles for each town on the route. As a purely local itinerary (like One Night in Bangkok) risks pointless duplication of information already in the main city article (Bangkok), creation of these pages is best avoided if the information fits just as easily in the destination article. See Wikivoyage:Itineraries#Valid itinerary article subjects.

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Travel topics edit

Not all travellers are looking for general adventure and art museums. It also makes sense to think about travel issues - Disabled travellers, First aid kit for travellers, LGBT travel, Honeymoon travel, Travelling with children, or travel activities - golf, scuba diving, etc. Some information on these issues may go into geographical descriptions, but other more general info might be valuable in its own article. Bodies of water aren't given city-level articles (Lake Placid describes the town, not the lake itself) but cruising on small craft on those waters could be a suitable travel topic.

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