Wikivoyage:RDF Expedition/Place type

Wikivoyage destination guides describe different kinds of places on the geographical hierarchy. Adding some machine-readable code to indicate what kind of place a guide describes can let software do different things with different levels of the hierarchy. For example: indicating which articles don't match their template in the MoS, or the Web software could include different controls or links on country pages than on city pages. Scripts could be written just for city articles, just for regions in France, etc.



The Simile basic location ontology is a good start for Wikivoyage. However, to map closely to Wikivoyage's hierarchy, it may make sense to use classes that strictly match it.

  • wts:Place - any kind of place, superclass for the rest of these classes
    • wts:Continent
    • wts:ContinentalSection
    • wts:Country
    • wts:Region
      • wts:State
      • wts:Province
      • wts:County
      • wts:Department
    • wts:City
      • wts:SmallCity
      • wts:BigCity
      • wts:HugeCity
    • wts:District
    • wts:Park



We use an URN format to define places.

 place:Lausanne a wts:BigCity .
 place:France a wts:Country .
 place:Montana a wts:State .



The following templates will include minimal code to mark a destination guide as describing a particular kind of place. Many of them can and should be included in the more specific Project:article status templates like Template:Usablecity.