Wikivoyage:RDF Expedition/Template

This is an article template for new ideas for the Project:RDF Expedition. You can copy this page to a new sub-page of the RDF Expedition, and fill some or all of the sections. Try to erase this italicized stuff, too.

Up at the top, add a little description of what kind of knowledge we want to represent. How would a marked-up page be different from other pages? Would there be UI changes, or would the knowledge only be visible to automated systems? This is where you make your "sales pitch" for the idea.



Here, you make references to the RDF schemata (!) and schema elements (like relationships or predicates) that could represent the knowledge. If we need to add new elements to the Wikivoyage schema to make this knowledge representation work, note the changes here.



Here, give some examples of how the knowledge would be represented. If you've put examples on other pages, add links to them here.



Link (like [[:Template:Template name]] -- don't forget the initial ':' !) to Mediawiki templates that make expressing this knowledge easier. Give examples of how to provide parameters to the template.