Wikivoyage:Ways to promote Wikivoyage

The more people who read and contribute to Wikivoyage, the better it becomes, and the more we further our goal of making a free, complete, up-to-date and reliable worldwide travel guide. Some ways you can help promote Wikivoyage are:

  • Word of mouth. Tell friends and colleagues about Wikivoyage – especially those who are interested in travel. Make sure to give them the correct URL – – and let them know that their contributions are welcome.
  • Recruit for specific jobs. It is often easier for people to get into Wikivoyage if they think in terms of specific work on specific articles. Do you know someone who speaks one of the languages that we need a phrasebook for? Or someone who's been to a place that doesn't have a star article at Wikivoyage yet?
  • Link to Wikivoyage. If you have a blog, personal travel Web site, or what have you, mention Wikivoyage and link to the Main Page. See Badges for some nice images to use on your site.
  • Link from Wikipedia. Places in Wikipedia should also be linked in to their Wikivoyage guides. See links from Wikipedia. Just add the {{wikivoyage}} macro and make sure the links works.
  • Make good content. The better our travel guide is, the more people will come back to it, and talk about it, and recommend it to their friends. Any time you spend making Wikivoyage a better site will help generate more traffic – and thus make it an even better site.
  • Make popular content. Watch for topics and destinations that people want to know about – lists of top destinations in newspapers and magazines, places in the news, etc. Make sure we have articles about those places or topics.
  • Suggest the URL to blogs and other Web sites. If you regularly read a Web site that's concerned with travel, travel writing, or open content, send an email (or use whatever feedback mechanism is available) to suggest the Wikivoyage URL.
  • Write articles about Wikivoyage. If you write for a magazine, a newsletter, or a Web site, try submitting an article about Wikivoyage to that publication. Try to make the article interesting and cogent to the publication in question. You might want to discuss Wikivoyage as an open content effort, for example, or maybe you'd rather take the angle of peer support for travelers. In any event, try to sound less like a zealot and more like an interested party with something valuable to say.
  • Review Wikivoyage for Web review sites. A review on Alexa or other review sites can give others a good idea of your enthusiasm for Wikivoyage.
  • "Like" Wikivoyage on Facebook. Go to the Wikivoyage page on Facebook and click "Like" to receive updates about Wikivoyage and to spread the word about Wikivoyage on social media.
  • "Follow" Wikivoyage on Twitter. Visit Wikivoyage's Twitter feed and follow us for the latest updates, featured articles and to tell the world about our work.