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Wikitravel Press (WTP, formerly at was an independent company that published printed guidebooks based on the content you see on this site. It was a commercial venture operated by Peter, Jani, Michele and Evan. Internet Brands had licensed the Wikitravel trademark to the company, but was not managing and did not own the company. Books were sold primarily through Per the copyleft, the books themselves were subject to the same Creative Commons license, so they could be copied and reused freely.

Wikitravel Press hired book editors to assemble relevant and great destination guides, abridge or expand them, and make final copy-editing and fact-checking tasks. Where this work coincided with the Wikitravel manual of style, the work was contributed directly back onto

Wikitravel Press was dissolved in early 2012, and ceased publishing books. If you are interested in printing books made from Wikivoyage articles, please see Help:Books.


There may be some legacy syntax found within our travel guides that was used for Wikitravel Press formatting purposes. Some of this syntax can be removed, but others may retain some semantic value and may be useful for future print projects (like Wikivoyage:Books).

  • 'print=' parameters within image tag invocations (e.g., [[File:Epcot.jpg|thumb|print=vsplit|angle=90|Epcot map]]), used to control how images are printed
    • possible values: "vsplit", "split", "lead", "float", "inline"
  • 'angle=' parameters within image tag invocations, used to rotate images for print
  • Template:Web, used to identify content that should not be printed, but should appear online
  • "<!--WEB-START-->" and "<!--WEB-END-->", used to delimit content that should not be printed, but should appear online
  • "<!-- PRINT" and "PRINT -->", used to delimit content that should be printed, but should not appear online
  • Template:Pagebreak, used to force a page break
  • Template:Index, used to insert a custom index entry

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