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One-liner listings are the default for Cities, Other destinations, and Go next sections. They are also used in other sections, as appropriate. Regions and Districts sections typically use a similar format unless the {{regionlist}} template is being used.

One-liner listings are primarily for navigation in the "Regions," "Cities," and "Other destinations" sections; they allow the reader to quickly identify and get to the specific travel guide they want to read. They should generally be limited to just 1–5 sentences that provide an overview of the destination, rather than including detailed descriptions or long lists of attractions.

One-liner listings use the following format:

  • Alphabetical order — preferred, if appropriate and there's no reason not to
  • Bold for the caption — optional if it's an internal wikilink; if mixed, consistency preferred
  • Capitalise — first word of caption, but not the description (except proper nouns, etc.)
  • Description — a concise, 1–5 sentence description of the main draws a destination has for a traveller
  • Em dash, not a hyphen — with one space at each end. If your keyboard doesn't have it, then just enter {{subst:emdash}}
  • Forgo blank lines — for accessibility by people using a screen reader

Alphabetical order should be used whenever there's no more appropriate logical order (e.g. price, distance, north–south, day of the week, etc.). Where a non-alphabetical order is used, it should be explained if necessary.

A universal exception to completely alphabetical order is in Cities sections, where capital cities/towns always go at the top of the list.

For high-level regions or country articles, a shorter description (generally a single phrase with no full stop) is typically used for the "Cities" and "Other destinations" section since at the highest level these sections are simply a navigational shortcut that contains well-known destinations that most travelers to the area will likely already be familiar with; use your best judgement to determine the level of detail required.

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