prefecture-level city in Guangxi, China

Baise[dead link] (百色; Bǎisè) is a city and prefecture in North Guangxi.

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Baise Prefecture is in northwestern Guangxi covering an area of 3,726 km² and holds a population of over 4.2 million (2019). The landscape is dominated by mountains and forests with the highest areas in the northwest. The city is in a bassin in the middle of the prefecture and is encircled by mountains.

Baise has mild and dry winters, and hot and humid summers. In the mountains, especially in northwest of the prefecture, the climate is somewhat cooler.

Baise is worth visiting for its landscape, for being the spot for one of the most famous communist rebellions and for the numerous ethnic groups being represented here.

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Map of Baise

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The railway from Nanning to Kunming runs through the city.

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Nanning-Kunming, Shantou-Kunming, and Baotou-Youyi Pass Expressways, State Highway 323 and State Highway 324 run through the city.

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The city has more than ten city bus routes, primarily covering the central part of town. There are also plenty of taxis.

The railway station is at the northeast end of Jinzhan Rd (进站路, bus 1 will take you there, telephone +86 776 2825862). The long distance bus station is at Chengbei 1st Rd (城北一路, many of the local buses will take you there, telephone +86 776 2987262).

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Karsts edit

  • Chuandong Heavenly Pit (穿洞天坑; Chuāndòng​ Tiānkēng), Leye County (乐业县; Lè​yè​xiàn) (18km from the city centre, Leye County Tourism Office has a shuttle bus to the pit). Karst pit formed about 2 million years ago. The cave is a couple of hundred meters wide and deep. You can walk down to the trees in the bottom and also into a side chamber. ¥50.
  • Daweishi Heavenly Pit, Leye County. Karst pit with underground rivers.
  • Naling Cave (纳灵洞; Nàlíngdòng), Lingyun County (凌云县; Líng​yún​xiàn. ¥50.
  • Shuiyuan Cave, Lingyun County.
  • Dashiwei Sky Hole Cluster Scenic Spot (大石围天坑).
  • Ganzhuang Mountain.
  • Luomei Lotus Cave.

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  • Chengbi Lake. Recreational center with lakes, islands and mountains. Here you can sail and learn about the local ethnic groups.
  • Buliu River, Tianlin, Lingyun, Leye and Tian'er counties. River running through forests with plenty of fish, plants and birds. The Xianren Qiao (Fairy Bridge) world's longest natural arch--by a wide margin--spans the river. You can go boating on the river and through the arch.
  • Youjiang River, Tianlinwa Village, Youjiang District.
  • Jingxi Grand Canyon.

Revolutionary sights edit

  • Baise Rebellion Memorial Hall.
  • Yuedong Meeting Hall (粤东会馆), 39 Jiefang Road, Youjiang District (右江区解放街39号) (Take bus no. 11 and get off at the Jiefang Road bus stop). Here you can learn more about the Baise rebellion.
  • Baise Uprising Martyrs Monument, Houlong Mountain, Youjiang District.

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  • Jiangmei Debao Short Horse Paradise, Debao County. In this garden you can go horse riding and listen to the local music. These horses are really short, usually less than one meter.
  • Qingfeng Building, 55 Zhongshan 1st Road, Youjiang District.
  • Jiuzhou Embroidery Street.
  • 1 Youjiang Museum of Nationalities (右江民族博物馆), 12 Houlongshan, Chengdong Road, Youjiang District (右江区城东路后龙山12号) (inside the Baise Uprising Memorial Park), +86 776 2932787, . Tu-F 08:30-12:00, 14:30-17:30; Sa Su 09:00-16:30; closed M. Free.

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The area grows lots of fruits. Try the mango, hawthorn, fennel and pekoe.

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Dong Ethnicity Liquor(侗族酒): The Dong ethnic group is a minority in the Baise region, known for its unique culture and culinary traditions. Dong Ethnicity Liquor is likely a locally traditional brewed alcoholic beverage, and its taste may vary depending on the brewing methods.

Dong Ethnicity Rice Wine(侗族米酒): Rice wine is a common traditional beverage in the Guangxi region, and Dong Ethnicity Rice Wine in Baise is likely crafted from locally unique varieties of rice, offering a distinctive flavor.

Guangxi Sour Plum Soup(广西酸梅汤): Sour Plum Soup is a refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage made from sour plums and rock sugar. In hot weather, it is a popular choice for cooling down.

Guangxi Longan Sugar Water(广西龙眼糖水): Longan Sugar Water is a traditional sweet dessert in Guangxi, made by simmering fresh longan fruit with rock sugar and water, providing a delightful and sweet taste.

Bitter Gourd Juice(苦瓜汁): In some places in Baise, Bitter Gourd Juice is frequently consumed. This refreshing and beneficial beverage is known for its health benefits.

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Baise Hengyuan Grand Hotel百色恒源大酒店(新兴路店)18 Xinxing Road, Youjiang District, Baise City

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