airport in Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS  IATA) is modern, clean, easy to navigate, and the primary gateway to Boston and New England. +1-800-23-LOGAN (56426)



While the airport has always been pretty big, the advent of more efficient jets and the growth of the New England economy has given it a massive boost in international destinations.


Map of Boston Logan International Airport

As the major airport for the New England area, Logan provides frequent non-stop service to most major cities in the United States and almost all major European airports. Logan airport serves as a focus city for JetBlue and as a hub for Delta Air Lines, while American Airlines is another major carrier. The regional airline Cape Air and commuter airline PenAir also make Logan their base of operations. While Air Canada is in Terminal B, the gates for its flights are at the far end of the terminal with its own line for Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Flights tend to be on time, but you never know with that wild New England weather. Try not to plan your connections too tightly. Security is typically tight, like at most major American airports, and you can expect the TSA to be thorough, efficient, and quick.

  Terminal A
Delta (domestic flights), WestJet
  Terminal B
Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines (all departures, domestic arrivals), Boutique Air, Southwest, Spirit, United (all departures, domestic arrivals)
  Terminal C
Aer Lingus, Cape Air, JetBlue (all departures, domestic arrivals), TAP Air Portugal (international departures)
  Terminal E
Aeromexico, Air France, Allegiant, American Airlines (international arrivals), Avianca, Azores Airlines, Bermuda Air, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Condor, Copa Airlines, Delta (international arrivals), El Al, Emirates, Etihad, Frontier, Hainan Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Iberia, Icelandair, ITA Airways, Japan Airlines, JetBlue (international arrivals), KLM, Korean Air, LATAM, Level, Lufthansa, Play, Porter, Qatar Airways, Scandinavian Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, Swiss, TAP Portugal (international arrivals), Turkish Airlines, United (international arrivals), Virgin Atlantic

Ground transportation


The Sumner Tunnel, which is the primary road connection from the airport to the city, is closed on many weekends from Fall 2023 through Summer 2024. After that, it is scheduled to be fully closed again July–August 2024. Check the official closure schedule for the latest information. This affects all road vehicles, including cars, taxis, and buses such as the Silver Line. During this closure, driving time from the airport to the city (but not the other direction, which is routed through another tunnel) is significantly longer.

By public transit

The Silver line is a convenient and cheap way into town
Massport bus 33 at Airport Station
Airport Station from inside, showing a shuttle bus to the airport outside

Logan is connected to the Blue Line of the MBTA Subway (or "T", in local parlance) as well as the Silver Line connector route. During the Sumner Tunnel closure, the most advisable route into the city is probably the Blue Line (which is free), after which you can either take further public transportation, walk, or take a cab or car.

The Blue Line stop at Logan (the Airport station) is actually offsite, and you need to take a Massport shuttle bus there from the airport. To catch a bus, head outside the terminal to the curb and find the correct bus waiting area. Several busses access the Blue Line stop, including the busses for the rental car center; these busses also go to all terminals. These busses are numbered; busses 22, 33, 55, and 66 access the Blue Line stop. If you are not sure if a particular bus goes to the Blue Line, just ask the driver. It is also possible to walk to the Blue Line stop from the terminal, but the way is not clearly marked and there is a large intersection, so this is not recommended at night, if you are unfamiliar with the area or if you have large luggage.

The bus will drop you at the Blue Line station. During the Sumner tunnel closures noted above, the Blue Line is free to ride, so simply walk inside and through the fare gates. At other times, you may need to purchase a ticket or CharlieCard first from the kiosks in the station. There are two directions: towards Wonderland, which takes you north towards Revere and Chelsea; and towards Bowdoin, which goes into downtown Boston (to access the train going this direction, go up the escalator and then back down again). For many hotel and tourist destinations, you will need to go towards Bowdoin, get out at Government Center and transfer to the Green Line, which has several branches that go to various locations in Boston, as well as towards Somerville and Medford on the E branch. If you are looking to go to the orange line, you can get off at the State stop. If you are looking to go to the commuter rail, then take the T from the airport to State Station, and while at State Station get on an orange line train bound of Oak Grove, and get off at North Station will you will be able to access the commuter rail. If you are looking to go on the red line then go to State Station, and take an orange line train bound for Forest Hills to Downtown Crossing.

Just outside the international Terminal E, there is an "employee" shuttle bus stop, but anyone can board the shuttle bus without being questioned.

Another option is to board the Silver Line 1 (SL1 bus) for at Logan and transfer for free to the Red line. The Silver Line is a bus that takes you straight from your terminal to South Station downtown. The Silver Line bus from the airport has four stops -- stops at Silver Line Way, World Trade Center, and Courthouse, all in the Seaport district, and then the final stop at South Station. From South Station, you can take the Red Line north (inbound, to Alewife, which will take you to downtown Boston and then Cambridge) or south (outbound, to Ashmont/Braintree, which will take you to south Boston and Quincy). Transfers are free; once you exit the bus, follow the signs to the correct platform (this will involve going up and then back down again). You can also exit South Station and then walk or take a cab from here to the Seaport district, the North End and downtown Boston. South Station is also the main terminal in Boston for Amtrak and long-distance bus service. Note that the Silver Line is rerouted during the Sumner Tunnel closure and is subject to the same traffic delays as other vehicles.

Service on the T (either Silver Line or Blue Line) stops around 12:30AM, so if your flight arrives after this you'll be taking a cab. You do not need to purchase a fare or CharlieCard ahead of time; service on both routes is free from the airport. Board Silver Line and Massport busses at any door, including the back doors.

Logan is also one of the few airports in the world that can be reached by ferry. The ferries run on weekdays and are convenient to access Winthrop, Hingham and Hull on the south shore. There is also a privately operated water taxi that goes to Long Wharf in downtown Boston. To access the ferry terminal, take Massport bus 66 from the airport; be sure sure to check schedules as the ferries don't run on weekends, are subject to weather closures, and don't run as long or as frequently as the rest of the T.

By taxi or ride app


Taxi costs could range from $25-50 for destinations in Downtown Boston or in Cambridge or Somerville (for example). There is no one livery for Boston taxis, but once at the taxi pickup area, airport employees will direct you to the next available taxi.

The taxi stand at the airport is quite convenient and you will get a ride right away. However, you will have to tell the driver exactly how to get to your destination, or else insist that he use his phone for navigation. Many drivers do not speak much English.

Ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft are popular, but just as expensive as official taxis, and you will have to wait to be picked up. For pickup at the airport, follow signs for "Ride App" which will on a long walk lead to Central Parking. Uber and Lyft drivers are not allowed to pick you up at the arrivals curb.

By shuttle


Check with your hotel about airport shuttle service, it's an amenity offered by many. Other shuttle services that visit the airport include:

  • Logan Express. Offers direct bus service from Braintree, Framingham, Woburn, and Peabody. Buses leave every hour or so and trips take around 30-45 minutes. Express buses also run to the airport from Copley square and Hynes Convention Center in the Back Bay. $7.50 one way.
  • Axis Coach, +1 617 340-3403. Airport limos to and from Logan airport or Manchester airports. from $79 one way.

By car


If you're driving to Logan, routes are well marked, but the airport road system is complex. Read the signs carefully and be sure you're in the correct lane. If an unexpected off-ramp sneaks up on you, don't panic, you can just drive around the airport loop again.

Get around

Near Gates B14 and B15 in Terminal B

All terminals in Logan are directly connected to the central parking garage like spokes on a hub. Terminals A and B are fairly close together, and it's possible to walk from B to C to E (but not A) airside (post-security). Above-ground enclosed walkways connect all terminals, while free MassPort shuttle buses connect all airport services. Shuttle #11 loops around and quickly connects the four terminals together. Shuttle #22 and #33 connect the subway and rental car center, with terminals A&B and C&E respectively. Shuttle #55 runs during off-peak hours and connects everything, and the #66 shuttle adds the water transportation dock into the mix as well. Finally, shuttle #88 connects all terminals to the economy parking garage. If you're renting a car, take one of the shuttles and don't wait for a branded company van.




  • Delta Sky Club.
    • Near gate A18. 6AM - 7:30PM.
    • Across from gate A7.
  • United Club, Terminal B, between B23 and B24. M W-F Su 4:30AM-8:15PM, Tu 4:30AM-7:30PM, Sa 4:30AM-7PM.
  • American Airlines Admiral Club.
    • Near gate B4 (straight from security on the south side). Su-F 5:30AM-8:30PM, Sa 5:30AM-5PM.
    • Near gate B30 (after security on the north side, turn left, then turn right and walk to the lounge). 4:15AM-8:30PM.
  • The Lounge (The Lounge - Aer Lingus / Emirates), Terminal C, between C18 and C19 across from the gates. MoThSu 06:00-21:00, TuWeFrSa 06:00-22:00. Also available for Priority Pass holders
  • Lufthansa Lounge, Terminal E, level 4 (Elevator and stairs across from gate E11). M W F S 1:30-11:45PM; Tu Th 1:30–10:15PM; Su 1:30–11PM.
  • British Airways Lounge.
  • Air France Lounge, Terminal E (take the elevator near gate E4 up to the 4th floor). 09:30-22:30. Also available for Priority Pass holders
  • The Club.
  • Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, Terminal A, Level 2 (Departures) (near gate A8).
  • Chase Sapphire Lounge, In the connector between terminals B and C (near gate B40). 05:00-23:00. Available for holders of Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card (unlimited visits) and Priority Pass (once a year).

Eat and drink

Berkshire Farms Market, Terminal B

Logan has a bevy of dining options scattered throughout its terminals, and some of them are even good! Nowadays it's possible to find local farm-to-table fare and a wide selection of organic microbrews on tap. Of course this is Boston after all, so you can bet a Dunkin' will never be out of sight with 10 standalone locations, 1 express, and one bundled with a Hudson.

There is an interactive map of the terminals that show current dining and shopping options, as well as the location of baggage claim and amenities.

Terminal A

  • 1 Alta Strada (Second floor between gates A8 and A9.), +1 617-283-9306. 5am-30 minutes before last departure. Serves pasta.
  • 2 B.Good (Between Gates A6 and A7 on the second floor), +1 617-283-9306. 1 hour before the first departure- 30 minutes before the last departure. Burgers, Salads, Smoothies.
  • 3 Berkshire Farms Market (Between Gates A6 and A7 on the second floor), +1 617-604-6400. 1 hour before the first departure- 30 minutes before the last departure. Grab and go items, as well as coffee and smoothies.
  • 4 Boston Bruins Bar (Between Gates A15 and A16 on the second floor), +1 617-283-9306. 5am-30 minutes before last departure. Face off with an inventive and eclectic menu, hand crafted cocktails and plenty of TVs at this family friendly sports bar.
  • 5 Currito (Between Gates A17 and A18 on the second floor), +1 617-785-5948. 5am-30 minutes before last departure. Burritos.
  • Dunkin'
    • 6 Dunkin', Pre-Security, First Floor, +1 617 561 0421. 24 hours.
    • 7 Dunkin', Between Gates A17 and A18 on the second floor, +1 617 569 4091. Daily: 5AM-8PM.
  • 1 Harpoon Tap Room (Between Gates A20 and A21 on the second floor), +1 617-561-4704. 5am-30 minutes before last departure. Seasonal micro-brews, chowders, crab cakes, wraps, and salads.
  • 8 Legal Sea Foods (Between Gates A4 and A5 on the second floor), +1 617-568-1888. 6am-30 minutes before last departure. Seafood.
  • 9 Sbarro (Between Gates A17 and A18 on the second floor), +1 617-418-7534. 5am-30 minutes before last departure. Pizza.
  • 10 Starbucks (Between Gates A17 and A18 on the second floor). 1 hour before the first departure- 30 minutes before the last departure.

Terminal B

  • 11 Berkshire Farms Market, Between B19 and B20, +1 617 874 3377. 1 hour before the first departure- 30 minutes before the last departure. Features grab and go items as well as coffee and smoothies.
  • 2 Lucca (Between Gates B15 and B16 on the second floor), +1 857-256-2143. 5am-30 minutes before last departure. Named for the Tuscan town renowned for its extra virgin olive oil, Lucca offers Northern Italian classics, combined with creative innovations.
  • 12 N.e. MKT, +1 617-874-8038. 4am-30 minutes before last departure. Local, New England flavors with made to order sandwiches, salads and bowls.
  • 13 Not Your Average Joes, +1 617-418-5187. 5am-30 minutes before last departure. Globally Inspired Creative Casual Cuisine. A unique neighborhood place, featuring a menu of made-from-scratch creative comfort classics at a good old-fashioned value.
  • 14 OTTO, +1 617-874-8120. 1 hour before the first departure- 30 minutes before the last departure. Pizza.

For shopping, you'll easily be able to find a new book or magazine once past security. You could also buy fancy new shoes, headphones, or a hundred other things.



Free internet is available - connect to "LoganWifi" and agree to the terms to get on.





In general, you don't have to worry much about airport noise if you stay near the airport. The orientation and position of the runways, along with local regulations requiring steep takeoffs and landings, mean you won't find jets flying low over your hotel at all hours of the night. And for added protection, hotels near the airport have extra sound protection anyway.

  • 1 Hilton Boston Logan Airport, 1 Hotel Dr. Check-in: 4PM, check-out: 11AM. Hotel is connected to terminals A & E by skybridge. 24- hours shuttle service available for airport terminals (probably faster than walking of you're going to terminals B or C), as well as to the T and water taxi.

There are two other hotels within walking distance: an Embassy Suites near the rental car center and a Hyatt Regency near the ferry terminal. Their listings are in the East Boston article.


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