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Terézváros is the traditional name of the VI. district of Budapest. "Teréz" refers to Empress Maria Theresa of Austria and Hungary.


The main feature of Terézváros is Andrássy út, the avenue built to emulate the Champs-Élysées of Paris. It connects the Erzsébet Square in V. District and Heroes' Square in City Park. It crosses the körút (boulevard ringroad) at the always-busy Oktogon square, which got its name from its shape. At the end of Andrássy út the City Park (Városliget) is probably the most pleasant of Pest's districts and houses a number of interesting if low-key attractions often skipped by the package tour companies. The area is easily accessible with the yellow subway line (nearest station    : Hősök tere) and entry into the park, including the castle grounds, is free. All this area, including the Underground Railway is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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Map of Budapest/Terézváros

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  • 1 Nyugati pályaudvar (Budapest-Nyugati Railway Terminal, Western Railway Station), at the intersection of Grand Boulevard and Váci Avenue. (   : 'Nyugati pályaudvar' or tram: 4, 6 or bus 9, 26, 91, 191, 226, 291). Nyugati (Hungarian for "western") is actually in the east of the city, but its name is due to that it used to serve western-oriented railway lines, which is no more the case, as the station is limited to handling domestic traffic, including this coming from the east like from Debrecen or Szeged. You may also end up there when coming from abroad, as the trains stopping at Ferihegy arrive here. You can use those trains to connect to bus 200E from Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. The bus-train combination is the quickest way to get to the city centre from the airport. The square in front of the station (predictably named Nyugati ter) also serves as a transport hub with several bus routes, tram routes 4 and 6, and a station on M3 line of the Budapest Metro.
  • From downtown take M1 metro.


Drexler Palace, the former Institute of Ballet
  • 1 Budapest Stock Exchange (Budapesti Értéktőzsde (BÉT)), VI. Andrássy út 93 (   : Bajza utca), +36 1 429-6700, . M-F 09:00-17:00. Re-opened in 1990. The key institution of Hungarian financial markets and the official trading venue for publicly offered securities.
  • 2 Former Institute of Ballet (Balettintézet), VI. Andrássy út 27 (   : Opera). The former Drechsler Palace.
St. Teresa of Avila Church
Peek behind the Nyugati terminal building to find this charming little gem of a courtyard
  • 5 Nyugati pályaudvar (Budapest-Nyugati Railway Terminal, Western Railway Station), at the intersection of Grand Boulevard and Váci Avenue. (   : 'Nyugati pályaudvar' or tram: 4, 6 or bus 9, 26, 91, 191, 226, 291). Designed planned by August de Serres and was built by the Eiffel Company, the station opened on 28 October 1877, replacing the previous one razed to make place for the Nagykörút (Grand Boulevard). The station building retains the atmosphere of bygone days, in particular the ticket hall. There is a corridor between the main station entrance and McDonald's on the right-hand side of the main entrance. Formerly the station restaurant, this McDonald's is reputed to be the most elegant in the world. Apart from the ornate lighting, ceiling mouldings and general décor of the fast-food restaurant, Nyugati station McDonald's has a McCafé on the mezzanine floor, serving coffee and cakes in a more comfortable environment than the lower floor. Also worth mentioning is the Royal Waiting Room, built for Emperor Franz Joseph I. This can be found about 100 m on the left-hand side after entering the main station hall behind a pair of high doors. Beside the railway station and partially above its open area there is the WestEnd City Center shopping mall.
Anker Palace
  • 6 Anker Palace (Anker Palota), Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 1-3 (       : 'Deák tér').
  • Andrássy Avenue (Andrássy út), Andrássy út (   : various stations). This is an iconic boulevard in Budapest, dating back to 1872. It links Erzsébet Square with the Városliget. Lined with spectacular Neo-renaissance mansions and townhouses featuring fine facades and interiors, it was recognised as a World Heritage Site in 2002. It is also one of Budapest's main shopping streets, with fine cafes, restaurants, theatres, and luxury boutiques. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Notable spots here: Hungarian State Opera House, Drechsler House, The "Pest Broadway": a junction of Nagymező utca with four exquisite theatres at its four corners, Franz Liszt square: a square with the Academy of Music and a multitude of cafés, Oktogon: junction with Grand Boulevard, House of Terror (Terror Háza): commemorating the two main oppressing regimes in Hungary, Fascism and Communism, and their victims (website, ÁVH), Franz Liszt Memorial House and the old Academy of Music, Zoltán Kodály Memorial House, College of Fine Arts, Ferenc Hopp East-Asian Art Museum, Heroes' Square: the entrance of the City Park, with the Millennium Monument, the Palace of Art (Budapest), the Museum of Fine Arts (Budapest), famous luxury fashion shops like Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Armani, and Gucci.
  • 7 State Opera House (Magyar Állami Operaház), VI. Andrássy ut 22 (   : Opera), +36 1 8147408, . Built between 1875-1884 by the premier Hungarian architect of the day, Miklós Ybl, who also worked on nearby St Stephen's Cathedral. Cheapest opera on the planet: a full blooded production costs €1.50 in the upper rows. +phone=+36 1 8147225 Tour €3.3, To stage €1.5, Operaball: €30-300.
  • 8 Kodály Museum (Kodály Zoltán Emlékmúzeum és Archívum), VI. Andrássy út 87-89. (   : 'Kodály körönd'), +36 1 352-7106, . W, Th, F 10:00-12:00, 12:00-16:30. The flat consisted of four front rooms with conveniences. The furnishing was practical rather than luxurious; its individuality and charm was given by the taste of its residents. The rooms were decorated with folk ceramics and embroideries (souvenirs from the folk song collecting trips), and with keepsakes of the long-lasting artistic career: statues, laurel wreaths, programs of prominent performances abroad, as well as pictures of the closest family members and contemporary colleagues. Adult €3, €1.5.
  • 9 Liszt Museum (Liszt Ferenc Emlékmúzeum és Kutatóközpont), VI. Vörösmarty utca 35 (   : Vörösmarty utca), +36 1 322-9804, . M-F 10:00-18:00, Sa 09:00-17:00. Home of Ferenc Liszt, most famous Hungarian composer. Collection of his personal objects and instruments can be visited. - Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre was opened in September, 1986 in the building of the Old Academy of Music. There are : Entrance room - Dining room, - Study bedroom, - Drawing room, - Concert hall Adult €4.4, €2, Audioguide €2.4.
  • 10 Ferenc Hopp Museum of East Asian Arts (Hopp Ferenc Kelet-Ázsiai Művészeti Múzeum), VI. Andrássy út 103. (   : Bajza utca), +36 1 322-8476. Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. The Hopp Museum of more than twenty thousand objects such as custody, which is related to the Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Islamic culture. And additionally also has two large collections of Chinese and Japanese culture. Adults Ft1200, students & pensioners Ft600.
  • 11 György Ráth Museum (Ráth György Múzeum), VI. Városligeti fasor 12 (   : Bajza utca), +36 1 342-3916, . F-Su 10:00-18:00. Permanent exhibitions Hamvas őszibarack és mohamedánkék - the art of Chinese ceramics, Oriental collecting in Hungary; Ukiyo-e - Japanese woodcuts from the Count Péter Vay collection; György Ráth memorial room Adults Ft1000, students and pensioners Ft500, family Ft2300.
The House of Terror
  • 12 Museum of Terror's House or House of Terror (Terror Háza), VI. Andrássy út 60 (   : Vörösmarty; Corner of Csengery Street, a few hundred metres from Oktogon). Tu-Su 10:00-18:00. The building in the block of "Andrássy út 60." was used both by Nazis and the communist-led Political Police/State Security Police as headquarters. In the basement a labyrinth of prisons was created. Many people were jailed and starved or beaten to death here. 2002, the "house of fear" was converted into a stylish but depressing museum about Nazi and communist terror which helps visitors to understand Hungary's 20th century. Each room has a paper flyer in English or Hungarian. You can also rent an audioguide at the front desk for an extra fee. Adult Ft3000, Reduced 1500 HUF.
  • 13 ING office building (ING Biztosító), VII. Dózsa György utca 84 b (   : Hősök tere, 300 metres, south-eas on Felvonulási tér), +36 40 464464. 09:00–16:00. designed by Dutch architect Eric van Egeraat. Insurance company. Free.


Rent bicyclesEdit

  • 1 TreeHugger Dans Bookstore & Cafe, Lázár u. 16 (   : Opera), +36 70 5162716, . M-F: 09:30-18:30 Sa-Su:10:00-16:00. summer daily 9:30-20:00. - Used English bookstore, bicycle rental and coffee shop. Smoke free and the staff is very friendly even if the book prices are extortionate. A good place to pick up a local city map with fresh recommendations.
  • 2 [formerly dead link] Yellow Zebra Bikes, Lázár utca 16 (   : Opera), +36 1 269384. Ap-Oct: 9AM-8:30PM Nov-Feb: 9AM-7PM. Rents bicycle and also provides bicycle tours of the city €2-6 depend of type; €10-16 more than half day (same day return).


  • 3 Cinema Művész (Művész Mozi), Teréz körút 30 (   , tram: 4, 6 station/stop Oktogon), +36 1 3326726. 11:00-23:30. This is probably the most popular “Art Mozi” theatre in Budapest. Many Hungarian movies are on show with English subtitles; ask for them at the desk. Ft920-1050.

Ice skatingEdit

  • 4 WestEnd City Center, Váci út 1-3 (   : Nyugati), +36 1 2387777. from Oct or Nov until Mar. There is a rink on the top of WestEnd mall. It is smaller, but it usually less crowded than the rink at City Park.


Budapest Operetta Theatre
  • 5 Budapest Operetta Theatre (Budapesti Operett Színház), VI. Nagymezõ utca 19 (   : Opera or tram: 4, 6 station/stop Oktogon). The Operetta Theatre performs old-fashioned operettas for the nostalgic hearted and tries to be Madách's main rival in musicals. tickets Ft950-15000.
Hungarian State Opera House
  • 6 State Opera or Hungarian State Opera House (Magyar Állami Operaház), VI. Andrássy út, 22 (   : 'Opera'), +36 1 814 7100, . guided tours - every 3PM and 4PM. It is home to the Budapest Opera Ball, a society event dating back to 1886. Before the closure of "Népszínház" in Budapest, it was the second largest opera building in Budapest. Today it is the largest Opera building in Budapest and Hungary. But even if tickets are expensive you will enjoy the performance even if you're not an opera buff. You can get cheaper tickets during the summer when there often are opera festivals. Most operas are in Italian, but at the State Opera they subtitle the entire performance in Hungarian. The hall is beautiful and in its original state. On the balcony surrounding the hall they have put the name of every classic opera performed there into the wood. It has to be seen to be fully appreciated. Appropriate dress: suits or sport coats for men, dress or skirt/blouse for women. However formal wear to backpacker wear is seen during the week. One of Europe's architecturally most breathtaking opera house's company performs traditional opera and ballet. The quality of its huge repertoire is not always up to international standards, but if you don't expect too much, you will spend a decent night. Cheaper tickets offering reduced visibility are a good deal if you don't want to pay Ft2,500 for the official guided tour to the building. The company also performs at Theatre Thália. Tours €3.4, just to stage €2.4 kabin or box seats: €17-27..
  • 7 Theatre Thália (Thália Színház), VI. Nagymező u. 22-24 (   : Oktogon, or tram: 4,6 station/stop Oktogon, Trolley 70, 78), +36 1 312-4230. M-F 10.00-21.00 Sa-Su 14.00-19.00. Play areas: Main Stage, Microscope stage, New Studio, Arizona Studio Ft2,900-4,900.



  • 1 CIB Bank, VI. Bajcsy−Zsilinszky út 5−7 (   : 'Bajcsy−Zsilinszky út'), +36 1 4231000, fax: +36 1 4896201. M-Th 08:30-16:00, F 08:30-15:00. ATM 0-24: yes. +phone=+36 40 242242 Other units: # VI. Teréz körút 21. # VI. Váci út 1−3., WestEnd Shopping Mall−Pollack Mihály sétány 19. # VII. Baross tér 17. # VII. Erzsébet krt. 2. # VII. Károly krt. 3/b. # VIII. Kerepesi út 9. (Aréna Plaza üzletház) # VIII., József körút. 34.
  • 2 Commercial and Credit Bank (Kereskedelmi és Hitelbank), VI. Andrássy út 49 (   : Oktogon; tram 4, 6; bus 105), +36 1 4112740. M,Tu 08:00-17:00, W 08:00-18:00, Th 08:00-16:00, F 08:00-15:00. ATM 24/7.
  • 3 Erste Bank, VI. Váci út 1-3 (In the Westend City Center), +36 40 222222. Other units: all other branch open M 08:00-18:00 Tu-Th 08:00-16:00 F 08:00-15:00, # VI. Teréz körút 24., # VII. Erzsébet körút 8., # VII. Károly körút 7., # VII. Baross Gábor tér 15., # VIII. Baross utca 1-3., # VIII. József körút 30-32., # VIII. József körút 86.
  • 4 MKB Bank (Magyar Külkereskedelmi Bank), VI. Nyugati tér 5 (   : Nyugati tér station, tram 4, 6), +36 40 333666, . M-Th 10:00-18:00, F 10:00-17:00. +Other units: VI. Andrássy út 17, VI. Váci út 1−3.(Westend City Center, 2nd floor Lechner Ödön krt. 29)
Inside the WestEnd City Center

Malls and department storesEdit

  • 5 WestEnd City Center, VI. Váci út 1-3 (   : Nyugati tér, At the southern end of Váci út), +36 1 238-7777, . shops: M-Sa: 10:00-20:00 or 21:00 Su: 10:00-18:00 or 19:00. One of the largest shopping malls in Central Europe with over 400 shops, and one of the newest in Budapest. Pop into the pleasant roof garden for a break. Cinema: cash box is open: Su-Th: 9:30-23:00, F-Sa: 9:30-0:15.


Andrássy Avenue, from Octogon Square to Heroes Square


  • 1 Liszt Ferenc tér (next to Andrássy út, between Opera and Oktogon). has several trendy restaurants and bars popular with tourists and locals; it is a nice place to stroll around while choosing
  • 2 Andrássy Avenue (Andrássy út), VI. Andrássy út (   ). It starts at Erzsebet Square and finishes at Heroes’ Square. You can use the Metro Yellow 1 or 105 bus. Many restaurants and coffee houses can be found.


  • 3 SugarShop (Cukorkaboltok), Paulay Ede utca 48. (   : Opera), . M 12:00-22:00, Tu-Su 10:30-22:00. Pastries, Cakes, Muffins, Mini Cakes, Chocolates, Candes, Lollies, Ice Cream, Milk Rice. - Other unit: Petőfi utca 35
Octogon Square


This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under Ft2000
Mid-range Ft2000-3500
Splurge Above Ft3500
  • 4 Biang Bisztró (Chinese Restaurant), Teréz körút 20. 11:30-21:30. Chinese Restaurant


  • 5 Arriba! Taqueria (Arriba Teréz krt.), Terez Krt. 25 (   : Oktogon. - After Aradi st., one block northwest from Octogon), +36 1 374-0057, . M-W: 11:00-22:00 Th-Sa: 11:00-24:00 Su: 11:00-22:00. An expat's dream, a decent taqueria in Budapest! Chips & salsa, guacamole, jalapeno. More units: Széna tér 1/A.(Buda,    : Széll Kálmán), Arriba Allee Pláza, Október huszonharmadika u. 8-10 (Buda, near to Móricz Zsigmond tér) Salads, Tortilla Soup €2-2.5, Fish Tacos with soft drink €6.3.


  • 6 Meatology, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 15c, +36 30 891 2250. 10AM-10PM. Fantastic burgers and other meat dishes. Also great soups of the day. Lively ambiance, good for families. The space is tight and they book up quickly, so reserve in advance online or via telephone.
  • 7 Indigo Restaurant (Indigó Indiai Étterem), Jokai utca 13 (   :Oktogon), +36 1 428-2187, . Daily 12:00-23:00. Has excellent Indian food, with great options for vegetarians. Soups €2-3. Appetizers €3-6. Tandoori delights €6-15. Vegetarian dishes €4-6. Chicken dishes €7-8. Lamb dishes €10. Seafood dishes €10-11. Rice dishes €2-10. Indian bread €1.5-2. Salads and raita €2-3. Desserts €2. Soft drinks €1.3..
  • 8 Leroy Cafe, VI. Váci út 1-3 (   : Nyugati tér), +36 1 2387109, . Daily 11:00-24:00. The jewel piece of the chain. Often plays live music. Mid to high-priced restaurant chain that offers Hungarian classics with other Italian and European cuisine. Very fashionable interiors and popular with the well-paid white collar crowd. Reservations are recommended during traditional peak times. When eating here, always make sure that you won't be slapped on an extra 100% service charge. Read the menu before entering the restaurant carefully and insist on talking to someone who speaks English. More unit: Kerepesi út (Aréna Plaza) [dead link] +phone=+36 70 3332074. Soups €3-5, mains €7-18, desserts €4, salads €3, coffees €2-3.
  • 9 Like Étterem, Andrássy út (Terézváros) 53. 7AM-11PM. Traditional Hungarian dishes


  • 10 Bistro Fine, Andrássy Avenue 8 (at the Momento hotel), +36 1 6117090. Daily 11:00-01:00, kitchen to 23:00. Hungarian specialties with great wines to match. Relaxed but sleek atmosphere. Try to get a table at the window and watch the life on Andrassy with a glass of good Hungarian wine. Ft4000 mains.
  • 11 St Andrea, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut 78 (at Nyugati Station), +36 1 269 0130. 11:00-23:00; Sa 18:00-23:00; Su off. Stylish restaurant and wine bar with modern hungarian cuisine. Ft4000 main course, The Ft3200 lunch menu with wine is a great deal.
  • 12 Chez Daniel Restaurant (Chez Daniel Étterem), 6th district, Szív utca 32, (   : Kodály körönd station or bus 105), +36 1 302-4039, . Daily 12:00-15:00 and 19:00-23:00. French cuisine. French and Hungarian wines.
  • 13 [formerly dead link] Haxen Restaurant (Haxen Király Étterem), 6th district, Király utca 100 (    Vorosmarty utca station trolley buses: 73, 76, 78), +36 1 351-6793, . Su-Th 12:00–24:00, F Sa 12:00–01:00. A popular Bavarian beerhouse and restaurant, offering huge pork knuckles, knödels, sausages. +phone=+36 1 342-8193.


  • 1 Instant Bar/Club, VI. Nagymező utca, 38 (   : Oktogon), +36 1 3110704, . M-F 18:00-02:00. An alternative backyard bar spanning across multiple houses. Good for drinks and music in the cellar but no food served besides hot dogs. 23 rooms, 6 bar, two open-air garden, three disco
  • 2 Kuplung, Király utca 46 (   : Oktogon). An underground bar located in an old garage, hence the name Kuplung, which means "clutch" in English. Has dancing, frequent live music, friendly bartenders, and decent drink prices. The walls are decorated with graffiti. Usually busy, especially later in the evening. Also, as with most Hungarian bars, has a few foosball (cso-cso) tables which are almost always occupied.
  • 3 Morrisons English Pub, VI. Revay utca, 25 / Andrássy út 20 (   : Opera), +36 1 269-4060. An underground pub, with a dance floor and kareoke. Its a fun place to go with friends and they have cheap beer. You'll find a lot of travellers and local Hungarians.



  • 1 Carpe Noctem Hostel, VI., Szobi utca 5, Doorbell 13 (150 m SE of Nyugati station), +36 70 670 0384. 30 beds, party atmosphere, ideal for single and young. 8-bed dorm from Ft4500 ppn.
The tree-lined Andrassy Avenue
  • 2 easyHotel Budapest Oktogon, Eötvös utca 25a (150 m N of Oktogon metro), +36 1 411 1982. 2-star hotel with small rooms. from €45.
  • 3 Friends Hostel, 6th district, Teréz körút 4, 2nd floor (Just S of Oktogon metro), +36 20 808 1605, . Very well located small hostel in a walking street. Clean, well equipped, friendly staff. Rooms from €40, Dorm 5 bed €12.
  • 4 [dead link] Tiger Tim's Place, VI. Teréz Körút, 58. Buzzer 64 (100 m S of Nyugati metro, just before intersection with Podmaniczky ut), +36 20 883 1433. Party hostel, fun place. Dorm 4-6-8 bed from Ft4,000, dbl Ft14,000-18,000, 12 bed from Ft1,800.
  • 5 Unity Hostel, VI. Kiraly utca 60. 3rd floor. (200 m S of Oktogon metro), +36 1 413 7377, fax: +36 1 413 7378, . Free breakfast, tiny rooftop terrace. Cramped but clean, central, cheerful, safe and cheap. Lockers and kitchen. Dorm from €12, Sgl/Dbl/tpl. 29/36/43/49. Apt from €57 (2014).


  • Ibis Budapest Heroes Square, Dózsa György út 106 (100 m N of Hosok ter metro), +36 1 269 5300. The usual 3-star Ibis packed into an unusual postmodernist pink building, resulting in surprising layouts in some rooms and the common areas lit in creative ways. Otherwise, just what you may expect of a slightly dated Ibis. Doubles €90.
  • 6 K+K Hotel Opera, VI. Révay utca 24 (Close to Metro Opera), +36 1 269 0222, fax: +36 1 269 0230, . 4-star close to the Opera House dbl €160.


  • 7 Hilton Budapest City, Váci út 1-3 (on N side of Nyugati station - note this is NOT the Vaci utca in the very centre), +36 1 288 5500, fax: +36 1 288 5588. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Boxy 5-star glued to the West End shopping centre, the Hilton is a fairly predictable affair, but delivering solid value. Doubles from €161, Superior rooms from €188, Deluxe from €192, Executive from €215, Junior suite from €242, Executive suite from €287.
  • 8 Radisson Blu Béke Hotel, Terez Körut 43 (300 m SE of Nyugati / West mainline & metro stations), +36 1 889 3900, fax: +36 1 889 3915, . Four-star in ornate 1913 building. With restaurant & fitness centre. Standard/Superior/Business Class Room Ft29,000/35,200/44,400, One Bedroom Suite Ft58,000 (2015), off season 20-30 percent discount.



Post officesEdit

  • 3 Post Office (Magyar Posta), VI. Teréz körút 51. (   : At Nyugati Railway Station), +36 1 3120436, . M-F 07:00-20:00, Sa 08:00-18:00, Su closed. +Call centre phone=+36 1 3121200. More units in district 6th: Hegedű / (KIRÁLY) utca 1 / A. (M-F 08:00-16:00), Szondy utca 54. (M-F 08:00-16:00), Andrássy út 53. (M-F 09:00-17:00)
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