city in Chiang Rai province, Thailand

Chiang Rai (เชียงราย) is the capital of Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand.

Understand edit

The town proper has a population of around 62,000. It is the commercial centre of the Golden Triangle border region of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos. It is an excellent base for exploring the region. Chiang Rai is essentially a service city for the surrounding province. The greater area has a relatively small population of 200,000 people, but also has a respected university and other civic facilities.

The character is distinctly Northern and is distinct from Chiang Mai to the south in various ways. The food is spicier and the ethnic composition includes a good percentage of hill tribes and Burmese exiles.

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By plane edit

Chiang Rai International Airport
  • 1 Mae Fah Luang-Chiang Rai International Airport (CEI  IATA), Phaholyotin Rd (8 km from the centre of Chiang Rai). As of October 2022, this airport only has domestic services to Bangkok (both airports, multiple flights daily), Hat Yai and Phuket.    

A new bus service, started on October 2018, is now connecting the airport to central city. An airconditioned bus runs every 20-40 minutes and costs 20 baht per ride.

Car rental is available on arrival from Avis, Hertz, Sixt and Thai Rent A Car.

At a desk in the airport you can hire a pre-paid taxi. The prices are on display. It will take you to your hotel, or the driver will find you one if you give him the price range you want to pay.

Metered taxis are no cheaper than the pre-paid taxis. The meter-taxis refuse to use the meter, covering it up with tape, so the pre-paid taxis are the best option.

By boat edit

You can travel up the Kok River via Ban Ruam Mit to Thaton (Thailand). For details see Thaton / Get in.

By bus edit

There are two bus stations in Chiang Rai. The old bus station and new bus station. There is a songthaew (officially a "minibus") connecting the two bus terminals. It takes 15 minutes. Some drivers ask you to pay more if there are fewer than 10 passengers, despite what the official price list posted inside the songthaew says. You can just wait for the next.

  • 2 Old Bus Station (Bus Terminal 1). In the centre of town. Buses coming from Chiang Rai Province stop here. From here you take the bus south to Phayao, and north to Mae Sai. There is enough English written on the signs and buses at the terminal to tell where the bus is going. You board the bus and pay the ticket collector (confirm with him/her first that the bus is actually going where you want to go. They stand outside the entrance door of the bus as well as help load large luggage to the top of the bus). Local buses to the White Temple or the Black House leaves from here.
  • 3 New Bus Station (Bus Terminal 2) (7 km south of the city, just off the super highway). Buses from elsewhere in Thailand stop here.

From Chiang Khong (Thai town to Laos border) edit

Local (red) buses leave every hour or so and have the destination clearly marked. The journey takes 2½ hours and costs 60 baht. You can hop on/off anywhere along the bus route.

From Chiang Mai edit

Operated by Greenbus, departs Chiang Mai Arcade Terminal 3 on a regular basis. Green bus stops at both Chiang Rai terminals. As May 2017, there are three types of bus:

V-Class Bus (VIP): 24 or 30 seat bus, air-con, toilet on board, free water, nuts and hand-towel. Travelling time 3 hours. 258 baht
X-Class Bus (1st class): 40-seat bus, air-con, toilet on board. Travelling time 3 hours 20 minutes. 166 baht
A-Class Bus (2nd class): 48-seat bus, air-con, no toilet. Travelling time 3 hours 30 minutes. 129 baht

Different class buses leave at different times. Make sure to check the timetable.

From Houayxay, Laos edit

Most accomodations in Houayxay offer a Minivan service to Chiang Rai. 300,000 Kip per person, including the shuttle bus across the Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge (December 2022). Minibus leaves at 7:30am in Houayxay and arrives in Chiang Rai approximately at 11:30am. At the border you have to change to the shuttle bus across the bridge and then to another minibus on the Thai side.

By train edit

The nearest train station is in Chiang Mai.

By car edit

Chiang Rai is about 820 km north of Bangkok and is easily accessible from Bangkok via Hwy 1, Hwy 32, and from Chiang Mai via Hwy 118.

By shared shuttle edit

Along with the Greenbus coach, there is a shared shuttle service operated by Daytrip that offers direct shuttle buses to Chiang Rai from Chiang Mai a few times a day. They depart from Chiang Mai Tha Phae Gate, Chiang Mai International Airport, or custom pickup locations either in the morning (7:45AM) or afternoon (2:00 PM). Passengers can choose to get off at either White Temple, Chiang Rai downtown, or the airport. Prices start at $17, and tickets can be booked in advance to guarantee a seat.

Get around edit

Public transport consists mainly of tuk-tuks and songthaews, plus a smaller number of taxis. The city itself can be explored on foot, but for trips into the province consider renting a car or a motorbike. Budget and Avis have offices in Chiang Rai and there are several local agencies. If you don't feel up to driving in what may be a very different environment, then consider hiring a car with driver. It doesn't cost much more. Rental bicycles are difficult to find.

Chiang Rai has a few cyclo-rickshaws, which can be a pleasant way to see the main sights if you want a fairly quick tour.

By motorcycle edit

A motorbike is a good way to see these parts; there are several trails and a 250 cc dirt bike is a great way to see the countryside.

  • ST Motorcycle is in the centre of town. It has most brands of motorbike.
  • Soon's is another place that delivers motorcycles to some guest houses and may have a pick-up location.
  • Chiang Rai Big Bikes is near the Clocktower. Scooters start at 250 baht/day with 5000 baht deposit.

Itinerary edit

For a suggested itinerary, see Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai in 3 days

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Museums edit

  • 1 Art Bridge Chiang Rai (ABCR) (Kua Sinlapa (ขัวศิลปะ)), +66 53 166 623. The provincial art gallery of Chiang Rai.
  • 2 Baan Dam - Black House Museum (บ้านดำ), 414 Moo 13 Nanglae (About 10 km north of the city. After driving 1.9 km past Chaing Rai University on Hwy 1, turn left into Soi 13 (the first left after the blue sign reading), +66 53 705834, +66 53 776333, . 09:00-17:00. Created by Thailand national artist, Thawan Duchanee, the grounds include nearly 40 small black houses made of wood, glass, concrete, bricks, or terracotta in various unique styles and design scattered around the temple’s area. The cluster of houses accommodates Thawan's collections of paintings, sculptures, animal bones, skins, horns, and silver and gold items from around the world. Several of the houses exhibit Balinese and Burmese architecture and art dating back to the Ayutthaya period. The artist uses bones as a source of inspiration to paint. It is definitely not a place for animal lovers. There are also various kinds of baskets and drums from many regions and countries on display at Baan Dam. Not all exhibits are open to public. Open to everyone. 80 baht.
  • Chiang Rai Cultural Centre (Just north of the new airport, on the other side of the highway, next door to Rajapat Teacher's College).
  • 3 Cultural Hall Museum (Near the TAT building on Singhaklai Rd is a large white building that has a huge statue of King Mongkut at the main entrance). Visitors can find prehistoric tools, two medieval cannons, costume examples, ancient pottery and examples of ancient Lanna literature in the Dhamma script. There are also videos available, a model of the city and a display of five major areas of Thai culture.
  • Haw Shan Art Gallery (Out NongBua Rd, across from Family Bakery). A large, dark-wood, Shan-style pavilion. It can be opened for special showings.
  • 4 Hilltribe Museum and Education Centre, 620/1 Tanalai Rd (in the centre of town), +66 53 740088. 08:30-17:00 weekdays, 10:00-17:00 weekends. Aimed at promoting a better understanding of hill tribes and their cultures. The dusty low-key displays include that of housing styles, tools, utensils and traditional hunting, fishing and agricultural equipment, but it's worth a visit for an unsanitised view of how the hill tribes are exploited by some Thais and the tourist industry. The centre also runs their own hilltribe tours, where the money goes to employ and help the tribesmen. There is a branch of Bangkok's Cabbages and Condoms restaurant downstairs, whose profits go to support family planning and sex education projects in Thailand. 50 baht.
  • Lanna Museum (Rong Rian Ban Sang Khong Yai, just southwest of Chiang Rai Hospital at an elementary school). Open on request.
  • 5 Mae Fah Luang Art & Cultural Park (5 km west of town). Two lakes, a barge and several large Shan-style small ponds. There is an interesting Haw Kam Golden Temple with two Shan halls containing accoutrements collected by Princess Maha Chakri and examples of Lanna craftsmanship: seven-armed candelabra, Buddha Images, wooden altars, embroidered cloths for wrapping Buddhist scriptures, carved wood screens, swords and monks' fans.
  • 6 Oub Kham Museum (พิพิธภัณฑ์อูปคำ), 81/1 Na Khai Rd (Rob Wiang near Den Ha market 1 km from the centre of town), +66 53 713349. Daily 09:00-17:00. The collection displayes objects used in the royal courts such as Lanna, Khum Chao Phare, and Khum Chao Chiang Mai. Some are from northeast Myanmar, southwest China and Vietnam and are about 500-1,000 years old. Visitors can view 120 year-old ancient fabrics, Sin Mai Kham-golden silk skirt-from the Mandalay, the golden throne, king’s golden costumes and silver ornaments. A golden bowl used by royals, is a masterpiece. All of those show the glory of the kingdom in the past.
  • 7 Princess Mother '90 Museum. A sizable fascinating pavilion dedicated to the life of the princess mother (grandmother of the present king, King Rama X). On display are fine collections of lacquer boxes, wood pulleys, pottery, weaving equipment and some old handwritten folded texts with drawings. Free.
  • 8 Sirindhorns Chinese Language and Culture Centre (ศูนย์ภาษาวัฒนธรรมจีนสิรินธร) (Mae Fah Luang University), +66 53 917093, +66 53 917097. Established through the cooperation of Mae Fa Luang University and the People’s Republic of China. The centre was built as a memorial to honour the princess mother as a symbol of friendship between the two nations. Construction took 7 months to complete at a cost of approximately 60 million baht. The architecture replicates the Suzhou Chinese structure, building decorations and the garden ornaments by complying with the design layouts and using authentic materials shipped from China. The roofing tiles, the doors and the marble tiles laid at the entrance are all examples of a few of the materials brought from China.

Sacred places edit

  • 9 Chiang Rai First Church. Built in 1914 at PratuSiri corner. It's Presbyterian.
  • 10 Munniti Chiang Rai (Across from Sammakkhi Wittayakhom School on Banpaprakan Rd). Taoist and Mahayana Buddhist temple, a rare sight in Theraveda Buddhist Thailand. There is a Shan house nearby. And on the road to Pattaya Noi is a temple dedicated to the Chinese Goddess of Mercy featuring a large statue. In the Ban Kheck area is another Goddess of Mercy temple.
  • 11 Wat Klong Wiang. Dating back to 1432, this is an excellent, but little-visited temple showcasing exuberant Lanna-style at its best. Noteworthy are the colourful guardian statues, the elephants in the back and the "No Killing Area" admonition at the entrance.
  • 12 Wat Ming Meuang (Intersection of Banphaprakan and Trairat Rd). Small temple housing the spirit of the city (ming meuang) in an exquisitely carved and decorated Lanna-style, almost Laotian wiharn.
  • 13 Wat Phra Kaew (วัดพระแก้ว) (On Trairat Rd in town). Beautiful Buddhist temple famous for having housed, in the 14th century, the Emerald Buddha, one of the most famous Buddha images in Thailand. According to legend, the statue was (re)discovered when a bolt of lightning hit a chedi (stupa) on the grounds, cracking it open and revealing the Buddha inside. The temple grounds are lush with greenery and house a compact but excellent two-story air conditioned museum, with a near-exact replica (1mm shorter!) of the Emerald Buddha. The original is now housed in Bangkok in the temple of the same name, on the grounds of the Royal Palace.
  • 14 Wat Phra Sing (วัดพระสิงห์) (Near town hall), +66 53 745038. Used to house a major Buddha statue, the Phra Buddha Sihing, which is now enshrined in Chiang Mai. Like Wat Phra Kaeo, the temple now houses a replica instead. A special feature is the Lanna-style Ubosot and the wooden door panels carved by Chiang Rai contemporary craftsmen. free.
  • 15 Wat Phra That Doi Chom Thong (วัดพระธาตุดอยจอมทอง) (On Doi Chom Thong on the banks of the Kok River in town), +66 53 716055. Contains what is believed to be the oldest Holy Relic even before King Mengrai built Chiang Rai. The chedi containing the holy relic was probably renovated at the same time the town was being built. A major religious site in Chiang Rai, it was from here that King Mengrai spotted the strategic location on which to establish the town.
  • 16 Wat Rhong Sua Ten (วัดร่องเสือเต้น). Called the Blue Temple, inspired by the White Temple.
  • 17 White Temple (วัดร่องขุ่น Wat Rong Khun) (At Ban Rong Khun, Pa O Don Chai, along Phahonyothin roadside at km816, approximately 13 km from the city. It's easy to get to the temple by public transport: there is a public bus from the Chiang Rai bus station (20 baht, 30 min; platform 8 but verify with driver or counter). To get back, flag down a public bus from the police station on the left side of the road leading back to the main highway), +66 53 673579. Daily 08:00-18:00. This unique modern temple was designed and built by artist Chaloemchai Khositphiphat starting in 1998. A beautiful white ordination hall, Phra Ubosot, is decorated with silver glittering pieces of mirrors. There are large mural paintings of the Lord Buddha in different gestures. A gable is decorated with a gable apex, a leaf-shaped gable-edging, in the shapes of Phya Naga, dragon and mythical creatures, which are entirely made of white stucco. There are viharn, small hall for recitation surrounding the ordination hall, museum and reception pavilion. The gallery exhibits paintings of Chaloemchai Khositphiphat. Work on the temple continues, and it is not expected to be completed for the next few decades. The temple and its closer surrounding area could not be entered due to some damages causes by an earthquake in April 2014. Access was restored in March 2015, although damage is still visible on some parts of the temple. Foreigners: 50 baht to enter the prayer hall (ubosot) and 50 baht for the art hall.

Other edit

Chiang Rai's Clock Tower
  • 18 Clock Tower.
  • Gate of Siam (On the border with Laos). You stand high up on a mountain. Laos and the Mekong River are in front of you.
  • King Mengrai Great Memorial (อนุสาวรีย์พ่อขุนเม็งรายมหาราช) (In town at the intersection leading to Mae Chan). King Mengrai was the ruler of Nakhon Hiran Ngoen Yang (an ancient town on the bank of the Mae Khong around Chiang Saen) before Chiang Rai was established as the administrative centre in 1262. He consolidated his power by merging the different city in the north and founded the Lanna Thai Kingdom in 1296 with Chiang Mai as the capital.
  • King Mengrai Stupa (กู่พระเจ้าเม็งราย) (In front of Wat Ngam Mueang atop Doi Ngam). Built by King Chaisongkram to contain the remains of his father (King Mengrai).
  • Namtok Khun Kon Forest Park (วนอุทยานน้ำตกขุนกรณ์) (Take Rte 1211 from town. After 18 km, turn right and proceed on for another 12 km. Or go along Hwy 1 (Chiang Rai-Phayao) for about 15 km where there is a right turn to proceed further another 17 km, then a 30-minute walk to the waterfall). The highest and most scenic waterfall in Chiang Rai, Khun Kon is some 70 m in height. Along the route to the site are cool, shady natural surroundings suitable for relaxation and nature walk. It is somewhat of a walk from the parking area, and it is quite hilly, so if you are not reasonably fit for a half hour walk over undulating terrain, then do not try it.
  • 19 Phucheefah (83 km by road 1152). Great sunset view.
  • Thai Professional Football (Chiangrai United), Singha Stadium. Chiang Rai is the home of Chiangrai United, which plays in Thai League 1. The club has won domestic competitions, 2-times Thai FA Cup, Thailand Champions Cup, and Thai League Cup.
  • 20 Views of the City (Take the old road to Chiang Mai, called Ratchayotha Rd. After a few kilometres, a hill can be seen on the left. Take a left at Nongpoung Soi 3 and wind toward the hill with the temple on top). Buffalo Horn Hill has a splendid overview of Chiang Rai. Other sweeping views can be gained from the top of Doi Kong Kao (Rice Box Hill), 4 km west of town. There's a steep walkway up its west side. Well worth it, plus a 3 m standing golden Buddha statue is at its summit. The summit of the 90 m vertical limestone cliff at Boomerang Park affords a view of the city and miles of the river valley, though it's a bouldering scramble up its west flank to get there.

Do edit

  • Central Plaza Movie Theatre. A movie theatre showing English-language movies.
  • 1 Crouching Lion Hill (4 km W of town, directly across the Mae Kok River from Chiang Rai Beach). On its west end there's a Buddha Cave and a pleasant picnic/park area. Close to its east end, there's a 3-chambered cave, and each chamber has a natural skylight at its apex. The largest chamber is as big as a basketball court and as high as a large tree. Trekkers can hike right through the hill from the river side (south) to the road side (north). Volunteers from nearby Boomerang Park have kept the south entrance path clear of weeds, and have cut a new path leading from the north opening to the road below. The hill also hosts the area's largest fig tree, halfway along the hill on the river side, with bright red figs adorning its stout branches in the summertime.
  • Frisbee Golf (2 km W of Ban Nam Lat, which is a suburb off of Chiang Rai's NW corner). 9-hole (or 9-basket) disk golf course, no cost. Frisbees provided. At same site are twin 160 m zip lines.
  • Golf. There are two high-class golf courses east of Chiang Rai. Santiburi is 10 km east of the town and Waterford Valley is 35 km northeast of the town. In town there are two 9-hole courses: the army course that you find close to Mae Fa Luang Bridge and The Old Airport course, which also has a driving range. You can find golf instructors for hire there.
    Chiang Rai Beach
  • 2 Chiang Rai Beach (Pattaya Noi). The 130 km long Kok River (แม่น้ำกก) flows through Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai Beach lies on the banks of this river and is a popular picnic spot in summer. Longtail boat cruises can be made from town to travel along both sides of lovely sceneries. Stops can be made at hill tribe villages of the Akha, Lisu, Lahu and Karen. Elephant rides are available but not recommended due to animal abuse. For more information, contact C.R. Pier Tel: +66 53 750009. Another river route starts from Thaton in Chiang Mai Province going north to Chiang Rai. The trip takes about four hours. Bamboo raft trips take 3 days and 2 nights. Contact Thaton Boat Club Tel: +66 53 459427, Thip Travel Tel: +66 53 459312.
  • Rock Climbing (NW of town). Some free crags for the adventuresome, though they're mostly vine covered. There are also some cliffs at Boomerang Park with at least two dozen routes, all skill levels, which have been cleared of vines and debris and fixed with sturdy top rope anchors. Free outdoor activities for all ages.
  • Trekking. Organise a trekking tour to the hill-tribes. Various companies in the area can organise this.
  • Wanna Farm (About 5km E of Chiang Rai on Rte 1020. Go E at the big light on the highway south of town). An interesting place, the farm has ostriches which you can feed or ride. It has a low-quality midway section with old country fair games to play. Offers camping and other activities as well.
  • Waterfalls and Hot Springs. Kun Korn is a 70 m waterfall about 15 km south of town. Take a right at the wooden sign of the same name. Take the scenic windy road to its end. A smaller set of waterfalls is northwest of town at Mae Sai hill tribe village (not the border town of the same name). There's also a hill tribe museum at that village. Yet another pair of rather large waterfalls is west of the town at an Akha village. Go west from town, along the south side of the river, for about 19 km, and look for signs which lead you left into steep hills. Pong Phra Bat Hot Springs: Take Hwy 1 north out of Chiang Rai, to the first village (Bandu). Turn left just after the big market on the highway. Go about 5 km. If you continue on that road to its end, you get to Pong Prabat Waterfall, which is a year-round stream winding through a very nice forest. Another hot springs is Pha Soet, near the river. It's on a winding road going directly west out of town, which parallels the river, about 29 km. Huai Hin Fon Hot Springs and nearby waterfall are 7.5 km west of Mae Chan, on the south side of the road.

Festivals edit

  • Lychee Fair (งานเทศกาลลิ้นจี่และของดีเมืองเชียงราย). Held around mid-May every year. There is a float competition, lychee beauty contest, and booths of many local products at the Chiang Rai provincial stadium.
  • Solar Fair. Hosted by Boomerang Park, showcases products and services related to alternative power, organic farming and alternative building.
  • Wai Sa Phaya Mengrai or Phokhun Mengrai Maharat Festival (งานไหว้สาพญาเม็งราย หรือ งานพ่อขุนเม็งรายมหาราช), +66 53 711612. Held 23 Jan–1 Feb. See the Buang Suang worshipping ceremony which commemorates Phokhun Mengrai Maharat. The fair is organised by Chiang Rai Province.

Buy edit

The north of Thailand has its own distinctive art and crafts including bronze casting, carving, mulberry paper, Buddha images, and sign painting. Local handmade items popular with tourists are clay charcoal stoves, tea sets, brooms and dust pans, and umbrellas for shade and decoration.

  • 1 Central Plaza (S of city centre on the superhighway). Central Plaza is Chiang Rai's mall. It is 4 storeys tall and has cinema which shows English-language films. It is located across the highway from Big C and is connected by a pedestrian bridge. Big C has a number of small shops surrounding it and acts as a mini mall. Both Big C and Central Plaza have food courts.
  • 2 Morning Market. In the morning there is a good market in Chiang Rai that sells a lot of good local foods meaning you get a real feel for the place.
  • 3 Night Bazaar & Food Court (เชียงรายไนท์บาร์ซ่า) (Between the bus station and Phaholyothin Rd in the centre of town). 7PM-10PM. The market consists of many small stands lining the narrow street running between Phaholyothin Rd and the bus station. Everything on display from silk ready-made garments to tattoo etching, even pets. The hill tribes old coins, high quality needlework and very fine quilted bedspreads.
  • Saturday Walking Street (On Thanalal Rd in the centre of town). 18:00-22:00. The market is 4 blocks long with a attached food area with music near the east end.
  • Sunday Walking Street (Along Sankhongnoi, SW of the town centre). Though slightly smaller than the Saturday Market, the Sankhongnoi Happy Street features more performances and cultural activities.

Eat edit

Night Bazaar food court opening up at dusk

The staple diet of local people consists of sticky rice (glutinous rice) which is rolled into balls and served in small handmade bamboo containers. The rice is served steamed and some add sweeteners for a dessert rice. Typical main dishes in the area are dishes of curried chicken or shrimp and particularly kaeng khanun (spicy jackfruit curry), kaeng yuak (banana stalk curry), sai ua (grilled pork sausage), and Yunnan cuisine and Burmese rice noodles. Khao soi is a noodle dish with chicken stock and chicken that is also popular. Nam ngiao is a traditional noodle dish with chicken or pork.

There is lots of good food in Chiang Rai, but most tourists seem to end up eating at the Night Bazaar. There are two separate places to eat here: "Centrepoint", run by a single restaurant with a Western-Thai menu and comparatively high prices, and then the "actual" night bazaar food court. Both have free music and dance performances almost nightly. Centrepoint has comfortable wooden furniture while the food court uses rather ugly yellow metal tables and chairs. While there are over 50 food stalls to choose from, the fare on offer is mostly quite touristy, with food toned down for the farang palate. About half the stalls seem to be devoted to selling deep-fried stuff (fritters, French fries, tempura) to accompany beer. There are also a few non-Thai stalls, offering Italian, Indian, German, plus the obligatory insect stall for creepy-crawly cravings.

Budget edit

City centre edit

  • 1 Nakhon Pathom (นครปฐม), 869/25-26 Phaholyothin Rd (Phahonyothin Rd near Banphaprakan Rd intersection. No English sign, but look for the red sign with large yellow font Thai letters. It's opposite the Lebanese shop). Famous khao moo deng (rice with red sauteed pork, or as shown on the menu: rice with BBQ pork) tastes best at this big Chinese restaurant. Big cold coffee machines attract the locals to having lunch there.
Khao soi at Phor Jai
  • 2 Khao Soi Phor Jai (ร้านพอใจ ข้าวซอยไก่), Jet Yod Rd 1023/2 (Opposite Wangcome Hotel). 07:00-16:00. Famous for its khao soi (ข้าวซอย) (Shan-style chicken curry with noodles 40 baht, May 2017) and other northern dishes like special northern Thai sausage (25 baht) and nam phrik num (dip made of aubergine and peppers). No English sign or menu, but some English spoken.
  • 3 Crêpe corner (Boon Bun Dan Inn), 1019/69 Jed Yod Soi 3, +66 83 4707755. 08:00-21:00. Inexpensive French crêpes & galettes (80-110 baht) and Thai food. Breakfast starts at 50 baht for muesli to 110 baht for American breakfast. Served by a lovely Thai lady. 45-130 baht (May 2017).

Elsewhere edit

  • 4 Chiang Rai Beach (A bit out of town. Go by tuk-tuk or motorbike). During the day or the early evening is an excellent spot. There are around 20 cafes and restaurants overlooking the Mae Kok River. Bring your dictionary with you for there are no English menus to be found.
  • 5 Nam Ngiao Pa Suk, 197 Sankhongnoi Rd. 09:00-15:00. Very popular lunch spot with locals. Serves Nam Ngio, a great noodle soup/curry from northern Thailand for 35 bahts (May 2017). No English menu and very little English spoken.
  • 6 Sao Baht Noodle Shop, 74/4 หมู่ 15, Rop Wiang Sub-district, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand. 8AM-6PM. Very affordable and good noodle & som tam with pleasant dining environment.
  • 7 Tong Tung Restaurant, 1, Sanambin Rd (W side of the road about 1km S of Banphaprakan Rd on 1/1 Sanambin Rd, old airport road. No English sign). Serves northern Thai food. Their kaeng hung lay curry is recommended.

Mid-range edit

  • Doi Chang, เลขที่ 559 Thanalai (Corner of Ratanaket and Phayonyothin (the big light near the night bazaar)). A popular coffee shop that is usually packed. The owner has been steadily increasing his prices, but still the farang come. Their coffee is pretty famous in Thailand and they have a nice cross section of Western and Middle Eastern food.
  • Hungry Wolf's, 1131 Kraisorasit (Two blocks up from the Night Bazaar towards the traffic light on the left hand side.), +66 94 717 6165. W-M 11:00 - 21:30. Excellent authentic American food including pizzas (they have 25-inch pizzas), burgers, pastas, wings, salads, etc., which they also deliver. Have a large beer selection and draught beer. The owners are American and Australian.
  • Oasis, Wiang (Behind the main stage at the Night Bazaar you'll notice a high building behind the small cafes which belong to the market. It's at the corner of a street which leads to the fruit market). Till 20:00. A vegetarian restaurant serving delicious meals.
  • Siam Corner, Jet Yod Rd. Very good Thai food, some Western dishes also.
  • The North (In The North Hotel. North Hotel is next to Oasis, in the middle of a small street between the Night Bazaar and the fruit/flower market). Specialises in homemade northern-style food. Here you can find northern Thai sausage, kaeng hunglay (northern pork curry) and a variety of northern-style dishes made by the mother of the owner. Their family recipes give you a real taste of northern cuisine.
  • 8 FIN:, 711, 5 Srikerd Rd. 08:30-17:30. A cute, modern cafe that serves great khao soi, herbal sodas, and Western breakfast fare, among other things.

Splurge edit

  • 9 Cabbages and Condoms (ซี แอนด์ ซี), 620/25 Thanalai Rd, +66 53 719167. 10:00-24:00 daily. Classy (if somewhat toned-down) Thai food in a chic setting, with condoms cropping up in all sorts of unexpected places. Profits go to support family planning and sex education in Thailand.

Drink edit

Bars and pubs edit

  • Cat Bar, Jet Yod Rd. Jam sessions almost every day and a pool table.
  • Easy Bar, Jet Yod Rd. Open all day. You can have a meal here, read the Bangkok Post, watch cable TV.
  • Reggae Bar (Somewhere in Night Bazaar's little alleys behind the silver colored stage). 20:00-. Good variety of music and drinks. Later local farangs meet here.
  • SiTSip Bar&Coffee House (Ground floor, Wangcome Hotel), +66 53 711800. The place is decorated in modern style. Serving drinks, food, snacks, and lots of cocktails.
  • Teepee Bar, 542/4 Phaholyothin Rd. Great ambiance and an eclectic collection of artifacts, friendly staff, and fairly low-priced drinks. Also is a great place for pictures with rock-style wigs and guitars, and there is a good selection of music.
  • Turntable Jazz Bar, the North Hotel (Between the Night Bazaar and Sirikorn (flower and fruit) Market), +66 53 719873. A wide range of jazz records from the 40 year-old collection of the hotel’s Norwegian co-owner. Jazz-related books also. The bar offers cheap beer and drinks and a friendly atmosphere.

Coffee edit

A scone and iced green tea from WhatCat Cafe
  • 1 Ban Chivit Mai Bakery (ร้าน บ้านชีวิตใหม่เบเกอรี่) (Opposite the old bus station). 08:00-19:00. Scandinavian style coffee shop / bakery and restaurant. Prices are high but go to BanChivitMai, an NGO helping local hill-tribe communities.
  • 2 Cat 'n' A Cup Cat Cafe, 430, Prasopsook Rd. 08:00-21:00. A bit on the expensive side (50-100 bahts) but great place to hang out for animal lovers. Very clean and the animals are well cared for.
  • 3 Oak & Awe Coffee Bar, Jetyod Rd. 09:00-22:30. Popular little cozy cafe. Serves also food and alcohol. Live music on Saturday night.
  • 4 What Cat Café (Tanalai Rd.), +66845047446. 08.00 - 17.00. Another cat cafe in town. Most of the cats here are local cats. Had great coffee and tea as of August, 2021, and a nice atmosphere.

Drinking water edit

It is possible to refill your empty water bottles with drinking water using these blue vending machines. One baht refills approximately one liter. Using one saves money and a lot of plastic waste.

  • 5 Water refill station on Jetyod Rd, Jet Yod Rd (Next to the laundry).
  • 6 Water refill station on Thanon Thaiviwat, Jet Yod Rd (In front of Reggae Home & Bar).
  • 7 Water refill station on Trirat Rd, Jet Yod Rd (Next to a side street near the intersection between Trirat Rd and Uttarakit Rd).

Sleep edit

Budget edit

  • 1 Akha Hill House (Free pickup service from sister hotel, Akha River House), +66 89 7775505. 23 km to the west of Chiang Rai in the jungle covered hills, a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Rooms have views of the jungle and sun rising over the misty mountains, and the nearby waterfall and hot springs are well-worth a visit. The staff have been variously described as "friendly and eager to learn or practice their English" and "lazy and most of them don't seem to have any interest in having contact with their guests". Open air restaurant, (good food, mediocre plate size, a bit more expensive than in town, but still OK for being 20 km out in the jungle), electric hot water, free Wi-Fi, pick-up (every day 16:30 at Akha River House) and drop-off (every morning at 09:30 back to Chiang Rai, expect to sit in the back of a pick up truck).
  • 2 Boon Bun Dan Guest house, 1005 Jed Yod Soi 3, +66 53 717040. Good value budget guesthouse, possibly the cheapest in town - 200 baht for a double room with a fan and hot shower. 300 baht with air con room and hot shower. 200-300 baht.
  • Chat House (Near Wat Phra Kaeo). Good attached restaurant and friendly staff. Free Wi-Fi. Laundry is offered
  • Easy House, 869/163-4 Premaviphat Rd, +66 53 600963. Simple fan rooms with shared baths. Baths and rooms are clean though the mattresses are rather worn. Nice bar/restaurant downstairs. No laundry but laundromats nearby.
  • 3 Jansom House, 897/2 Jet Yod Road (5 minutes walk from bus terminal 1, also near a temple which is worth visiting). Nice guest house in the centre. Clean rooms with air-con, TV, bathroom with shower and free water in the fridge. You can choose double bed or single bed rooms, there are also rooms for three. Simple breakfast included. There are some bars in the same street (Jet Yod road) where most of the night life happens. Free WiFi in the rooms. 450 baht.
  • Jitaree Guest House (Next to Mae Hong Son Guest House). Twin/double with private bath. 250/300 baht for 1/2 persons.
  • 4 Mae Hong Son Guest House, 126 Singhaklai Rd (~1 km, ~15 min walk from bus station, north of downtown. Pass the police station. It's the second alley on the right, before the new bridge.), +66 53 715367, +66 86 5864764. Check-out: 11:00. Rooms are basic, but clean and staff are very friendly. Free Wi-Fi. Good restaurant & bar, bicycle/motorbike rental, laundry service (40 baht/kg), and tour service.
  • 5 Maleena Ville Hotel, 863 Watpranom Rd. Two yards with spotless cottages. The cottages have attached bathroom with hot shower, AC, TV, small desk, mirror, and even a fridge and small table and chairs in front of each. Free tea and coffee at the reception. Free WiFi (good quality). 340 baht (online), 400 baht (walk-in).
  • Orchids Guest House, 1012/3 Jet Yod Rd (Off Jet Yod Rd), +66 53 718361. 15 new very clean, spotless double rooms with air-con, TV, free Wi-Fi, coffee/tea included. Central location, quiet rooms (March 2017, big works outside) Noisy, they also offer car, bicycles or motorcycle hire and trekking options with a licensed guide. 450-600 baht.
  • Ruangnakorn Hotel (Near the police station).
  • Sport Inn Hotel, 557 Prachasanti Rd (5 min from the centre of town), +66 53 756959, fax: +66 53 756156. Very nice hotel, free Wi-Fi.
  • YMCA International Hotel, 70 Phaholyothin Rd, +66 53 713785, +66 53 702763, .
  • Mercy Hostel, 1005/22 Jet Yord rd., T.Vieng, A.Muang. Dorm of 4 beds. Nice, clean and great social area, modern style. 250 baht.

Mid-range edit

  • Baan Bua Homestay, 1047/2 Jet Yod Soi 3, +66 53 717952, +66 84 9506304, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Cheap and cheerful bright rooms in a great location. 400 baht +.
  • Baan Lanna Hotel, 395 Moo 2, Rimkok, +66 53 712555, . Clean air-con rooms, minibar, and friendly staff.
  • Baan Warabordee, 59/1 Sanpanard Rd, Moo 18 (On a quiet street near the centre, on the street behind the Wiang Inn), +66 53 754488, fax: +66 53 719293. Beautiful, clean, air-con, well decorated rooms. English is spoken reasonably well. It is a 300 m walk to a main road, and close to the bus station and night market. You can drop laundry 300 m up the road, give them your hotel details, and they will return it by evening if you put it in before 09:00 (they do not speak English). Another 50 m at the main road intersection is a restaurant where you can get a good Thai breakfast for under 100 baht, and a cheap dinner with beer also.
  • Ban Khun Yom (บ้านขุนยม), 155 Thanalai Rd, +66 53 716216. 42 rooms.
  • Ban Silp ((บ้านศิลป์), 260/44 Moo 15 Sankongnoi Rd, +66 53 756335-6. 27 rooms. 300-600 baht.
  • Ban Suan Nanglae Resort (บ้านสวนนางแล รีสอร์ท), 298 Moo 5 Phahonyothin Rd (km851), +66 53 772490-1. 60 rooms.
  • City Home Guest House, 868 Phahonyothin Rd (Near Night Market and bus station), +66 53 600155, . Check-out: 12:00. 20 rooms, fan/air, cable TV. Fantastic central location. Clean rooms, good value for money. 700 baht + key deposit.
  • Lek House, 95 Rachayotha Rd, +66 53 711550, +66 86 2831868, . 4 backpacker rooms, 8 superior rooms with TV, DVD, minibar, hot showers, 1 Jacuzzi room. All rooms include breakfast. Friendly staff, swimming pool, genuine Thai kitchen at budget prices, bar, free Wi-Fi.

Splurge edit

  • Luck Swan Resort and Spa, 499 Moo 4, Rimkok Muang-Chiang Rai, +66 53 750855, fax: +66 53 750857. Hotel with Thai and Western food. Air-con rooms. Hotel has a nice garden and gazebo. Free Internet access in the lobby.
  • La Luna (A short drive from the Chiang Rai morning market). Big satellite TV in the rooms plus nice swimming pool. The gardens are the best feature. Lots of tropical plants well-maintained in a labyrinth of guest villas. The rooms are ascetic and poorly tricked out, e.g., plastic dishes and almost no guest conveniences. The restaurant is comparatively expensive. Basic meals require add-ons like plain water, or a small bowl of rice. Breakfast is fairly low-end with rubber scrambled eggs and a small variety of dishes. There is no chef available. Overall, the place is nice to look at, but clearly it rates income over guest comfort.
  • Museflower Retreat & Spa, 159/1 Moo 1 Ban Samanmit, Donsila Sub-District, Wiang Chai District (from city about 17km follow 1/AH2 to Hwy 1020 to Hwy 1152 to Phaya Mengrai), +66 931370414, . A cozy retreat center that offers healing, learning, and natural living practices. Clean and down-to-earth bungalows with wall fans, solar-heated warm water shower, facing the private lake and organic farm. Room rate inclusive of three organic vegetarian meals per day and one wellness class, such as yoga, stretching, tai chi per day. Facilities include Museflower Spa, salt water swimming pool, herbal steam, floating room, bicycle for rent, aquaponics, free Wi-Fi in all public areas. Facilities also for rent for groups up to 36 people.
  • Phu Chaisai Resort, 388 Moo 4, Ban Mae Salong Nai, Mae Chan, +6653910500. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. High-end resort on a large mountainside estate. From 2500 baht per night.
  • Wangcome Hotel, 69/90 Pemawibhata Rd (Across the street from the Night Market and the bus station), +66 53 711800. Chiang Rai's grand old 1970s hotel, now getting on in the years, but some rooms have been renovated and are looking reasonably up to date. Very conveniently located, but not really an ideal family hotel as is surrounded by massage parlours and bars. Glum shady pool, mediocre breakfast buffet, cavernous foyer. Cheapest rate rooms are not advertised, you must request "anything cheaper?" at the front desk. 900/1,400/2,900 baht.

Cope edit

Hospitals edit

Dr. Briggs Building, Overbrook Hospital
  • Overbrook Hospital (semi-private) Founded in 1903 by Dr. William A. Briggs, as a missionary hospital.
  • Kasemrad Sriburin General Hospital, Private hospital.
  • Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital, Public hospital.
  • Fort Mengraimaharaj Hospital, Military public hospital.
  • Chiang Rai Inter Hospital, Private hospital.
  • Bangkok Hospital - Chiang Rai, Private hospital by BDMS chain.

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  • The royal villas and mountaintop temple views at Doi Tung, you can hire a car with driver for about 1,600 baht for the day, plus fuel, and you go where you want to go.
  • Visit Thailand's northernmost town at Mae Sai and pop across the border to Tachileik, Myanmar (no visa needed)
  • The remnants of China's Kuomintang army, who now peddle tea instead of opium at Mae Salong
  • Go northeast to the Golden Triangle, where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet, and formerly a major opium-growing region
  • Go east to Chiang Khong and cross the Mekong to Huay Xai, Laos
  • Go south to Chiang Mai
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