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Eastern Ukraine (Ukrainian: Східна Україна) is the industrial coal-mining region of Ukraine, home to much of the country's Russian population.

Holy Mountains Monastery (complex of the architecture monuments of national significance). Sviatohirsk, Donetsk Oblast
Travel Warning WARNING: The political situation in Eastern Ukraine remains unstable. Fighting between the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Russian military-backed separatists in the Donbass region continues. Tourists are unlikely to be the intended targets of violence, unless they travel near the front lines of the war, but many countries have issued warnings to their citizens against all travel to the eastern border regions, particularly around Donetsk and Luhansk. Most countries do not provide consular services in the region.
Government travel advisories
(Information last updated Mar 2021)


  • Dnieper Ukraine (Приднепровье, Наддніпрянщина) — Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, the northern part of Kherson Oblast, and the middle and north part of Zaporizhia Oblast
  • Donbass region — Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts
  • Pryazovia — Zaporizhia Oblast, the southern part of Donetsk Oblast, and the eastern part of Kherson Oblast
  • Sloboda Ukraine (Слобожанщина,Слобідська Україна) — Kharkiv Oblast, parts of the Sumy Oblast, Donetsk Oblast, and Luhansk Oblast


Map of Eastern Ukraine

  • 1 Dnipro – The center of Dnipropetrovsk region, part of the Dnieper Ukraine area
  • 2 Kamianske – Major industrial hub on the shores of the impressive Kamianske Reservoir
  • 3 Kharkiv – The second most populous city in Ukraine and its first capital. - In Sloboda Ukraine area
  • 4 Kryvyi Rih – A major industrial center, in Dnieper Ukraine region
  • 5 Mariupol – A major industrial center, climatic and mud resort. Part of the Pryazovia area
  • 6 Zaporizhia – Center of Zaporozhye region, part of the Dnieper Ukraine area

We cover the de facto independent Donetsk People's Republic and Luhansk People's Republic in separate articles. While these areas are internationally recognised as part of Ukraine, the Ukrainian government has no control over them, and they each have their own laws and visas. This is not a political endorsement of claims by any side in the dispute.

Other destinationsEdit

  • Dnieper Ukraine
    • Kamianske - a major industrial center near Dnipro.
    • Gulyaypole - the city during the Civil War, the former biggest village in Ukraine (by population) and the capital of Makhno.
    • Novomoskovsk
    • Nikopol
    • Vasilevka
    • Tokmak
  • Donbass region
    • Krasnodon - small town, famous for its underground anti-fascist organization "Young Guard".
    • Shakhtersk - one of the centers of the coal industry. In the city is one of the deepest mines CIS - "Deep Mine" (1546 m)
    • Sloviansk - climatic and mud-treatment resort.
    • Soledar - the center of salt production in Eastern Europe and spa resort, using the old salt mines produce
    • Sviatohirsk - climatic resort. Religious center: the city is one of three Orthodox laurel Ukraine.
  • Pryazovia: Azov Sea coastal area
    • Berdyansk - climate and mud resort.
    • Henichesk - a popular resort.
    • Kyrylivka - a small but popular resort village in the Zaporozhye region. Climate, mud and spa resort.
    • Melitopol - industrial center and transportation hub.
    • Novoazovsk - a small resort town, the border crossing in the Rostov region.
    • Primorsk
  • Sloboda Ukraine
    • Ahtyrka
    • Bogodukhov
    • Izium
    • Kupiansk
    • Sumy
    • Starobil'sk
    • Yemyiev
    • Vollchansk


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Dnieper UkraineEdit

  • Dneproges in Zaporizhia - the first power station on the Dnieper, the flagship of the electrification plan, the energy base of the Zaporozhye industrial complex, also here find the Khortitsa island
  • Krivoy Rog Metrotram - underground tram line in Krivoy Rog
  • The longest promenade in Europe find you in Dnipro
  • 1 Novomoskovsk (Новомосковськ, Новомосковск) (27km northeast from Dnipro), .
    • Trinity Cathedral (Троицкий собор), Ploschad Pobedy (Sq.Victory,пл. Победы) 1, +380 569 38-00-74. A unique monument of Ukrainian Baroque, built in 1778 by Yakym Pohrybniak from wood without any nails.
    • Samara monastery (Самарский монастырь), Novomoskovsk, Boarding House (Дом-интернат), +380 561 22-4246, +380 561 22-4342.
  • 2 Pavlohrad or Pavlograd (Павлогра́д) (75km east from Dnipro).
    • 1 Savior Cathedral aka Holy Mandylion cathedral (Спасский собор, Собор Спасо-Нерукотворного Образу), Lane Museum (пер. Музейный), 1, +380 5632 20-0600.
    • St.Archangel Michael church (Костел Св.Архангела Михаїла, Костёл св.Архангела Михаила), 30 Proletarska st., 29 Vosstannya st. (near Assumption Church, the second house from the intersection with Vosstaniya). Built in 1899.
    • Girls gymnasium (Женская гимназия, Жіноча гімназія), Radyanska, 64. Built in the 1880s. Now this is the Palace of Children and Youth.
    • Assumption of the Virgin Mary church (Успенская церковь, Успенська церква), St. Kharkivska, 19. Azur colored facade, - built in 1896.
    • 2 Monument to Lenin (Памятник В. И. Ленину).
    • 3 Walk of Fame former Central Alley (Аллея Славы, Центральная аллея).
    • 4 Monument Joseph Kotin (Памятник Жозефу Котину).
    • Lieutenant Rzhevsky Monument (Памятник поручику Ржевскому), Str. Zavodskaya (ул. Заводская), 44 (at the central entrance Pavlograd chemical plant).
    • 5 Regional Museum (Краеведческий музей), Lane Museum (пер. Музейный), 8, +380 5672 6-0982.
  • 6 Zachariavskaya fortress ruin (Захарьевская крепость, Захаріївська фортеця), Kalaitanyvka (rus. Калайтановка, ukr Калайтанівка) village, northeast from Berdyansk (1.5 km from the village on the hill on the left side of the river Berda Valley). Part of the former Dnieper defense line. 1770-1772.
  • 7 St.Peter fortress (фортеця св.Петра), Novopetrivka (Новопетровка) (10km northeast from Berdyansk). Remnants of the former Dnieper defense line. 1770.
  • 8 St.Alexios fortress (Алексеевская крепость, Олексіівська фортеця), Bilotserkivka village (Kuibysheve district, 40km north from Berdyansk). Remnants of the former Dnieper defense line. 1770.
  • 9 Popov Palace Museum (Дворцовый комплекс, Палацовий комплекс, державного історико-архітектурного музею-заповідника "Садиба Попова”), 12-16 Gagarina st, Vasylivka, Zaporizhia oblast (30km south from Zaporizhia), +380 6175 7-73-88. British house, Coservation tower, 1894, No.2 tower, No.3 tower, ironwrought fence, coach house, mews, chapel, northern gate and guest outbuilding, landpark, all made in the 1890s, in neo-gothic style

In DonbassEdit

  • 3 Artemivsk (Артемівськ; Артёмовск, Artyomovsk; formerly: Bachmut, Bakhmut) (about 89 km north from the administrative center of the Donetsk).
    • Nicholas Church (Николаевская церковь), str. Shevchenko, 8, +380 627 46-2640.
    • Regional Museum (Артёмовский государственный краеведческий музей), Str. Sovetskaya (ул. Советская) 26, +380 627 42-2595.
    • St. John, the Baptysed Church (Храм Святителя Иоанна Златоуста), Rostov lane, 17.
  • 4 Alchevsk (Ukrainian: Алчевськ, Alčevs'k, Russian: Алчевск) (45km west from Luhansk).
    • Lenin Prospect (проспект Ленина), its architecture is in the style of "Stalin's empire".
    • At one end of the avenue Lenin, near DC Chemists is a beautiful fountain with lights
    • Stella (Стелла) fountain at Square honor 20th anniversary of Victory.
    • St. Nicholas Cathedral (Свято-Николаевский Кафедральный Собор).
    • St. George's Church (Свято-Георгиевский храм), St. Popova , 106, +380 6442 3-41-42.
    • The Mother Sophia temple in honor of Faith, Hope & Charity (Храм в честь Веры, Надежды, Любви и матери их Софии).
    • SU-100, a self-cooled gun (Самоходная артиллерийская установка СУ-100), Square ​​the 30th anniversary of Victory.
    • Spire, a monument in the form of a bayonet (Монумент в виде штыка - Шпиль), Square 40 anniversary of the Victory).
    • Historical museum (Городской исторический музей), St. Kalinina, 2, +380 442 01 02 22. A branch of the Regional Museum. A one-room exhibition with an area of 400 m².
    • Geological and mineralogical museum (Геолого-минералогический музей).
    • The Smelter Factory Industrial History Museum (Музей истории металлургического завода).
    • The Coke and Chemical Plant History Museum (Музей истории коксохимического завода).
    • Museum of History of the University (Музей истории университета).
  • 5 Krasnodon (Краснодон).
    • Monument "The Oath" (Памятник «Клятва»). Depicts five of the Young, who was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union) at a solemn oath at the flag.
    • Stele "Grieving Mother"(стелла «Скорбящая мать»), with eternal flame. A 2nd WW's Mass grave of the Young.
    • Pit No. 5 (Шурф №5).- Mine, in which the corpses were dumped the Young.
    • Stele with a jet (Стелла с реактивным самолётом), at the entrance to the city.
    • [dead link] Museum "Young Guard" (Музей «Молодая гвардия»), Str. Komsomolskaya (ул. Комсомольская) 6, +380 643 56-3156, . Tu-Su 09:00-16:00. Free.
  • 6 Makiivka, also spelled Makiyivka (Ukrainian: Макіївка, Makiyivka; Russian: Макеевка, Makeyevka; former names: Dmytriivsk, Dmytriyevskyi) (25 km east from Donetsk).
  • 7 Soledar (Соледар) (97km north from Donetsk). The name of the town stands for 'gift of salt' both in Russian and Ukrainian. A major tourist attraction: the underground galleries and chambers of salt mines, which are also used extensively for speleo (cave) treatment of asthma and other lung diseases.
    • Artymsalt Mine Tour (Экскурсия в соляную выработку), Str. Chkalov (ул. Чкалова), 1a (Street corner of Chkalov and Karlinsky), +380 627-44-25-73. Daily mine visited by several hundred people in the stands, but limited capacity, so you want to record on the tour at least two weeks. 100 hr (2012).
  • Sviatogorsk Lavra
  • Forged Figures Park in Donetsk
  • Stone Sculpture Park (Museum Polovtsian women) in Lugansk - a collection of stone statues of the 11th-12th centuries. Collected throughout the Luhansk region (about 80 pieces).
  • Druzhkovskaya petrified trees (Дружковские окаменевшие деревья) near Kramatorsk - geological monument, petrified trees outcrop of the Carboniferous period.
  • Mining and heaps throughout the region, creating a distinctive industrial landscape


Berdyansk Art Museum
  • 8 Berdyansk (Бердя́нськ, Бердя́нск,) (205 km SE of region capital, Zaporizhia & 90 km W of Mariupol). A spa therapy resort place. There are more than 70 health institutions:health centers, children’s sports and recreational facilities, recreation centers, which can accommodate at least fifteen thousand people.
    • [dead link] Berdyansk History Museum. (музей истории Бердянска), Ul. Dyumyna (ул. Дюмина), 15, +380 615 33-6316. Tu-Su. Tells the history of the city, its residents, especially the life from the foundation to the present. Adult 10 hr, students 3 hr.
    • [dead link] Museum of Local Lore (Бердянский краеведческий музей), Ul.Peremohy (пр.Перемоги),14, +380 615 33-6570, . Sa-Th. Exhibits about the nature of the region and its history. Adult 10 грн, students 3 грн.
    • Brodskovo Art Museum (Художественный музей им. Бродского), Ul. Marksa, +380 615 34-5158. Collection from celebrated Ukrainian artists works, include Aivazovsky, Kuindji & Makovsky
    • [dead link] P. Schmidt's Memorial Museum (мемориальный дом-музей П.Шмидта), Ul. Shmidta (ул. Шмидта), 8, +380 6153 7-0980. Tu-Su. In a two-story house in which the family Schmidt lived from 1876 to 1886. And it was the childhood home of the future lieutenant of Peter Schmidt, who was later a Russian revolutionary democrat. Adult 10 грн, students 3 грн.
    • 'Feat' museum (Museum of the Great Patriotic War, музей «Подвиг»), Sverdlova (ул. Свердлова), 10, +380 615 34-0512. Tu-Su. About the occupation & liberation of the city, in World War II. Adult 10 грн, students 3 грн.
    • ZOO, Volkov Street. 2.5 ha. 60 species of exotic animals. There are aviaries, ponds, alpine garden, recreational facilities and a cafe.
    • Aqua park “Cape of Good Hope”, Makarov, 2-v. 9:00-21:00.
    • Kiev delphinarium.
    • Beaches on Berdyansk Spit. The gem of the city which is a 17-km strip of land, stretching out to sea. There are clean beaches and numerous resorts, discos.
    • The lighthouse, Berdyansk Spit, Makarov, 185. Made in 1838. One of the oldest buildings of the city.
    • Two amusement parks
    • Bender and Balaganov Monument (Памятник Бендеру и Балаганову).
    • Sanitary technician (Сантехник).
    • Sundial (Солнечные часы).
Henichesk beach
  • 9 Henichesk (Гені́чеськ) (210 km E of Kherson). A port city along the Sea of Azov.
    • Church of Nativity (Церковь Рождества Богородицы), Ul. Krasnaya Oktobrya (ул. Кр. Октября).
    • Arched gate Kalimbetov (Арочный ворота Калимбета).
    • History Museum, Ul. Petrovsky, 1, +380 553 42-2192.
    • Children's Beach (Детский пляж), Vul. Sverdlova (Свердлова вул.) (In Utlyukskom estuary (Утлюкском лиман)). About 200 m from the shore the depth "knee", then "by the throat", and another ~60-m fairway starts 10-m deep and large current! The bottom is sticky clay ("Mulyak"), which is curative, but by the middle of the day due to bathing water becomes very muddy.
    • Adult beach (Взрослый пляж) (Is located on the shore of the Strait of Tonkyi (пролива Тонкий )). There are possible as quite strong currents. You must be careful.
    • 1 Gorky Recreation park (Парк культуры и отдыха имени Горьког). - A landscape park, there are about 50 species of trees and about 30 species of shrubs. Attractions: ZOOvernisazh, park history museum, summer stage, dance halls, cafes, wooden sculptures complex "Glade of fairy tales" («Поляна Сказок»)
    • 10 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Собор Александра Невского), Ul. Alexander Nevsky, 5, +380 619 44-0347.  Built in 1884 as the Armenian Gregorian Church. Now Orthodox Church.
    • 11 Cyril and Methodius Temple (Храм Святых Кирилла и Мефодия), Ul.Alexander Nevsky, 24. Built in 1892
    • Holy Trinity church (Свято-Троицкий храм), Lomonosova str., 176, +380 619 25-4018.
    • [dead link] St. Seraphim of Sarov Church (Храм Преподобного Серафима Саровского), Horkoho str., 53, +380 619 42-2456.
    • 12 Roman Catholic Church (Римско-католическая церковь), Dzerzhynskoho str., 225, +380 619 42-30-93.
    • St. Savvy Monastery (Монастырь Св. Саввы Освященного), Vorovskogo (ул. Воровского), 45, +380 6192 6-1916. Founded in 1995.
    • 13 Local history museum (Краеведческий музей), Ul. Marksa (ул. К. Маркса), 18 (At Central Market), +380 619 44-4514, . Tu-Su 09:00-16:00. This is in a three-story mansion, in 1913. There is a natural history fund, collection of Scythian gold (in 4th century BC), numismatic & ethnographic collection.
    • 14 The Stone Grave (Кам'яна могила, Каменная могила) (12km N of Melitopol.). It is a relic of sandstone from the Sarmatian epoch of the Tertiary period (late 2nd century BC to late 2nd century AD).


In DonbassEdit

  • Artyomovsk Winery (Артёмовский завод шампанских вин), Artemivsk, Str. Patryse Lumumby (ул. Патриса Лумумбы), 87, +380 62 33-22-300, +380 627-48-00-13. The entire production cycle is carried out at a depth of 72 meters. The total area of ​​the tunnels is 25 hectares. There are three kinds of excursions: visit with four tastings: 3-hour long; with two tasting - 2 hours, visit the one tasting room - 1 hour. Only for persons who older than 18 years. Photo, Video prohibited. For English-speaking groups provide an interpreter. In the galleries are pretty cool, it is desirable to take a sweater. ₴100.
  • Donetsk Regional Academic Russian Theatre for Young Spectators (Донецкий академический областной русский театр юного зрителя), Makiivka, St. Lenin, 64, +380 62 326-4651, .
  • E. Zahavi Drama Theatre former Earl's Theatre (Павлоградский драматический театр имени Б. Е. Захавы), Pavlohrad, Str. Kharkiv, 65, +380 5632 64847.
  • Gomolshanskye forest (Гомольшанские леса).
  • Holy Mountains - National Park («Святые горы» — национальный природный парк) (In the northern part of the Donetsk region of Ukraine, Slavic, and Artem Krasnolimansky areas.).
  • Khomutovskaya steppe Reserve (Pryazovia). The famous Scythian women from the movie "Step" Sergei Bondarchuk, and mounds from the Mongol period.
  • Stone tombs.


  • Azov-Sivash National Park.
    • 2 Biruchiy island (Бирючий остров), Henichesk area (extended south-eastern of Fedotova Spit (Федотовой коса)). This area part of the territory of the Azov-Sivash National Natural Park (Азово-Сивашский национальный природный парк). Wildlife: deers, fallow deers, Ussurian raccoon dogs, partridges, pheasants, wild geese and ducks, egrets.
  • 3 Arabatsky sand spit (Арабатская стрелка), Henichesk area (Separates the bay from Siwash Azov Sea. By bus must go to Henichesk.- By train should leave the station Novoalekseevka (Новоалексеевка)). A popular and inexpensive resort area in which there are about 100 resorts. Sizes: length 112 km and width from 270 m to 7 km. The northern part of the arrow near Genichesk finishes by narrow straits. The southern part is directly adjacent to the Kerch Peninsula (Crimea). At the southern end, near the village of Solianoie (Соляное) is the Arabatsky fortress remains. It is a good place for hiking, sailing, biking, warm silky sand lonely beaches. Take plenty water and food, there are shops only at the ends of spit!
  • 10 Melitopol (Мелитополь), Zaporizhia Oblast (220 km E of Kherson).



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