city and seaport in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine

Mariupol (Ukrainian: Маріу́поль, Russian: Мариу́поль) is a city in southeastern Ukraine on the north coast of the Sea of Azov, and at the mouth of the Kalmius. With a population of 432,000 in 2021, it was the tenth largest city in Ukraine before the Russian invasion of 2022, and the second largest in the Donetsk Oblast. It has been under Russian control since May 2022.


The theatre square with surroundings in 2021

The city history starting in the 16th century, the Cossack fortress called Kalmius was built at the mouth of Kalmius river for the purpose of protecting their hunting grounds, fisheries and salt-works against devastating raids of Crimean Tatars. After the Russo-Turkish War (1768–1774), the great influx of orthodox Greeks from Crimea to the area caused the local population growth. In 1782 it was the capital of Uyezd in Azov Governorate of Russian Empire. After construction of the railway line from Yuzovka in 1882 made this city to a local trading centre. At the end of the 19th century, a subsidiary of the Belgian company SA Providence Russe opened a steelworks in Sartana near Mariupol. In 1933 a new steelworks (Azovstal) were built along the Kalmius River.

The city was heavily damaged by Russian bombardment in the spring of 2022.



Mariupol is divided into four neighborhoods or 'raions'. There are:

  • Ilyichivsky Raion is the northern part of the city, the largest and most industrialized neighborhood in the city. Commonly known as: Zavod (“Factory”) of Ilyich.
  • Ordzhonikidzivsky Raion (after Sergo Ordzhonikidze) is at the east part of the city, on the left coast of Kalmius river. Common name: the Left Coast.
  • Prymorsky Raion is in the south of the city, on the coast of the Azov Sea. The everyday name of the central part this neighbourhood is simply "Port".
  • Zhovtnevy Raion (Russian: Oktyabrsky – after the Great October Revolution, 1917) is the central city raion. The everyday name of the raion is simply "the Centre", or "the City".



Mariupol has a humid continental climate. December-March is the humid period, about 15 rainy days per month. The highest temperature is 38 °C, in August. The temperature of the water in summer (Jun-Aug) is 22–24 °C.

Get in

Houses, gardens and coastline

By bus

  • 1 Suburban autostation (Приміська автостанція), Prospekt Myru & Vulytsya kuprina (Проспекту Миру і вулиці Купріна) crossing (3 km W), +380 629 511588.
  • 2 Mariupol bus terminal (Автовокзал Маріуполь), Vulytsya Artema, 115, +380 629 331168. To the region centre Donetsk ~hourly (04:00-19:00), ~1½ hours -- some buses go to Donetsk Zakhidnyi (Western station); Kherson (west 200 km) ~every second hour (between 00.30-19.30), ~8-hour journey; Simferopol (Crimea) two a day 08:00 & 21:50 (last one someday earlier! depart), 10½-hour journey; to Zaporizhzhia (northwest 220 km), four a day (between 05:45-17:30), ~6-hour journey; Luhansk (northeast 280 km), six a day (between 04:45-14:30), 6-7-hour journey; to Kyiv at 17:30 ~14-hour journey; Odesa (west 660 km) ~six a day (03:30-20:30), ~12-hour journey;

By train

  • 3 Railway station (Залізничний вокзал "Маріуполь"), Vulytsya Linnika, 74 (Pavlova Michmana sq., 10) (Centre), +380 629 334217. Trains to Moscow at 10:57, Kyiv (~16½ hours, at ~16:30 ~US$100 (sleeper)), at ~10:30 to Lviv (~26½ hours) via (Donetsk 2½ hours, Dnipro ~7½ hours, Vinnytsia ~17.5 hours, Khmelnytskyi ~23½ hours), Bryansk, Voronezh, Kharkiv (9½ hours, three a day), Poltava (11½ hours, at 16:30), Donetsk (2½ hours, four a day); Vitebsk (~33½ hours, at 15:11) via (Donetsk, Kharkiv, Sumy). There are suburban electric trains from Yasinovataya via Donetsk).

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Mariupol transportation map
Map of Mariupol

Public transportation


Include: bus transportation, trolley-buses (14 routes), trams (12 routes) & fixed-route taxis. Install the App "City Bus Mariupol" which shows all buses and minibuses in real time. (10/2019)

By taxi


Taxi is the easiest way of getting around the city. Some popular taxi companies include:

  • Opti (Опті).
  • Sviato-Nikolskyi Russian Orthodox Cathedral (Свято-Нікольский Кафедральний Собор), Vulytsya Kalmiusskaya, 114, +380 629 331303. On Mondays, before praying, the icon of the Mother of God "Vsetsaritsa" visible. St. Nicholas has long been considered the patron saint of sailors, and it is true in the coastal city. The temple has two large sanctuary - in the first is a copy of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Mariupol" and in the second is relics of Saint Ignatius of Mariupol.
  • Svyato-Nikolaevskiy Portovskiy temple (Свято-Миколаївський Портовський храм), Chernomorskii ln./Prospekt Nakhimova, 37A. Every Thursday praying to St.Nicholas.
  • Sviato-Preobrazhens'kyi Temple (Свято-Преображенський Храм), Vulytsya Otradnaya, 22, +380 629 515048.
  • Sviato-Amvrosievskyi Temple (Свято-Амвросіївський Храм), Vulytsya Volonterovskaya, 4 (NE 4km).
  • City Mosque (Маріупольська мечеть) (Pimorsky park, SW 2km). Built in honor of Sultan Suleyman and his wife Roksolany. Mosque built all of marble brought from Turkey. Mosque seen from the sea, to the Muslims arriving in Mariupol on vessels also came to pray. - The architecture of the mosque was styled after the Süleymaniye Mosque in Istanbul. The mosque was financed by Turkish businessman Salih Cihan, who was born in Trabzon.


  • Greeks of Azov region Museum (Музей історії греків Приазов'я), Vulytsya General Kurkchi (вул. Генерала Куркчи), 37-a (in the center of Sartana Village (a suburb of Mariupol)). M-Sa 10:00-18:00. The museum exposition (six rooms on two floors) is very rich in exhibits related to the culture and daily life of the Greeks. Tell about history of Greek's migration from the Crimean Khanate to the Sea of Azov. The museum staff also pays much attention to the cuisine of the Greeks of Azov regularly publishing the collections of receipts.
  • House of culture (Дім культури), Vulytsya Semashko (вул. Семашко), 19 (Trams 14, 9, 1, 10 to Stop «Ільїчівський ринок»), +380 629 563630. Built at the end of the 19th century as a club for the engineers of factory of Il'icha. Reconstructed in 2003. There are creative exhibitions, collections.
  • 1 Kuindzhi Center for Contemporary Art and Culture (Міський центр сучасного мистецтва і культури імені Архипа Куїнджі), 25 Metalurhiv Avenue (Center), +380 629332226, . Annually more than 100 displays of all kinds and genres of modern art. The unique in Ukraine Museum of medall art functions on the basis of center.
  • Museum of Folk Life (Музей народного побуту), 55 Heorhiivska Street. Destroyed
  • 2 Mariupol Museum of Local Lore (Маріупольський краєзнавчий музей), 20 Heorhiivska Street. More than 53 000 museum objects are saved in the funds of museum, including material, graphic, writing (handwritten and printing), numismatic, archaeological, fotodokumental'nye, natural et al. The exhibition highlights the natural conditions of the southern part of Donetsk region and the history of the region since ancient times.
  • "Art Lyuks" Arts Center (Центр мистецтв «Арт-Люкс»), Vulytsya Kuyindzhi, 72.
  • 3 George Korotkov, Vulytsya Italiyska (ул. Італійська), 115 (In the Azov State Technical University, Rm. No. 217).


Old Water Tower
  • Volodymyr Karpov Monument (Пам'ятник Володимиру Карпову). Karpov - Hero of Socialist Labor, deputy of Supreme Council of Ukraine. Volodymyr Karpov quite a bit did for converting of «Azovmasha» into a diverzificated enterprise, which is second in the USSR and first in Ukraine on production volumes.
  • Makar Mazai Monument (Пам'ятник Макару Мазаю).
  • Doktor Gamper House (Дім доктора Ґампера), Vulytsya Zemska, 51.
  • Liberators of Donbassa (Пам'ятник визволителям Донбасу), Leninskogo sq.. 2nd WW Monument
  • Soldiers Internacionalists Monument (Пам'ятник воїнам-землякам інтенаціоналістам), Vulytsya Karpinskogo.
  • Prymorskyi district Court (Приморський районний суд), Prospekt Stroitelei, 52A.
  • Seamen-paratroopers Monument (Пам'ятний знак морякам-десантникам), Vulytsya Klynova 51 (Seaside park).
  • Crocodile Godzilla (Скульптура "Крокодил Ґодзі"), Primorskyi blvd, 21.
  • Prymorskyi district State Administration (Приморська районна адміністрація), Prospekt Nakhimova, 86, +380 629 375932.
  • 4 House with a spire (Будинок зі шпилем), Vulytsya Kuyindzhi, 48.
  • Commercial seaport (Маріупольський морський торговий порт), Prospekt Myru, 99, +380 629 538657.
  • Monument of Tolia Balabukha, the pioneer-hero (Пам'ятник піонеру-герою Толі Балабусі).
  • Monument of mayor G. Semenishinu & captain N. E. Lavickomu, Air Force Heroes, (Пам'ятник героям-льотчикам майору В. Г. Семенишину і капітану Н. Ю. Лавицькому). A rectangular obelisk which leans against foundation in form cube. They lost at execution of combat missions in 1943 & 1944 to both the rank of Hero of Soviet Union was appropriated.
  • 5 Water-tower (Водонапірна вежа), Vulytsya Soborna. Until 1910 the city has not had running water, & the water brought in barrels from the source of drinking water to homes Mariupol. In 1908, the City Duma approved the draft device in Mariupol water supply network. The "Father" (first) water tower now is more than one hundred years old. From Rostov brought in ready, an octahedral building project, and added fire towers overview. The height of the tower 33 m. Now located in the tower unit Privatbank.
  • Shevchenko Monument (Пам'ятник Тарасу Шевченку), On crossing of Boulevard Shevchenko and Boulevard Metalurhov.
  • Monument of Pushkin (Пам'ятник Пушкіну) (Near of Palace of Culture).
  • 6 Victims of famine and political repression (Пам'ятник жертвам голодомору і політичних репресій), Sq. Teatralnaya. A reinforced concrete construction, 4.5 meter high
  • Vysotskiy Monument (Пам'ятник В. Висоцькому), Vulytsya Kazantseva. Vladimir Semenovich Vysotskiy is a prominent Soviet poet, singer and actor.
  • Monument military 221th rifle unit (Пам'ятник воїнам 221-ої стрілкової дивізії), 221 Strelkovoi Divizii blvd. Monument to the warriors by 221th Mariupol and 130th Taganrog divisions. On a pedestal is a 76-mm artillery instrument. At a foot is a fire of Eternal glory.
  • 9th aviation division (destroyer MIG-17) Monument (Пам'ятник воїнам 9-ої авіаційної дивізії (винищувач МіГ-17)), Prospekt Mury, 120 ?.



Parks and gardens

Flowers in the Veselka park
  • 3 City garden, By the roadway Prospekt Myru (Drama theatr is located behind). There is a fountain, playground, open-air cafes.
  • 4 City Park (Central Park of Culture and Recreation, Міський парк). Founded in 1863. Total area - 8.34 ha. There is entertainment, aerial playground, two cafes. In the park there are: a mass grave Heroes of the Soviet Union VG Semenyshyna and NE Lavitskaya, a monument to the heroes of the Civil War ("Cannon"), a monument to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.
  • 5 Mykova Gurov Park (Парк імені М. О. Гурова (Лугопарк).). There are light and music fountain, shopping pavilions. Bordered by the Extreme Park.
  • Seaside Park (Приморський парк). Area - 6.4 hectares. Work attractions, cafes.
  • 6 Petrovsky Park (Парк імені Петровського). There is a year-round indoor ice rink, bowling alley & cafes.
  • 7 Extreme Park (Екстрим-парк), Vulytsya Karpynskoho, 90 (near DC Kalchyk Metallurgists Stadion), +380 629 543756. Summer stationary amusement park in the floodplain. Bordered by meows. There are 14 attractions, a playground and a cafe. 5 грн to the children's mini-train on weekdays to 15 грн for "Speedway" (for a double car) at the weekend..
  • Private "Sartan zoo", lane Park (Village Sartana. By buses from the terminus "DK Spark" Zoo or bus from the Drama Theatre.), +380 982 180708. Included in cultural and entertainment complex Village Vashury.


A beach
  • Municipal Beach (Міський пляж), Prymorskyi bulvar, 24.
  • 8 Neptun Swimming pool (Басейн Нептун), Prospekt Metallurgov, 19. Water polo games
  • 9 Illichivets' Sportkompleks (Спорткомплекс Іллічівець), Prospekt Nakhimova, 55. For football
  • Azovstal' Yachtclub (Яхт-клуб "Азовсталь"). Yachting, Sailing
  • Il'icha Athletic-health center (Фізкультурно-оздоровчий центр ім. Ільїча), Vulytsya Levchenko, 1. Swimming pool
  • 10   Alaska Center (Аляска Центр), intersection of vul. Hrusheskoho and vul Hranitna (вул. Грушевського и вул. Гранітної) (On the western outskirts), . 12:00-19:00. Two ski slopes, snoutyubing, paintball field, bike path, board games, children's playground, there is winter ski slope with artificial snow From US$4.5/hour.
  • [dead link]   Ice complex "Iceberg" (Льодовий комплекс «Айсберг»), Petrovsky Park, +380 629 492299. 08:00-01:15.
  • City Bowling (Сіті Боулінг) (Petrovsky Park), +380 629 493180. 11:00-02:00. 10 lanes, billiards, bar.


  • Puppet Theatre. created in 1999
  • 11 Donetsk regional Russian drama theatre (Донецький академічний обласний російський драматичний театр), Teatralnaya sq, 1, +380 629 345663. Founded in 1878. Started in 1960. The econdery small stage is opened in 1985. tickets US$2-14.
  • Mahiia Theater (Театр моди "Магія"), Prospekt Metalurhiv (пр.Металургів), 54 (University bldg. No11).


  • Metallurgist Day (3rd Sunday of July) - a professional holiday for many residents.
  • City Day (next Sunday after September 10).
  • Mega Yurts - the annual festival of Greek culture, held in early September in Mariupol, or in one of the nearby villages.
Trolleybus and other buses in the Lenin Avenue
  • ATB Supermarket (Супермаркет "АТБ"), Vulytsya Bakhchivandzhi, 17 (Frrom R.S. Minibus 152, 9 stops, 9 min, to 'вулица Бахчиванджи'). 08:00-22:00. Other units at Vulytsya Latysheva, 43; at Prospekt Metalurhiv, 27; Vulytsya Soborna 15; Prospekt Metalurhiv, 69; bulvar Bohdana Khmelnytskoho, 41; Prospekt Myru, 4 & 106 thee all in centre, there is more than a dozen units in the city
  • Bookstore (Книжковий магазин), Prospekt Metallurgov, 64, +380 629 412771.
  • 1 Epicenter hypermarket (Гіпермаркет Епіцентр), Prospekt Myru (проспект Миру), 130 (Near to suburban bus station, from centre Drama theatre 'Драмтеатр' stop Bus 12, (8 stops, 8 min) to stop MREO 'МРЕО'), +380 629 539530, fax: +380 629 539531. M-F 08:00-22:00, Sa 08:00-22:00, Su 09:00-20:00. Based on building materials and decoration




  • Tsentral'nyi Market (Ринок "Центральний") (Trams 1, 7, 8 to Stop Центральний ринок).
  • Yumovila Market (Ринок "Юмовіла"), Vul. 50 let SSSR, 77 (Trams 3, 8, 10 to Stop «вулиця 9-ої Авіадивізії»), +380 629 544977. A ware and vegetable market
  • Zastava Market (Ринок Застава), Prospekt Stroitelei, 62 (Buses34, 10, 11, 13, Minibuses 154а, 154, 211, 152, 101, 111, 118, 114, Trolleybus 8 to Stop «вулиця Бахчиванджи»), +380 629 371010. 07:00-20:00.

Local feature is the so-called "Greek cuisine." But this concept often includes not only and not so much the dishes come from the Greece. The local Greeks food has a very strong influence from the cuisine of the Crimean Tatar (Turkish).

  • Bistro Fast Food (Бистро), Prospekt Engelsa, 33.
  • Cafe Domashniaia kuhnia Zhdanov (Home Made Kitchen) (Кафе Домашня кухня Жданов), Vul. Gromovoi, 63. Fast food.
  • 1 Kafe Na Georgivskoi (Кафе «На Георгиевской»), Vul. Georgivskaia (ул. Георгиевская), 2, +380 629 412822. Regular budget dining with a decent size delicious food.
  • 2 Cheburechnaya (Чебуречна), Square Kirova (пл. Кірова). more unit at 3 Cheburechnaya. intersection Lenina & Nahimova; 4 Cheburechnaya. at Metallurgov ave. & Nikolaevskaia street. Many options for ordering, but the most popular is a very tasty Greek chebureks and pies.
  • Potato House (Ресторан Potato House), Prospekt Lenina, 95.. Fast food chain.


  • 5 Acropolis Restaurant (Ресторан «Акрополис»), Khazantseva ( ул. Казанцева), 20 (Near to the Main Post Office), +380 629 53-4688. Cuisine: Greek, Ukrainian and European. Four halls.
  • 6 Cafe Aquatoria (Кафе «Акватория»), Prospekt Lenin (пр. Ленина), 98, +380 629 33-5190. European cuisine. Large selection of dishes from fish and other seafood.
  • Cafe Ellada (Кафе «Эллада»), Prospekt Stoytelei (пр. Строителей), 72-а, +380 629 34-3291. Greek cuisine.
  • 7 Cafe de Soleil (Французское кафе-пекарня «Хлеб дю Солей»), Prospekt Lenina (пр. Ленина), 76/9 (near the Main Post Office). French food.
  • 8 Restaurant Dukanka (Ресторан «Диканька»), Prospekt Lenina (пр.Ленина), 95, +380 629 346039. Ukrainian food.
  • 9 Cafe Chumakov (Кафе «Чумаков»), Karl Liebknechta (ул. К. Либкнехта), 90a. Microbrewery
  • Restaurant Petrovskyi farmstead (Petrovskyi Hutorok) (Ресторан «Петровский хуторок»), Petrovsky Park (in the indoor ice rink).
  • Cafe Ledo (Кафе «Ледо»), Petrovsky Park (in the indoor ice rink), +380 629 49-3704.
  • 10 Restaurant Fishermen (Ресторан «Рыбацкий»), Prospekt Lenin, 13, +380 629 338456. European cuisine. Fish dishes.


  • Cafe "Oba-na" (Кафе «Оба-на»), Prymorsky bulvard 27, +380 629 492433. Cuisine: European, Japanese. Playing background or live music. Sea View.
  • Restaurant "Mesto vstrechy" (Ресторан «Место встречи»), Prospekt Lenina, 83 (near the Main Post Office), +380 629 332415, +380 629 530369. Cuisine: Japanese, European and Mediterranean. Two halls. Playing background or live music, art song. Wi-Fi.




Neigborhood in Mariupol


  • 1 Morskaya Hotel (Гостиница «Морская», (Район ДОСААФ)), Pereulok Kuznechnyy (пер. Кузнечный), 2, +380 629 331256.
  • 2 Na Bakhchyke (Гостиница «На Бахчике»), Prospekt Stroiteley (пр. Строителей), 54 (Stop «Рынок Бахчиванджи»), +380 629 373999.


  • 3 Druzhba Hotel (Гостиница Дружба), Prospekt Metallurgov (пр. Металлургов), 211 (near the swimming pool “Neptun”), +380 629 387767. Hotel with cafe-bar and parking.
  • 4 Ecohotel Iris (Отель «Ирис»), Kirova Street (ул.Кирова) 201, +380 629 523113, . Standard US$28, comfort US$34 (2013).
  • 5 Moriak Hotel (Гостиница Моряк), Prospekt Lunina (пр. Адмирала Лунина), 85 (in Primorsky district of the city near the sea port), +380 629 379887. Modern hotel. Main services: cafe-bar (European cuisine), sauna, laundry, Wi-Fi, parking. Economy US$46, pollux US$66, suite US$86.
  • Merydian Hotel (Гостиница Меридиан), Prospekt Lunina, 3 (Close to the railway station and sea port), +380 629 400234. Main services: restaurant, gym, sauna, parking
  • 6 Spartak Hotel (Гостиница Спартак), Kharlampievskaya str.(ул.Харлампиевская), 13 (in the center close to beach, sea port, and railway station. Near to Cinema Pobedy), +380 629 331088. The hotel is in historic building built in the 19th century. Main services: restaurant (European cuisine), cafe, bar, billiards, beauty salon, safe, Wi-Fi, conference hall, ATM.
  • 7 Kolumb (Гостинный двор «Колумб»), Vul. Karpinskovo (ул. Карпинского), 80, +380 629 38-6101, +380 629 381150.
  • 8 Grand Hotel (Гранд Отель), Per. Korolenko (пер. Короленко), 6 (From avtovakzala: 124, 24t, 100;), +380 629 402464, +380 629402-464, +380 629 401-706. ICQ 404802738 Single 250-350 грн, twin 400 грн, double 400 грн, Junior 500-700 грн, luxury 1,200 грн, president 1,700 грн.
  • 9 Gusy-lebedy Mini-Hotel (Мини-отель «Гуси-лебеди»), Prospekt Metallurgov (пр.Металлургов), 106 (Kirov square district, (Район площади Кирова)), +380 997 770096.


  • Chaika Hotel (Гостиница Чайка), Primorskii blvd., 7, +380 629 376084. Four-storey building of the hotel with cafe-bar.
  • Yevropeis'kyi Hotel (Гостиница Европейская), Primorskii blvd., 9 (near to the center), +380 629 530373. Luxury hotel, built in 2003 and renovated in 2008. Main services: restaurant (European and Ukrainian cuisine), billiards, laundry, dry-cleaning, Wi-Fi, business center, translator, transfer, parking.


  • Mariupol' communication center (Мариупольский узел почтовой связи), Prospekt Lenina, 85.




  • 10 post-office (10 почтовое отделение), Prospekt Lunina, 27, +380 629 378113. M-Sa 08:00-13:00 14:00-17:00.
  • No.13 post-office (13 почтовое отделение), 25 block, 3. M-Sa 08:00-13:00 14:00-17:00.
  • No.15 post-office (15 почтовое отделение), Vulytsya Artema, 58, +380 629 333496.
  • No.24 post-office (24 почтовое отделение), Prospekt Metallurgov, 166.
  • No.25 post-office (25 почтовое отделение), Khmel'nitskogo Bogdana blvd., 2, +380 629 372164.
  • 35 post-office (35 почтовое отделение), Prospekt Metallurgov, 235.


  • V. Korolenko Central Library (Центральная библиотека им. В. Г. Короленка), Prospekt Lenina (Ленина пр-т., 93б), 93B (Tram terminal), +380 629 34-4323. W-Su: 09.00-17.30.
  • Serafimovich Library. The oldest library of city

Free Wi-Fi access: Children's Square at the cinema " Lukomorie ", the square at the Drama Theatre, Seaside Park, Extreme Park.

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