prefecture-level city in Shandong, China

Heze (菏泽, Hézé) is a city in Shandong. It is an off-the-beaten track destination, where foreigners are an extreme rarity.

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Many people in Heze have never seen a foreigner. The local dialect is more widely spoken than standard Mandarin. Native Chinese speakers typically have no trouble with the dialect, as it is similar to the Beijing dialect, but it can prove challenging for non-native Chinese speakers.

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According to historical records, as early as 4,000 years ago in the Neolithic Age, the ancestors multiplied and lived in Heze City, retaining many historical relics of primitive society. In August 1949, Pingyuan Province was established, and the northwestern part of the territory was divided into Heze special area and Heze County. Since then, "Heze" has become a local name at the regional or regional level.

Climate edit

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Heze city is on the narrow north-south path between Taihang Mountain and Taiyi Mountain, with a temperate monsoon type continental climate. The main characteristics are hot summer and cold winter, four distinct seasons.

In spring, there is little rain, the south and north wind frequently alternate, and the temperature rises quickly.

Summer is hot and humid, often blowing southeast wind, rainfall concentration.

The autumn rainfall gradually decreases, the wind changes from south to north, and the temperature drops rapidly.

Winter rain and snow are rare, more northerly wind, dry and cold climate.

The whole year is full of light, rich in heat, rain and heat in the same season, suitable for the growth of a variety of crops, but the distribution of precipitation is extremely uneven, and often affected by the northern continental air mass, many years appear disastrous weather.

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Heze has a long distance bus station and a train station.

  • 1 Heze Mudan Airport (菏泽牡丹机场), Near Huangzhuang Village, Menghai Town, Dingtao District, about 25 km northwest of Heze City center (Airport coach).
  • 2 Heze Railway Station (菏泽站), Zhonghua Road.
  • 3 Hezedong Railway Station (菏泽东站), Tuzihe village, Dingtao District.

Get around edit

It is possible to get around the city by bus, but they shut down on major holidays such as during the Chinese New Year. Cab rides are very inexpensive: about ¥10 will get you most places in town. If you are going to one of the surrounding villages, cab rides are often around ¥150. It is also possible to get around much of the city by walking.

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  • There are some nice paths and bridges along the river.
  • Heze is famous for its peony blossoms.
  • 1 Heze Museum (菏泽市博物馆), 537 Huaying Road, Mudan District (牡丹区华英路537号) (bus nos. 29, 50 and 2262), +86 530 5312080. Oct-Apr: 08:30-12:00, 14:00-17:30; May-Sep: 08:30-12:00, 14:30-18:00; no entry in last 30 minutes. Free.
  • 2 Caozhou Peony Garden (曹州牡丹园), No. 1000, Renmin Road, Peony Street, Peony District (牡丹区牡丹街道人民路1000号) (take bus No. 3 in the city). mid-April to early May: 08:30-18:00. National 4A level tourist attraction. ¥75.
  • 3 Caozhou hundred Gardens (曹州百花园), Intersection of Changcheng Road and Taiyuan Road, Peony District (牡丹区长城路与太原路交叉口西南方向), +86 530-5640188. Apr 1-May 4: 07:00-18:00. Caozhou Hundred Gardens, formerly known as "Wanhua Village", were built in the Ming Dynasty Jiajing period. ¥50.
  • 4 Sunbin Tourism City, Juancheng County. It covers an area of 999 acres and has a total construction area of 247,000 square meters. With complete basic supporting facilities and complete comprehensive reception functions, it is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction, a national defense education base in Shandong Province, the most distinctive film and television shooting base in Shandong, and a demonstration base for the cultural tourism industry in Heze City. It has now become the largest Sun Bin Culture and Sun Bin Art of War in the country. , Sun Bin Family, Sun Bin Military Thought and Scientific Research Base.
  • 5 Zhaowang River Park, Kangzhuang Road, Mudan District. Zhaowang River Park starts from Wanfu River in the south and ends at the North Outer Ring Road in the north, with a total length of 8 kilometers and a total area of more than 200 hectares, of which the water surface area is more than 100 hectares.
  • 6 Huandi Park, Baiyun North Road, Shan County. The Huandi Park plan is divided into "one ring, four sections, ten sceneries and five lakes", one of which is the city park ring (green ecological ring, healthy life ring, urban cultural ring).
  • 7 Qilihe Wetland Park, Mudan District. With its current "good looks", the Qili River has become a major landmark in the northern part of the city, attracting surrounding citizens to drive here to go boating on the lake, play in the water, take photos and check in. There is a saying that "the setting sun reflects on the vast blue waves, and tourists can paddle leisurely The Qili River is astonishingly like Jiangnan scenery settled in the capital of peony.".
  • 8 Tianxiang Park, Mudan District. Covering an area of 150 acres, it is a comprehensive and open park in Heze City that integrates leisure, entertainment, sightseeing and fitness. The landscape plants are mainly peonies, and there are more than 180 kinds of precious peonies such as jade white, bean green, and imperial concubine.

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  • 1 Peony Garden Ski Resort (中国牡丹园滑雪场), State Road 220, Peony District (牡丹区220国道). Heze City is the only small ski resort, you can rent ski equipment on site. 60.

Buy edit

  • 1 Wanda Plaza (万达广场), No.1266 East Changjiang Road, Peony District (牡丹区长江东路1266号). 10:00-22:00. A large shopping plaza in the south of Heze. In the evening, the golden Street bottom merchants and street night markets outside will also open, and all kinds of snacks are particularly lively. One-stop solution to shopping, dining, shopping needs.
  • 2 Good Harmony City (佳和城), 1888 Zhonghua Road, Peony District (牡丹区中华路1888号). 10:00-22:00. Can be said to belong to Heze one of the best shopping malls food street is very distinctive, businesses and brands are also a lot. Loved by the locals.

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Dumplings are one of the specialties of northeast China, and are common in Heze. Heze also has a surprising number of Sichuan restaurants.

  • 1 Rock Fried Chicken (Shangri-La) (摇滚炒鸡(香格里拉店)), No. 3-7 Shangri-La Commercial Street, Limin Street, Peony District (牡丹区利民街香格里拉商业街3-7号). 09:30-16:00,17:00-22:00.
  • 2 Feast Flower City (宴花都), 200 meters south of Huaying Road and Changjiang Road, Danyang Street, Peony District (牡丹区丹阳街道华英路与长江路南200米). 10:00-14:00 17:00-21:00. The materials are very fresh and the cost performance is super high. The restaurant environment is very good, very clean and tidy, but the portions are not large, belonging to the more sophisticated type. The dishes are fresh, salty, and the heat is just right. The food was served quickly. ¥100.

Drink edit

Heze Melon Juice (菏泽瓜汁): Heze is renowned for its melon production, and you can find freshly squeezed melon juices such as watermelon juice and cantaloupe juice.

  • 1 XUN SHAN BAR (巡山酒吧), 120m south of intersection of Yongchang Road and Zhenxing Road(永昌路与振兴路交叉口南120m) (Taxi recommended). 14:00-2:00. A bar with a youthful energy atmosphere. There is a resident singer in the store, which is suitable for gatherings with friends. You can order barbecue snacks and so on. 80.
  • 2 Dinosaur Dance Den (D堡), Room B11-B13, 1st Floor, Commercial Plaza, Civil Culture Center, intersection of Yongchang Road and Heping Road, Danyang Street(丹阳街道永昌路与和平路交叉口市民文化中心商业广场负一楼B11-B13室) (Taxi recommended). 20:30-5:30. A bar for drinking and dancing. It has a nice stereo. Heze young people like to go places. 80.

Sleep edit

  • 1 Orange Hotel (Wanda Plaza Branch) (桔子酒店(万达广场店)), Northwest corner of intersection of Changjiang Road and Huaying Road (长江路与华英路交叉口西北角) (about 10 minutes by taxi from Heze Station). Complete supporting facilities, good service. It is very close to Heze station and the traffic is convenient. Close to large shopping malls and food courts, eating and shopping are easy. 280.
  • 2 Heze Wanda Meihua Hotel (菏泽万达美华酒店), 788 Yucai South Road (育才南路788号) (about 10 minutes by taxi from Heze Station). Heze Wanda near the hotel of the same name, the internal facilities are more modern, younger, industrial style. The hotel comes with free laundry and gym, facilities are very complete. ¥360.
  • 3 Full Ji Hotel (Heze Renmin Road Branch) (全季酒店(菏泽人民路店)), Building A, No.8, Traffic Future City, 111 Renmin South Road (人民南路111号交通未来城8号楼A座) (it takes about 7 minutes by taxi from Heze Station). The train station is very close to convenient transportation. Good environment, the interior environment has a sense of design. The room is clean and warm. Nearby food shopping convenient. ¥280.
  • 4 Ramada Ginza Yiting Hotel, China CN Shandong Province Heze City Mudan District 300 meters (south side of Lin Exhibition Hall Ramada Ginza Yiting Hotel. The hotel rooms are spacious and comfortable, with various types of luxurious rooms, with spacious, bright, elegant and solemn designs, special bars, Shangshanfang gourmet buffet restaurants, elegant Chinese restaurants and large conference reception spaces.
  • 5 Shuiyi Baiqing Hotel, No. 2278, Zhonghua West Road, China. The breakfast buffet provides secret mutton soup, spicy soup, steamed dumplings, fried dough sticks, pastries, antibiotic-free eggs, freshly squeezed juice, milk, coffee, soy milk, etc. You are welcome to taste Heze's special and delicious breakfast. The hotel has more than 100 guest rooms of various types, with exquisite and elegant environment and unique taste. It has carefully built luxurious twin rooms, comfortable twin rooms, luxurious double rooms, parent-child rooms, and unique romantic wedding rooms.
  • 6 Zhongling International Hotel, ShanxianCN Shandong Province Heze City Zhongling International Hotel. The hotel covers an area of 70,000 square meters and a construction area of 40,000 square meters. Shanxian Zhongling International Hotel has hotel rooms, catering, banquets, sports and entertainment, executive lounges and other facilities. It has more than 200 luxurious, comfortable, elegant and fashionable rooms with complete functions. The soft big beds allow you to relax and enjoy a quiet and private space; the executive lounge on the top floor allows you to enjoy exclusive dignity and courtesy.
  • 7 Peace Hotel, No. 1166, Heping Road, Mudan District. Heze Peace Hotel is located in Heze Peace Square, adjacent to Heze Railway Station and the city center. It has a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Heze Peace Hotel is a star tourist hotel invested and built by Guodian Heze Power Plant. The total construction area is 14,000 square meters. The hotel is surrounded by scenic spots such as Tianxiang Park and major business venues. The hotel has complete service facilities, elegant style and reasonable layout. It is an ideal hotel for you to stay in Heze for business meetings and leisure travel.
  • 8 Wuzhou International Hotel, The middle section of Renmin Road, Mudan District. There is a house in the Wuzhou International Hotel in Heze. Although it never faces the sea, it still has spring flowers blooming. The water pavilion, the fragrant pavilion, and the beauty of the east city are all in the five continents. It gathers the great achievements of heaven and earth, brings together the beauty of humanities, materializes Tianbao, and has outstanding people. , Yu Wenyifan stayed here temporarily. There were delicacies as precious as jade, and all the fun was in it. There were cranes going in and out of the colorful jade, just like the world on earth and heaven. Even though the world was prosperous, I didn't hear the noise of cars and horses. I kept going as before, feeling passionate. Deeply attached to the hotel, thinking about what you want, doing what you need, and satisfying you are the driving force of the hotel. The delicious food is waiting to be tasted. Different styles, different experiences, and different services will make you more satisfied, and you can enjoy entertainment and leisure. Being in one, you can relax yourself without going out, let go of the tiredness of the day, relax your mind, and make your body healthier. The experience of a first-tier city is at your fingertips. If you can stay here for one night, it will definitely be a beautiful thing in the world.

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Emergency numbers: 110 - Police, 119 - Fire, 120 - First aid, 122 - Traffic accidents

Heze's area code for landlines is 0530, adding a "0530" at the beginning if calling from outside of the city. For international calls add +86, the country code for China.

Heze has many Internet cafés .Most of the bars that cater to the expatriate community and many of the foreign-based fast food chains — Starbucks, KFC, McDonald's and likely others — offer free WiFi. Many hotels also provide free WiFi service. The Great Firewall of China blocks popular web services including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Yahoo. Some of the websites that are partially blocked include Wikipedia, BlogSpot, WordPress, and Tumblr. To overcome these restrictions, travelers use VPN services that unblock these favorite websites. VPNs also help travelers to access Public Wi-Fi Hotspots securely.

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Jinan is about 4 hours by train (6 hours by bus) to the northeast. Zhengzhou, Henan is likewise a few hours away by bus or train to the southwest.

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