area of the Allegheny Plateau in Ohio, United States

The Hocking Hills are in Southeast Ohio, in the United States of America.

Sphinx Head
Sphinx Head Inscription
Rock House
Old Man's Cave
Devil's Bathtub
Ash Cave

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  • Hocking Hills State Park is the crown jewel of the Ohio State Park system and the Hocking Hills region. The deep gorges, waterfalls, and massive recess caves offer dozens of miles the best hiking in the entire state.

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Tons of hiking trails to explore in Hocking Hills State Park and Hocking State Forest.

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Lots of horseback riding near Hocking Hills State Park.

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There are a few places offering ziplining.

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There are several canoe liveries along the Hocking River.

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This is a very rural part of Ohio with many primitive areas. As long as you stay on the paved, narrow, winding roads, you should have few problems. If you wander off onto the logging or coal mine roads, be prepared for potholes, bad roads, mud and very little, if any traffic to ask for assistance. Much of this area is not served by cell phone towers and you will have little to no communications. The area is popular with hunters and all terrain vehicle users. Rumor has it that the area is also popular with marijuana growers. During hunting season, wear brightly-colored clothing if you go into the woods.

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