Jefferson is a city in the Mid Coast region of Maine.



Jefferson is a small town with a small close knit group of people. All of the locals know each other by first and last name because of the fact that there really aren't that many people here. Everybody is very friendly though. Any of the locals will strike up a conversation with you and help you with anything you need. It's a very relaxing town and it's a good place to get away from the city buzz.

Get in


By plane


The two largest and nearest airports are the Portland International Jetport which are located in Portland, Maine. If you're flying from overseas, this is the place that you would land. Portland is about an hour and a half away from Jefferson. If you're flying from a more local place, or choose to take a smaller plane then you would fly into the Augusta State Airport. This is located in Augusta, Maine, which is only about a half hour away from Jefferson.

By car


The best way to get into Jefferson is by car. If you fly in by plane, then you would either be flying into Augusta or Portland as was said above. If you're coming from Augusta, get on to Rt. 17 and follow that right until you get into Jefferson and hit the intersection of Rt. 17 and Rt. 32. Take Rt. 32 and if you follow that it will bring you to the center of the town. If you're coming from Portland you would get on highway 295 North and follow that all the way up to Gardiner. You would then take that exit and get on to Rt. 32 which will take you right into Jefferson.

By boat


Most of Jefferson is on Damariscotta Lake, so if you are coming from a surrounding town then by boat is the perfect way to get there. There are many different boat docks along the shores of Jefferson.

By train


The Amtrak goes to both Portland and to Augusta, which means that you can get to these places from anywhere in the United States. Once you get in by train you would transfer to a car and drive into Jefferson.

Get around


The best way to get around Jefferson is by car. Everywhere you would want to go in Jefferson, you can do by car.

The only other means of travel that would get you around parts of Jefferson is by boat. Since it is on a lake, there are places you can go by shooting across the lake, but you can also get there by car.

Since Jefferson is such a small town there really isn't much to see. The only thing worth while to "see" is just the scenery. Since it is located right on the lake it makes for some really nice sunrises and sunsets over the water. Also, since most of the town consists of woods, there are plenty of trees, flowers and ponds to explore if you are an outdoors person.

  • Damariscotta Lake State Beach. There is a state park beach located right in the middle of the town. It is a very popular spot for people within the town and in the surrounding towns. The sand isn't as nice as a normal beach off of the ocean, but it is still decent quality. The beach gets kind of crowded on hot days, but that's because it's the only thing to do in the town. There are lifeguards always on duty, so it's a good place to bring kids for safe fun. This beach also has quite a few seagulls which can be annoying at times. The beach also gets kind of loud, so if you're looking for a quite relaxing place, this isn't the place to go.
  • The Bridge. As you're driving through the center of town, there is a small bridge that crosses over the river. In the summer you will find many locals jumping off that bridge. It isn't the safest place, so don't take small children there, but it is a great place for teenagers and risk takers. Since it's only about a 15ft plunge, it's not too big of a risk, but it is definitely an adrenaline rush.
  • Damariscotta Lake Farm, +1-207-549-6088. Damariscotta Lake Farms is a newly opened restaurant that sits on the corner of Rt. 32 and Bunker Hill rd. that looks over Damariscotta Lake. Inside is a friendly environment with an always smiling staff. It is a small restaurant with only about 10 different tables, but it also has a bar. The lighting is dim and it sets for a more relaxed mood. It does get a little loud sometimes though because there is always a lot going on. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of delicious foods. The steak and cheese is particularly good. It hits every one of your taste buds. Both reservations and walk-ins are welcome.
  • The Jefferson Market, +1-207-549-5490. The Jefferson Market is located in the center of town right off of Rt. 32. It's a small market that has a few isles holding basic groceries. They also sell drinks and beer. In the back they have a grill and an oven where they cook things like pizza, steak and cheese and mozzarella sticks. They have two benches to sit inside, but they also have two benches outside to sit that are overlooking the river. Their food is tasty and the environment is friendly. The only downfall is most of the employees are teenagers so occasionally they get your order wrong. Besides that, this is the perfect place to go if you want a quick bite to eat or you just need to pick up a few things. You can either call in and order food or order food in the store.
  • The Jefferson Scoop. In the middle of town, right off Rt. 32 there is an ice cream scoop that serves Giffords ice cream, which is made right in Maine. They also serve soft serve ice cream in the flavors of vanilla, chocolate and twist. It is a very popular place for the locals and for the people visiting the town. The scoop is a very fun, loving place. They give good portions for low prices. They have many different hard serve flavors that cater to all people's needs. They have flavors for both kids and adults. It gets busy on the weekends, but it's always worth the wait.
  • Ollie's Place, 39 Washington Rd, +1-207-549-6090. Ollie's is a small restaurant off Rt. 32. They sell pizza, sandwiches, baked goods, frozen novelties and groceries. Stop in for breakfast..... the eggs are always done to perfection and the bacon is just right. The owner is friendly and accommodating.


  • Damriscotta Lake Farms. In this restaurant there is a small bar with about 6 different seats. It is a very friendly environment since it's the hang out spot for most of the locals. They serve a pretty wide variety of different drinks, so it's perfect for any kind of drinker. In mixed drinks they give you a lot of alcohol for your money. If you're looking for a good drink, this is the place to go.


  • Damariscotta Lake Farm. Since Jefferson is such a small town, this is the only place to stay. It is a small bed and breakfast with five different rooms. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. There is a restaurant right downstairs, and also a screened in porch to enjoy your coffee. They also have an indoor heated pool. It is a cozy little place and is perfectly located in the center of town.



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