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Jining (济宁 Jìníng) is a city in Shandong. Geographical location: Jining City is located in the southwest of Shandong Province, at the northern end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, adjacent to Jinan City, Tai'an City, Linyi City and other cities in Shandong Province.

History and Culture: Jining has rich history and cultural traditions. Qufu City is the hometown of Confucius and has important cultural heritages such as the Confucius Temple and the Confucius Mansion. Jining is also the hometown of Meng Jiao, a famous ancient scholar. Mengfu Ancient City is a well-preserved historical and cultural ancient city.

Economic development: Jining is an important economic center in Shandong Province, with agriculture, manufacturing and service industries as its leading industries. The city is famous for the production of soybeans, wheat, corn and other agricultural products, and is also the hometown of vegetables in China.

Convenient transportation: Jining City is located at the intersection of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the Beijing-Shanghai Railway, and the Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway. It has convenient transportation and is an important transportation hub connecting various cities in Shandong Province.

Tourist attractions: Jining has rich tourism resources, including Confucius Temple and Mansion in Qufu, Mengfu Ancient City in Jining, Dai Temple in Zoucheng, Jining Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Scenic Area, Mengzhou Sanxian Mountain Scenic Area, etc. These attractions showcase Jining's history, culture and natural beauty.

Cultural characteristics: Jining area has unique cultural characteristics, including Confucian culture, folk art, traditional handicrafts, etc. Confucius culture, Mencius culture and Mengzhou wood carvings are all representatives of Jining culture.

Education: Jining is home to some well-known higher education institutions, such as Qufu Normal University, one of China's leading normal schools.

Food: Jining’s food is famous for special dishes such as Mengfu stew, Mengfu brown sugar, Jining steamed fish, Jining chicken soup, etc. These delicacies reflect the local food culture.

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Jining is a prefecture-level city in southwestern Shandong province. The city has around 200,000 inhabitants and a prefecture of around 8 million. The city is located right to the north of Nanyang Lake (南阳湖 Nányáng Hú) and is today the northernmost city reachable by navigation on the Grand Canal. The birthplace of Confucius, Qufu, is in the prefecture. Jining is known as the canal capital and the hometown of Confucius and Mencius. It is located in the hinterland of southwestern Shandong, at the junction of the Huanghuaihai Plain and the mountains of central and southern Shandong. It borders the beautiful Linyi area to the east, Heze, the hometown of peony, to the west, Zaozhuang City and Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province to the south, Tai'an City to the north, and Liaocheng City across the Yellow River in the northwest corner. It is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Shandong Province. , as of July 28, 2021, Jining covers an area of 11,000 square kilometers, with 11 counties and cities under its jurisdiction and 4 functional areas. As of the end of 2022, Jining City's permanent population is 8.2906 million; in 2022, the city's regional GDP will be 531.69 billion yuan, an increase of 4.4%, and the general public budget revenue will be 44.77 billion yuan, an increase of 8.6% on the same basis.

Jining belongs to the junction area of Taiyi low-mountain hills in southern Shandong and the Huanghuaihai plain in southwestern Shandong. In terms of geological structure, it belongs to the southwestern Shandong fault block depression area in North China. The city's terrain is dominated by plains and depressions, with the terrain high in the east and low in the west, and the landform is relatively complex. The city is located in the East Asian monsoon climate zone, a warm temperate monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. As of 2022, the city's total natural water resources will be 5.5 billion cubic meters. The city is rich in mineral resources. As of 2022, more than 70 minerals have been discovered and proven reserves.

As of the end of 2022, there are 3,626 schools of various types in the city, including 7 general colleges and universities, 2 adult colleges and universities, 20 secondary vocational schools (excluding technical schools), 54 general high schools, 289 general junior high schools, and 931 primary schools. , 13 special education schools, and 2,310 preschool education kindergartens. There are 7,148 medical and health institutions at all levels and types in the city, including 203 hospitals (7 tertiary hospitals, 52 second-level hospitals, and 78 first-level hospitals), and 6,876 primary medical and health institutions (43 community health service centers, There are 128 township health centers, 1,222 clinics, clinics and clinics, 5,302 village clinics), and 51 professional public institutions.

Jining is an important birthplace of Chinese civilization. It gave birth to the ancestor of humanities, Xuanyuan Huangdi, and the five great saints: Confucius, Mencius, Yanzi, Zengzi and Zisizi. Qufu and Zoucheng under its jurisdiction are national historical and cultural cities. They have two world cultural heritages: "Three Kongs" and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. There is Shuibo Liangshan, the birthplace of the Water Margin story, and Weishan Lake, the hometown of the railway guerrillas. Holy places, culture, and water towns complement each other.

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There is an airport in Jining 28km from the city centre and with quite a few flights.

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There a six trains each day from Jinan to Jining with a travel duration of 2½-3 hours and costs of ¥14-45. There are two trains each day from Qingdao with a travel duration of around 8 hours and costs of ¥41-120. Also trains from major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Harbin.

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You can reach Jining by taking a bus from any place.

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Zoning Overview edit

As of 2021, Jining City has jurisdiction over 2 municipal districts, 1 development zone, 7 counties, and 2 county-level cities.

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There are 2 municipal districts: Rencheng District and Yanzhou District.

1 development zone: Jining High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

7 counties: Weishan County, Yutai County, Jinxiang County, Jiaxiang County, Wenshang County, Sishui County and Liangshan County.

2 county-level cities: Qufu City and Zoucheng City.

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  • 1 Baoxiang Temple (宝相寺, 大宝相寺), Intersection of Baoxiangsi Road and Shangshu Road, Wenshang County Seat (汶上县城宝相寺路与尚书路交汇处) (take bus no. C619 from outside the Jining North Bus Station and get off near the temple's southern entrance), +86 537 7234103, . 08:00-17:30. Originally founded during the Northern Wei Dynasty, the temple was largely rebuilt in the 20th century due to being bombed by the Japanese during the Second World War. Fortunately, however, the Taizilingzong Pagoda, which dates from the late 11th and early 12th centuries has survived to the present day. The pagoda contains a tooth from Shakyamuni Buddha. ¥50.
  • 2 Jining Museum New Branch (济宁市博物馆新馆), 140 Yunhe Road, Taibai Lake New Area (太白湖新区运河路140号) (bus nos. 7, 16, 20, 2001, D808 and y902), +86 537 2205009. 08:30-18:00 (May-Sep), 08:30-17:30 (Oct-Apr), no entry in last 60 minutes, closed on Mondays. Free.
  • 3 Jining Museum Old Branch (济宁市博物馆老馆), 78 Guhuai Road, Rencheng District (任城区古槐路78号) (bus nos. 31, 302, 2001 and D20), +86 537 2215811. 09:00-11:30, 14:00-17:30 (May-Sep); 09:00-11:30, 13:30-17:00 (Oct-Apr); no entry in last 30 minutes; closed on Mondays. The old branch of the Jining Museum is on the grounds of the Chongjue Temple (崇觉寺), a 1400-year old Buddhist temple that is also known as the Iron Pagoda Temple (铁塔寺). Free.
  • 4 Taibai Tower (太白楼), No. 27, Taibailou Middle Road, Rencheng District, Jining City, Shandong Province (任城区太白楼中路27号) (Train station, bus station: take bus number 2 to "Tai Bai Lou" station to get off. Jining Qufu Airport: Take the Airport Express to "Tai Bai Lou Square". Buses: No. 1, No. 2, No. 8, No. 16, No. 19). 09:00-11:30,14:00-16:30. Jining Taibai Building, located in the city of Jining, Shandong Province.Shandong Province, People's Republic of China is one of the provincial cultural heritage protection units. free.
    Taibai Tower
  • 5 Jining City Cultural Center (济宁市文化馆,济宁市群众艺术馆), No. 136 Canal Road, Taibai Lake New District, Jining City (太白湖新区运河路136号). 8:30-17:30 (Closed every Monday). Jining City Cultural Center, formerly known as Jining City Mass Museum of Art, was established in 1968. It is affiliated with Jining City Culture and Tourism Bureau.On April 30, 2019, the new museum of Jining City Cultural Center was officially put into use.

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Jining, Shandong is a city with a long history and rich culture and has many tourist attractions and historical sites.

Qufu: Qufu is a famous cultural ancient city in China and the hometown of Confucius. In Qufu you can visit the Confucius Temple (Confucius Temple) and the Confucius Mansion to learn about Confucius' life and Confucian culture. There are also a large number of ancient buildings, monuments, and cultural attractions waiting for you to explore.

Mengfu Ancient City: Mengfu is another ancient city with a long history in Jining, with many ancient buildings and cultural heritage. You can visit the city walls, ancient streets, temples, etc. of Mengfu and feel the historical atmosphere of ancient Jining.

Jining Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal: Jining is located along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, one of the most important canals in ancient China. You can visit the Grand Canal Scenic Area, enjoy the scenery along the river, and learn about the history and culture of the canal.

Zoucheng Ancient City: Zoucheng is a county-level city in Jining with a long history and rich cultural heritage. There are many ancient buildings and historical attractions in the ancient city, such as Dai Temple, Jining Guild Hall, etc.

Jining Museum: The Jining Museum is a good place to learn about the history and culture of Jining. It displays a wealth of cultural relics and artworks.

Mengzhou Sanxian Mountain Scenic Area: This is a natural scenic area with beautiful landscapes, streams, and waterfalls. You can hike here and enjoy the natural beauty.

Yanggu Huashan Scenic Area: There is a Huashan Scenic Area in Yanggu County, Jining, which offers opportunities for mountain climbing, landscape viewing, and nature exploration. There are Huashan temples and temples here, which is a place where culture and nature merge.

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Jining Ceramics: Jining Ceramics has a long history and is famous for its unique craftsmanship and exquisite decoration. You can buy a variety of ceramic products, such as bowls, plates, vases, teapots, etc., which are often decorated with traditional patterns of landscapes, flowers, and birds.

Meng Mansion Wood Carving: Meng Mansion is a famous ancient building in Jining, famous for its exquisite wood carving craftsmanship. You can buy Mengfu-style wood carving crafts, such as screens, carved boards, tables, etc.

Jining Embroidery: Jining embroidery is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship and brilliant colors. You can buy a variety of embroidery products, such as embroidered fans, embroidered scarves, embroidered paintings, etc.

Straw products: The jining area is rich in plant resources, so straw products are also very popular. You can buy various handicrafts made of straw, such as straw mats, straw baskets, straw jewelry, etc.

Paper-cutting art: Paper-cutting is one of the traditional Chinese handicrafts, and Jining also has its paper-cutting tradition. You can buy a variety of exquisite paper-cut works, such as window grilles, stickers, paper-cut paintings, etc.

Bamboo woven products: Bamboo is very abundant in Jining, so you can buy various bamboo woven crafts, such as bamboo baskets, bamboo chairs, bamboo chopsticks, etc.

Mengzhou rattan products: Mengzhou is famous for its rattan products. You can buy various rattan products, such as rattan furniture, rattan baskets, rattan flower utensils, etc.

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There are the usual western fast food restaurants.

Mengfu stew: This is one of Jining’s traditional dishes, famous for its unique stew technique. It usually uses local ingredients, such as pork, chicken, wild mushrooms, etc., and slowly stews it with various seasonings. The soup is delicious.

Jining Steamed Fish: Jining is located in the inland of Shandong and has rich aquatic resources. Steamed fish is a traditional dish loved by local people. It is usually steamed using fresh fish, adding seasonings such as steamed fish soy sauce.

Mengzhou Tofu Pudding: Mengzhou is a county-level city in Jining and is famous for its special tofu bun. This is a snack full of strong bean flavor. It is usually added with peanut butter, chili sauce, coriander and other seasonings. It is very delicious.

Jining Chicken Soup: Jining’s chicken soup is famous for its fragrance and deliciousness. Generally, local chicken is used, added with various herbs and seasonings, and stewed into a pot of nourishing chicken soup.

Mengzhou Beef Noodles: Mengzhou is also famous for its specialty beef noodles. This is a noodle soup with tender slices of beef and a variety of seasonings that are delicious.

Jining Fried Fish Cake: This is a local snack made of fish meat and starch. It has a crispy outer skin and a fresh and tender filling. It is usually eaten with a special sauce.

Jining Oatmeal Steamed Bun: Oatmeal steamed bun is one of Jining's traditional pastas. It is made from oatmeal noodles and is usually eaten with various dishes. It is one of the staple foods of the locals.

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  • 1 Xiangjiang Great Wall Business Hotel, Changqing Road, +86 537-2964666. It is a hotel chain invested in and managed by Hong Kong Tower. The main building complex of the hotel is themed with the ancient Great Wall of China and has distinctive architectural features. The hotel has various luxury suites, superior business rooms, and standard rooms with simple and warm decoration. It is equipped with central air conditioning, satellite TV, and various business office appliances, and provides 24-hour broadband Internet service to create a comfortable accommodation environment for you. It also has 6 VIP reception rooms and conference rooms of various types, and a conference center equipped with computer projectors, screens, and other modern multimedia equipment. The large conference room can provide conference services for 300 people. The business center can provide you with secretarial, email, foreign language translation, and other business services. Rooms include deluxe suites, superior business rooms, and standard rooms equipped with central air conditioners, satellite TVs, and 24-hour high-speed internet access. Conference center, banquet rooms, sauna, beauty salon, foot massage services, chess/cards rooms, restaurant and fitness facilities available. Disounted rates for doubles of ¥170 including breakfast.
  • 2 Mingyajingwei Hotel (Mingyajingwei Dafandian), 1 North Huancheng Road (Three km from the train station in the south and near the long-distance bus station in the east), +86 537-3160888. Three-star tourist hotel with standard rooms, single rooms, triple rooms, and suites equipped with free broadband Internet access. A dining center with 15 private dining rooms is available. Jining Mingya Jingwei Hotel has various luxury suites and a total of 134 standard rooms. The room is equipped with a minibar, free broadband Internet access, satellite TV, a small bar, and a comfortable and spacious writing desk. The hotel restaurant can accommodate up to 550 people for dining at the same time, and the food court on the second floor can accommodate 300 people for dining at the same time. There are 15 private rooms, which are famous for their elegance, elegance, elegance, and elegance. The hotel mainly serves Shandong, Sichuan, and Cantonese cuisine. Disounted rates for doubles of ¥188 including breakfast.
  • 3 Jining Inzone Garland Hotel (Jining Yinzuo Jiayue Jiudian), 26 Guhuai Road (Guhuai Lu) (At the intersection of Hongxing Road and Guhuai Road in Jining's Shizhong District), +86 537-5169999. Jining Ginza Jiayue Hotel is the first four-star standard business and conference hotel managed by Ginza Hotel Management Company. It is located at the intersection of Hongxing Road and Guhuai Road in Shizhong District, Jining City. It has seventeen floors in the main building and four floors in the podium. The total construction area is 22,000 square meters. The hotel has 137 luxurious guest rooms, 15 canal culture-themed banquet halls Jining's first professional buffet restaurant "Shangshanfang", a large lecture hall that can accommodate 450 people, and multiple small and medium-sized conference rooms and seminar rooms. Various deluxe and superior rooms, 15 banquet halls, and 1 buffet restaurant. Free internet. A grand conference hall and conference rooms of different sizes are available. Disounted rates for doubles of ¥290 including breakfast.
  • 4 Hong Kong Hotel, 19 Huoju Road (Huoju Lu), Nanxin District (At the intersection of Wutaizha Lu and Huoju Lu, in the Jining High-tech Industry Development Zone), +86 537-2969888. Four star hotel with various types of rooms including standard rooms, triple rooms, executive suites and deluxe suites. Free internet. Western style restaurant, a banquet hall, conference rooms, a dance hall, snooker, gym, sauna and beauty salon are available. Disounted rates for doubles of ¥386 including breakfast.
  • 5 Keyuan Business Clubhouse, +86 537 5160 114. The hotel is a high-end foreign business residential area planned and designed by star standards in Jining City. During their stay, guests can enjoy swimming, fitness, table tennis, and billiards services, and indoor badminton and tennis services at half price. Located at the intersection of Huoju Road and Jinyu Road, adjacent to Jiashike, Xinguihe. It covers an area of 21,942 square meters; the total construction area is 37,200 square meters, and the investment is about 150 million yuan, including 1 business club; five high-rise serviced apartments and villas with three interior design styles: European, American, and Korean and Japanese. Five buildings; 8,000 square meters of overall underground parking lot, 150 parking spaces.Good sized new clean suites with kitchen facilities. Plasma tvs in the lounge and bedroom. Big swimming pool and gym. Good breakfast selection. Starting from ¥200.

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  • Qufu - the birthplace of Confucius with temples and museums honoring him. Buses from 06.40AM to 6.00PM at 20 minute intervals at the Jining North Coach Bus Station. The bus station can be reached by the city-bus No.4, 26, 30, 31, 36 and 102.
  • Zoucheng - the birthplace of Mencius, who was the most important interpreter of Confucius' thoughts. The Temple of Mencius and the Mencius Family Mansion are both here.
  • Yishan Mountain - a mountain resort 10 kilometers south of the Zoucheng with spectacular natural sceneries and historical relics, especially featuring the granite pebbly landscape.
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