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Komárom-Esztergom county is in Central Transdanubia region of Hungary.


Map of Komárom-Esztergom County

  1 Tatabánya  
  2 Tata  
  3 Komárom   (Ács, Bábolna)
  4 Oroszlány  
  5 Nyergesújfalu   (Tát, Lábatlan)
  6 Kisbér  

Esztergom is described in the Danube Bend article.

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  • 1 Bábolna (Babuna, Tolma-Babuna) (take a train from Komárom 15 km, bus from Oroszlány 40 km). Roman Catholic church in 1724, former Szapáry Mansion (1700s, 1810, now center of the National Stud Farm), former Officers' Club (Tiszti Kaszinó, 1758, 1902), richly decorated riding hall (1809), Coach Museum, Heroes' Gate (1938), Arboretum (highlights: giant redwood and bald cypress), Chamber Theatre. Stay: there is one hotel and a couple of guesthouses.
  • 2 Dunaalmás (ancient Latin: Asaum) (take a train or bus to here, Almásfüzitő 4 km). Nature Reserve of quarrying of Dunaalmás (Dunaalmási kőfejtők Természetvédelmi Terület, toward Somod settlement, part of the Danube-Ipoly National Park, operated since period of Roman Empire till World War II, can be visited freely). The Roman Catholic church built in honor of St. John of Nepomuk, baroque style between 1754 and 1757 according to plans by Johann Baptist Martinelli, Reformed church, Old Watermill To do: sightseeing boats and ferries crossing the river, ancient Magyar riding shows and therapeutic horse riding, walking on mountain paths.
  • 3 Komárom (Slovak: Komárno, Croatian: Komoran, German: Komorn, Serbian: Коморан) (On the south bank of the Danube, to Esztergom (daily five buses, only two direct trains), Budapest (train hourly, Ft 1860-2010, ½ hour; buses 2-3 per day via Dorog), Komarno (Slovakia, six bus per day), Oroszlány (2-7 bus per day), Tata (buses hourly).Komarom bus station departures (PDF)). - Tourinform - Komárom, (Igmándi út 2). Sights: The city museum named after György Klapka, collection of Roman stones and tombstones (loc.: Fortress of Igmánd). The unique fortification system (part of the World Heritage tentative list), which comprises Monostor Fortress, Igmánd Fortress, and Csillag Fortress, Ruins of the Roman Brigetio, Palace Gyürky To do: the Spa Centre, water sports, riding, go-cart, archery, sport shooting, cycling, guaranteed sightseeing tours. Events: Komárom Days in April, Regional Bakers Days, events around the outdoor swimming pool, Potato and Wine Festival. Stay: camping, five hotels (two-, three-star category) and guesthouses.
  • 4 Oroszlány ((German: Ohreslahn)) (train from Tatabánya 15 km, bus from Budapest, Gyor, Tatabanya). Camaldolese monastery of Majk. (18th century) is one of the most unique, beautiful and intact examples of Baroque Camaldulian hermitages in Central Europe. The individual cell-houses of the monastery are decorated with a rich series of coats of arms. The inner park of the complex and its ruined church compose an outstanding ensemble of Hungarian monastic architecture), unique Water Tower (1960s), Mining Museum (Bányászati Múzeum), Slovak Village Museum (Szlovák Tájház), Lutheran church (Evangélikus templom in Ófalu district). Further afield: good base to explore Vértes Hill include castle ruins of its as: Csókakő, Gesztes, Oroszlánkő (Csákyvár), Vitányvár, Szentgyörgyvár, Gerencsérvár. To do: Cooling lake to the Thermal power plant (hőerőmű hűtőtava) popular winter fishing. Stay: at least four pensions and guesthouses are there.
  • 5 Tata (Latin: Dotis, German: Totis) (Halfway between Tatabánya and Komárom, Tata bus station departures (PDF)). TOURINFORM - Tata (Ady Endre út 9.Tel. /Fax: +36 34 586045, Open: May-Sep: M-F 08:00-18:00, Sa Su 09:00-13:00). - Sights: Lackffy family castle (1390s), landscape garden (1783), artificial Öreg-tó (Old Lake) and Cseke-tó, Kristály Hotel (Chrystal) in Tata is Hungary’s oldest hotel in operation, Esterházy Mansion (1762), Lutheran church (20th century), Capuchin church, Reformed (Calvinist) church (1781), remains of the Holy Cross Parish Church (18th century), Calvary Hill and environs (boasts significant built structures also Nature Reserve and Geological Museum), Belfry (also called Clock Tower), is that the wooden frame was built without iron nails, Water mills: Berta-malom, Cifra-malom, Cseke-kalló, Czégényi-malom, Gyári-malom, József-malom, Miklós-malom, Nepomucenus-malom, Öreg-kalló, Pacsirta-malom, Pék-malom, Pötörke-malom, Réti-malom, Sándor-malom, Wéber-malom (all between 13th and 14th centuries), Camaldulian house (1730s), Villa of the Hungarian Art Nouveau painter János Vaszary, Museum of the Greco-Roman statue copies (former Synagogue,1861), Kuny Domokos Museum, German Nationality Museum. To do: Arboretum of Agostyán (Gerecse hill range), Által-ér streams in Komárom-Esztergom County, Fényes fürdő (baths, 1.5km towards Naszály), Cseke-tó (Cseke-Lake) and Angolpark (landscape garden), Derítő tó (Lake) more than 40 years ago this lake was created, Öreg-tó (Old Lake) is one of the oldest artificial lakes in Hungary. It was created before the 9th-century, Réti-halastavak (Réti fish ponds), Events: Baroque Festival, Tatai Minimarathon, Tatai Sokadalom (Concourse of Tata), Tó-futás (Run around the Lake), Water, Music, Flower Festival, Tatai Patara (Turkish period historical festival). City sightseeing tour, Wine tour, Golf tour, Cycling tour, Adventure park trip (Ft 1500-4000, 2-4 hours, ask Tourinform about details)
  • 6 Tatabánya (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈtɒtɒbaːɲɒ]) (55 km NW from Budapest,Tatabánya bus station departures (PDF)). Administrative center of Komárom-Esztergom County. Sights: Bánhida Reformed Church, Saint Parish Hall, City Museum, the Csónakázó (Boating) Lake in Sárberek, the Lapatári mill in Kertváros and the new Roman Catholic Church, Saint Steven Church in Old town, Roman Catholic Church of Felsőgalla,Roman Catholic Vicarage of Bánhida, Presbyterian Church of Bánhida, Pál Zsemle’s former slaughterhouse, Industrial Skanzen. Further afield: the Camandolese monastery, the Roman style temple at Vértesszentkereszt, the castle of Gesztes, Castle Vitány in Vértes. To do: Diamond Bath (Gyémánt Fürdő) Jászai Mari Theatre, walking tours in the Gerecse and Vértes Mountains, Turul Park Forest, explore Szelim Cave, Castle Park at Várgesztes. hiking, walking, fishing- Events: Midsummer Night's Carnival and the Miners' Day, Beer festival, St Barbara Days, Advent Fair, Tatabányai Picnic. Stay: Hotel Árpád (Fő tér 20. Tel: +36 34 310299), Sport Hotel (Ságvári Endre u. 9. Tel:+36 34 310410), Romantic Pension (Felsőgallai u. Tel:+36 34 329514), Nomád Camping (Tolnai u. 14. Tel:+36 34 311507), Panoráma Pension (M1 motorway) Tel:+36 34 316-559
  • 7 Tát (German: Taath) (on the Danube riverbank, 10 km west of Esztergom take a bus or a train). Traditional village image. Orchestral tourism and rural tourism Stay: rural farms and guesthouses (capacity: 150 beds).
  • 8 Várgesztes (German: Gestitz) (4.5 km SE of Vértessomló). Ruined Castle of Gesztes (address: Vár utca) Stay: in Villapark Resort (125 vacation houses, indoor swimming pool, multi-storey terraced restaurant, conference rooms, game room, bowling hall).
  • Vértes Nature Park (Vértesi Natúrpark) (Bus to Csákvár from Tatabánya, Mór, Budapest, Székesfehérvár), . Partly in Fejér County. Visitor center: address: Csákvár, Kenderesi utca, Tel/fax:+36 22 354-420. Stay in Csákvár village: a dozen B&Bs ask about in Visitor Center, Öreg Tölgy Tourist Hotel, Pension Publo, Apartment Csákvár, Márkus guesthouse [dead link], Szent Orbán Youth Hostel and Tourist House.To do: horse riding, hiking, nature excursions: Geological Nature Trail (Gánt), Haraszt-hegyi Nature Trail (Csákvár), Móri Ezerjó wine route (Mór, Fejér County), Pátrácos Nature Trail (Pusztavám), "Mere bus" in ancient swamp world (Csákvár), Vidrafű Nature Trail (Csákvár), carriage rides, cellar tours.
  • 9 Vértesszentkereszt (Medieval names: Szent Kereszt, Udvarhely, Keresztur) (2 km north of Gerencsérvár. Can approach from Oroszlány or Pusztavám). The main sight is the ruins of St. Cross Benedictine Abbey (first mentioned in 1212). Also here is another sights the Eggenhoffer mansion (only from outside).
  • 10 Vértessomló (Semle, Zsemle, Zsömléd, Schemling) (Környe train station four km north-northwest). Remains of Castle of Vitányvár (16th century, Gothic, monument of national importance). Other sights: belfry, forester house, Roman Catholic hussar towering historic church (pilgrimage site, baroque frescoes, 1870s), Classic Roman Catholic chapel (1970s), Eszterházy Mansion. To do: explore the nature sights as: Forest of Vitányvári Park, Mátyás Fountain, Szarvas Fountain, Szép Ilonka source, Mine Lakes (common carp, grass carp, crucian carp, bream, gray catfish, pike, perch, black bass), Nagy-Somlyó Hill, Tojásgurító Hill, Szegfű Hill. Fishing (daily tickets: Ft 2200, can buy: Vértessomló: Krisztina Confectionery; Környe: Takács Espresso (near railway station) and Tatabánya: 'ÁSZ' Fishing Shop. Events: Rolling eggs (Easter Monday, two days), Maypole (Maytree) planting and pulling, Village Day (May), Traditional farewell (Jul and Nov), Martin's Day (Nov), St. Barbara Day (4 Dec, the patron saint of local miners), "Kristkindlik" (Christmas Eve afternoon, German origin).
  • 11 Vértesszőlős (halfway between Tata and Tatabánya). Vértesszőlős Pre-Man Site Protected Landscape Area (Vértesszőlősi előembertelep Természetvédelmi Terület) can be found at a former limestone quarry source. There is the Pleistocene terrace of Által stream (a 'subriver' of Danube) ancient animal remains, prehistoric site (extremely rich in remains). As a result of the excavations near the remains of 300 plant and animal species could be separated. The human skull unearthed in the residual is estimated to be 350 thousand years. Fossilized footprints of ancient buffalo, rhinos, bears and deer are preserved here in former soft lime. Also ancient human footprints can be see here. The local proto man is named as "Homo (erectus seu sapiens) paleohun-garicus". Here is a building of the 'Archaeological Presentation Place of the Hungarian National Museum' (Múzeum Street/Vértes László Park, Tel.: 36 34 710350, Ft 600 per adult ticket, open: Apr-Aug: Tu-F 10:00-15:00, Su and holidays 10:00-18:00; Sep: Tu-F 10:00-15:00; Su and holidays 10:00-17:00; Oct Tu-F 10:00-15:00, Su and holidays 10:00-16:00 (2014))



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Podunajsko in Slovakia is across the Danube river.

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