city in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Kyotanabe (京田辺市, Kyōtanabe-shi) is in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

Ikkyuji Temple

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Both Kintetsu Railway and JR Railway have lines running through Kyotanabe. From Kyoto, it takes about 25 minutes by express train to reach Shintanabe Station on the Kintetsu Kyoto Line. From Nara, it takes about 23 minutes to reach Kyotanabe.

The JR Gakkentoshi Line runs from Amagasaki through Osaka to Kizu Station in Kizugawa. Some of the trains originate from even further away in Takarazuka and Sasayama in Hyogo Prefecture.

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Most travelers will find the trains to be the most convenient way to reach Kyotanabe. Nevertheless, there are buses connecting Kyotanabe to other cities.

Keihan Bus has buses that come and go from Kyoto Station and Osaka's Namba Station to Matsuiyamate Station in the northern part of Kyotanabe. Uji Bus has buses serving from Kuzuha Station in Hirakata.

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There are car rentals available near Shintanabe Station. Biking is a good way to explore Kyotanabe since the sites are spread out. Bike rentals are available near Shintanabe Station for ¥300 per day (electrical assistance bikes for ¥500). The bike rental is open from 08:00 to 20:00.

For those only going to Ikkyuji, the Ikkyu Tonchi Road is a nice walking course. The road is an attraction itself with 15 Ikkyu karuta cards with interesting facts about Ikkyu scattered along the road, so you can learn about Ikkyu as you walk to his temple. They're only in Japanese, but non-Japanese may still enjoy the images and they are good indicators that you're going the right direction.

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  • 1 Ikkyuji (一休寺). Daily 09:00-17:00. Constructed by the Ikkyu-san, a famous Zen master, around 1456. Ikkyu-san was a real person, but famously features in children's folktales as a child monk who is able to outsmart adults with his quick wit and word-play. He lived here in the late parts of his life and his relics are buried within the temple grounds. The temple features a beautiful Zen rock garden, a statue with actual hair from Ikkyu-san, a museum featuring information and artifacts from Ikkyu-san and a variety of expressive Buddhist statues. ¥500.
  • 2 Kannonji (観音寺). Daily 09:00-17:00. ¥400.
  • 3 Sawai House (澤井家住宅). 10:00-16:00 Second and fourth Saturdays of the month. ¥300.
  • Muniso Peony Garden (無ニ荘牡丹園).

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  • 1 Kirara Shotengai (キララ商店街). The Kirara Shotengai is dedicated to the city's mascot, Kirara-chan, a cheerful girl with rainbow pigtails. Along with restaurants and other shops, the shotengai has the Kirara no Eki, which is where you buy Kirara-themed souvenirs. You can also get some information about the town and purchase other local souvenirs. Across the street at the butcher shop is where you can buy the Kirara Croquette, as well.

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Kyotanabe is known for its eggplants and takenoko (bamboo shoots). The Kyotanabe Roll is a popular dessert that showcases the local tea.

In addition, there are a few snack foods inspired by Kirara, the town mascot. They are the Kirara Croquette and Kirara Bread, both of which can be found along the Kirara Shotengai.

  • 1 Imamura Hosuien (今村芳翠園), 35 Tanabekudo. A famous local sweets shop known for the Ikkyu Roll and Kyotanabe Roll featuring the local gyokuro (tea). The shop has been operating here since 1932.
  • 2 Pinocchio (ピノキオ), +81 77 464-0376. A high-quality Italian pasta restaurant offering spaghetti dishes with various meat, tomato, and white sauce dishes. They also have a nice variety of pizzas and soups.
  • 3 Dining Room Jo, 5 Tanabechūō. Lunch 10:00-14:00, 17:00-22:00. An authentic Thai restaurant with friendly staff.

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Kyotanabe is famous for gyokuro, a high-quality type of green tea.

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There is only one hotel in Kyotanabe. Due to its position between the large tourist cities of Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara, most travelers stay in one of those cities and visit here as a daytrip. Other nearby cities with hotel options are Joyo and Uji.

The cheapest option is Kaikatsu Club, an Internet-Manga Café in the "Station Park" walkway across the street from Shintanabe Station. You can stay from 20:00 to 16:00 for ¥1543 or for 10 hours for ¥2057. You can shower for about ¥400.

  • 1 Spa and Hotel Suishun (SPA&HOTEL水春) (8 min walk from Matsuiyamate Station.). Check-in: 15:00, check-out: 11:00. A spa resort with hot springs, relaxation chairs, and fitness gym. All of these facilities are free for staying guests. Outside visitors may also use them for a fee. Singles from ¥9500.

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