La Malbaie (population 8300, 2016) is a small city in regional county municipality (RCM) of Charlevoix-Est, on the north shore of St. Lawrence River, in administrative region of Capitale-Nationale, in Quebec, in Canada.

La Malbaie is advantageously located along Route 138 which runs along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. Straddling the Malbaie River, this charming town has a large reception capacity, a diversified offer of recreational and tourist activities, a great hospitality and natural attractions. These characteristics make La Malbaie the jewel of Charlevoix and a city of entertainment.

Two sectors of La Malbaie are part of the Association of the most beautiful villages of Quebec: the sector Pointe-au-Pic and Cap-à-l'Aigle. In 2016, La Malbaie obtained quota 4 as part of the "Fleurons du Québec" program, thus recognizing the efforts of sustainable horticultural beautification of the municipal territory. In 2019, the city even reached a 5th flagship in terms of community and sustainable development initiatives.


La Malbaie



In 1608, Samuel de Champlain denounced this location as Malle Baye (the bad bay) upon finding no suitable anchorage for his ships. It didn't help that the bay was dry at low tide. The region where the Malbaie River meets the St. Lawrence has been a travel destination since 1760, an era when Scottish feudal lords John Nairne and Malcolm Fraser owned much of the area's land. On June 8-9, 2018, La Malbaie hosted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and world leaders at the G7 Summit.

Almost 400 million years ago, the fall of a meteorite significantly modified the relief of Charlevoix, creating a crater 54 km in diameter; it is the eleventh largest impact site identified on earth. The impact zone would be located along the St. Lawrence River; 60% of the astroprobleme covers the north bank of the river and 40% under the water of the river. The astroprobleme begins on the southwest side a few kilometers west of Baie-Saint-Paul, up to Cap-à-l'Aigle, located on the east bank of the Malbaie River in La Malbaie. The center of the astrobleme would be Mont des Éboulements (summit at 768 m), formed by the effect of raising the bottom of the crater following the impact. Since this impact, the crater has undergone significant metamorphosis under the effect of various erosion agents, making it more difficult to recognize its outline, particularly the part submerged in the St. Lawrence River. Consequently, experts define this ancient impact structure as the astrobleme. Inaugurated in 2014, an interpretation center dedicated to the Charlevoix astrobleme is open to the public; this interpretation center is housed in the former Club House of the Manoir Richelieu.



Its territory along the north shore of the St.Lawrence River stretches from the Montagne des Boies (northeastern limit of La Malbaie and southwestern side of the Port-au-Persil hamlet), to Le Gros Ruisseau (southwest of La Malbaie) which delimits Saint-Irénée and La Malbaie. The territory of La Malbaie includes several villages or hamlets, each offering a picturesque character:

  • west side of the Malbaie River: Pointe-au-Pic, Jean-Noël, Butte à Caron, La Gadelle, Sainte-Agnès-de-Charlevoix, Rivière-Mailloux;
  • east side of the Malbaie River: Rivière-Malbaie, Fraserville, Sainte-Mathilde, Cap-à-l'Aigle (village), Mont-Murray, Bas-de-l'Anse, Courcellette, Le Remous, La Butte-à-Julie, Saint -Fidèle (village), Les Sept-Côtes, Port-au-Saumon (hamlet) and Grand-Fonds.

The main mountains of La Malbaie are:

  • west side of the Malbaie river: mound at Caron, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, mountain of the Fairy, mountain of Joseph-à-Johnny, mountain of Calvaire and mountain of Petit Lac;
  • east side of the Malbaie river: montagne Noire (where a fire-guard post had been set up at an altitude of 855 m), Mont Grand Fonds (732 m), montagne de Glace, le Grand Por, Mont Thérèse-Casgrain (700 m), Mont à Peine (728 m).

Get in


By car

  • From Tadoussac (73 km (45 mi), 1 hr 17 min), take the Tadoussac-Baie Sainte-Catherine ferry; take route 138 (westbound) to the village of La Malbaie.
  • From Quebec City (141 km (88 mi), 1 hr 43 min), take route 138 eastbound to the village of La Malbaie.

By train

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By bus


By boat


La Malbaie is accessible in season by boat via some marinas.

Marina of Cap-à-l'Aigle in 2014, protected by a high stone pier.
  • 3 Le Port de Refuge de Cap-à-l'Aigle (The Port of Refuge of Cap-à-l'Aigle), 10 rue de la Grève, +1 418-665-3698, . This marina is for pleasure boating and strongly protected by a high jetty formed by the accumulation of large stones which protects against large waves. The nearby municipal wharf was rocked to protect it from big waves and ensure its sustainability.
  • 4 Quai de La Malbaie (Quay of La Malbaie), chemin du Havre. This wharf creates a haven for commercial navigation. The international boats that dock there transship goods for the site's sole customer, Resolute Forest Products. Since the last repairs, this wharf which has the capacity to accommodate cruise ships. The port of Pointe-au-Pic has a harbour whose entrance is about 80 m wide.

In partnership with municipalities, the MRC, businesses and organizations, Tourisme Charlevoix showcases the region's natural attractions (grandiose landscapes of valleys and mountains, its superb border of the river, its maritime space, its waterways and bodies of water, its magnificent forests), its picturesque architecture, its regional history (in particular the astrobleme of Charlevoix), its artistic and cultural life, as well as local products, regional services and its artists/artisans. In addition, the community strives to perpetuate the reputation of La Malbaie as one of the jewels of the arts and entertainment of Charlevoix, Quebec and Canada.

  • 1 Tourist information office, 495, boulevard de Comporté (downtown, near the west shore of the bay, opposite Quai Casgrain Park.), + 1 800-667-2276. It informs visitors about events, restaurants, accommodation, recreational tourism activities, the route going to a specific destination, the business places, etc.

Get around

Map of La Malbaie

  • 2 Taxi Dufour Elite, 100, boulevard Kane, +1 418-665-6024.

Gas stations


Electric recharge stations

  • 7 Electric vehicle terminal, 181, rue Richelieu, +1 800-686-9243. In the Manoir Richelieu parking lot.
  • 1 Forge-menuiserie Cauchon, 323, chemin de la Vallée, +1 418-665-2160. Jun-Oct: daily 10:00-17:00. Working forge with guided tours, picnic area on Malbaie River, manufactured pieces from the forge for sale. $6, $4/kids (10-18).
  • 2 Musée de Charlevoix, 10 chemin du Havre (on the west side of La Malbaie bay), +1 418-665-4411, fax: +1 418-665-4560. Folk art, regional history and culture. $7.
  • 3 Église de Pointe-au-Pic (Pointe-au-Pic Church), 605, rue Richelieu, +1 418-665-2805. Catholic denominational place of worship.
  • 4 Église Saint-Étienne de La Malbaie (Saint-Étienne Church of La Malbaie), 203, rue John Nairne, +1 418-665-3577. Church of Catholic denomination.
View of "Jardins de Cap-à-l'Aigle" (Gardens of Cap-à-l'Aigle)
  • 5 Jardins des lilas de Cap-à-l'Aigle (Gardens of Cap-à-l'Aigle), 625, rue St-Raphaël, +1 418-665-3747. This 19-hectare garden located in the village of Cap-à-l'Aigle is truly distinctive, as it maintains one of the most prestigious collections of lilacs on the planet. Thanks to this bucolic garden, Cap-à-l'Aigle is recognized as the world capital of lilac. This estate, which is the jewel of Cap-à-l'Aigle, also includes a commemorative garden dedicated to the memory of one of its two co-founders Denis Gauthier, the undergrowth path and the church bells.
  • 6 Parc de Cap-à-l'Aigle (Cap-à-l'Aigle Cap), rue St-Raphaël (sector Cap-à-l'Aigle). Municipal parc.
  • 7 Jardins des Quatre-Vents (Gardens of the Four Winds), 135, boulevard Malcolm-Fraser (secteur Cap-à-l'Aigle), +1 418-434-2209. Private arboretum in the Cap-à-l'Aigle sector of La Malbaie.
  • 8 Observatoires astronomique et de l'Astroblème de Charlevoix (Charlevoix Astronomical and Astroblem Observatory), 595, Côte Bellevue, +1 418-665-7645. Discovery activities of the meteorite impact that forged the relief of Charlevoix. Sessions for the general public to discover astronomy and the starry sky on sunny evenings throughout the summer. Geology discovery excursions.
  • 9 Cinéma de la Malbaie (La Malbaie cinema), 149, rue John Nairne, +1 418-665-2373, .

Tourist routes

  • La route des saveurs (The route of flavours). Epicureans can treat themselves to a gastronomic adventure on the Route des Saveurs, from Petite-Rivière-Saint-François to La Malbaie via the backcountry. This tour of flavours among producers generates a diversity of taste experiences of local products: ciders, craft beers, cheeses and fine chocolates, organic meats, ducks and market garden products. This agritourism among producers allows you to taste, taste or dine.
  • Circuit agroartistique PAYS'ART 2021 (Circuit agroartistique PAYS'ART 2021), +1 418 435-2639 ext 6013, . Pays’Art is an agro-artistic circuit throughout Charlevoix aimed at discovering the region's agricultural landscapes and the businesses that maintain them. Each site visited includes ephemeral and distinctive art installations. The 10 agro-artistic works produced in 2021 are:Ferme la Côte des Bouleaux (15, rue Principale, Saint-Irénée),Pêcheries Charlevoix/Charlevoix fisheries (10, rue du Moulin, Saint-Irénée),Porcherie Roger Gauthier (660, rang Saint-Pierre, Saint-Irénée),Jardins Écho-Logiques/Echo-Logic Gardens (291, rue Principale, Sainte-Aimé-des-Lacs),Safran Nordique (35, rue Larouche, Clermont),Ferme Basque de Charlevoix (813, rue St-Édouard, Saint-Urbain),Le Véritable agneau de Charlevoix/The Genuine Charlevoix lamb (30, rang Sainte-Croix, Saint-Urbain),Ferme Nor-Dik/Nor-Dik Farm (66, rang Sainte-Marie, Les Éboulements),Azulée (54, chemin de la Pointe, Baie-Saint-Paul),Explora-Fruits (222, rang Saint-Antoine Nord, Baie-Saint-Paul).This agro-arts program is scheduled to continue in 2022.
  • Circuit des sept lieux (Seven places circuit). Seven exceptional cultural sites in Charlevoix have been selected to bring the Regional Culture Experience to life: Espace muséal des Petites Franciscaines de Marie, Musée d'art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul, Les Moulins de l'Isle-aux-Coudres, Musée maritime de Charlevoix, Papeterie Saint-Gilles, Musée de Charlevoix, Forge-menuiserie Cauchon. These museums, economuseums and interpretation sites are seen as ingenious, lively, fun and fabulous. In this cultural circuit, visitors will be able to see artisans at work, admire artistic works in various forms. Thus, this circuit allows you to discover the history and traditions of the region, in particular the Charlevoix Museum and the Cauchon Forge-Menuiserie in La Malbaie. Just connect to: @ circuit7lieux.
West entrance of Cap-à-l'Aigle's village
  • La route des métiers d'art (The arts and crafts route). Thanks to the BaladoDécouverte application, this road circuit between Baie-Saint-Paul and La Malbaie, shows the creations and know-how of artists and artisans of the Charlevoix region. Beginning in Baie-Saint-Paul, this circuit passes through La Malbaie, and goes to Port-au-Persil. This podcast guides visitors through the shops and places of creation of the members of the Corporation des Métiers d'Art en Charlevoix.
  • Circuit du patrimoine religieux (Religious heritage circuit). The Christianity movement until the second half of the 20th century left an indelible religious heritage of inestimable value in Charlevoix. This circuit takes visitors to tour seven religious buildings: the Chapel of Grand-Fonds, the Church of Pointe-au-Pic, the Church of Sainte-Agnès, the Church of Saint-Étienne de La Malbaie, the Monastery of the Glorious Cross, Murray Bay Protestant Church, St-Peter-on-the-Rock and the Site of the Cross cemetery.
  • La route du fleuve (The river route). The Route du Fleuve (route 362) is a panoramic circuit over 58 km from Baie-Saint-Paul to La Malbaie, passing through the picturesque towns of Les Éboulements and Saint-Irénée, along overhanging the northern coast. The bucolic views over the river show the maritime animation (passage of a boat, fog, cloud, storm, play of the sun) and panoramas that can change from hour to hour. The points of interest on this tour reflect the great history of this region where forestry, recreational tourism, marine activity and the mountains have shaped the way of life. This intoxicating panoramic circuit is one of the most picturesque in Quebec.
  • 1 Casino de Charlevoix, 183, rue Richelieu (near Manoir Richelieu), +1 418 665-5300, toll-free: +1-800-665-2274. The Casino de Charlevoix presents a range of entertainment activities (a variety of games), shows, bar (Bar 21 and Bar La Brise), lotteries and restaurants in a historic environment in the Pointe-au-sector. Peak. The Casino also offers a variety of online services: online lottery, casino (e.g., live casino, slot machines, table games, virtual sports, Keno), sports (Mise-o-jeu+, Le Pool Mise-o-jeu), Instants, Poker and Bingo. The Casino de Charlevoix is administered by Loto-Québec.    
  • 2 Croisieres AML Inc, 100, chemin du Havre, +1 418-665-3666. Whale watching.

Outdoor activities

  • 3 Parc régional du Mont Grand-Fonds (Mont Grand-Fonds regional park), 1000, chemin des Loisirs, +1 418-665-0095. Wide choice of accommodation in the region. A program of the pub in music. Winter activities: downhill and cross-country skiing center, boarding school, Sports Experts shop and rental, winter hikes with heated huts. Summer activities: hiking on three trails, including the ascent of La Sommet (intermediate level) which consists of a magnificent trail in the forest in the western sector of the mountain, to the Lac Gravel lookout. The altitude at the top is 735 m. The mountain has a drop of 335 m with a panoramic view of the river.
  • 4 Centre de Plein Air Les Sources Joyeuses (Outdoor Center Les Sources Joyeuses), 141, rang Ste-Madeleine, +1 418 665-4858, . Outdoor centre offering cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking trails, and tube slides.
  • 5 Centre Équestre Nature (Nature Equestrian Center), 73, rang St-Jean-Baptiste, +1 418 439-2076. The Enchanting Horse Centre offers the practice of ethological riding based on the well-being of the horse and its rider. Main activities: day camp, behavioral riding clinics, western riding lessons, mountain hikes, rehabilitation, remedial education, personalized lessons, and equine therapy sessions.
  • 6 Sentiers des Planètes (Walking of the Planets). Educational riverside walking path on 3 km on the promontory along the river with road signs showing the position of each of the planets in the solar system and their interpretation. The Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu hos tthe Charlevoix Astronomical Observatory and the "Stroll at the Speed of Light". This path is travelled by thousands of visitors, especially groups of children.
  • 7 Club de golf Murray Bay (Murray Bay Golf Course), 1013 Chemin du Golf (Sector Pointe-au-Pic), +1 418-665-2494, toll-free: +1 877 665-2494, . Golf activities began in 1876 at this site; the club was incorporated in 1894. It is the third oldest club in America and the oldest still located on the same site. The Murray Bay course has 18 par 68 holes; the Peter Ryan course has 9 par 34 holes. Chalet with bar and dining room. Golf shop. Two tennis courts. Room rental. Golf training by professionals.
  • 8 Hotel Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu Golf Course, 181, rue Richelieu (Sector Pointe-au-Pic), +1 418-665-3703, . After a major upgrade of the existing golf course and the addition of a new nine-hole course, the Le Manoir Richelieu Golf Club now has 27 holes of world-class golf. While retaining the essence of the original design, the architect Darrell Huxham who directed this work, managed to showcase the natural beauty and aesthetics of this site.
  • Sentiers des motoneiges (Snowmobile trails). Snowmobile tours in Charlevoix allow you to discover the magical scenery of the snow-capped mountains and the boreal forest of the backcountry in winter. The discovery circuit (trail 3 and 378) of 103 km by snowmobile, starting from La Malbaie, allows you to discover the valleys and mountains of the region, passing in particular through Grand-Fonds, Courcelette, Saint-Fidèle, Port-au-Saumon, Port-au-Persil, and return through the hinterland by marked trails passing through the heritage site of the Montagne de la Croix and Clermont. The snowmobile trail map is available on the Tourisme-Charlevoix website. Several outfitters rent snowmobiles and the required equipment. Groups of travelers can take the services of an experienced guide, by reservation.


  • 1 Amyco champignons sauvages (Amyco wild mushrooms), 166, rue Saint-Fidèle (in the Saint-Fidèle sector), +1 581-727-0808. Boutique open from Tuesday to Saturday. Shop, workshops, guided hikes and harvest of wild mushrooms. Online purchase. Amyco also offers other products including chaga.
  • 2 Boutique de la cidrerie des vergers Pednault – La Malbaie (Pednault orchards cider house shop - La Malbaie), 181, rue Richelieu (near the Manoir Richelieu), +1 418-438-2365. Cider maker. Shop selling alcoholic products, fine products, apples and fruits, and products from other Charlevoix producers.
  • 3 Champignons Charlevoix (Charlevoix mushrooms), 770 chemin des Loisirs (at the foot of Mont Grand-Fonds), +1 418 665-8169, . Company specializing in the cultivation of oyster mushrooms and in the processing of mushroom and plant-based products in the commercial kitchen. The cultivation of oyster mushrooms began in 2002.
  • 4 Les Belles Récoltes de Charlevoix (The Beautiful Harvests of Charlevoix), 95, chemin des Loisirs (Sector Cap-à-l'Aigle), +1 418 665-1612. Les Belles harvests de Charlevoix cultivates organic grains. The shop offers a range of grain products prepared on the farm. Suggestions for organic grain recipes.

Food and alcohol


Other food stores

  • 10 Fromagerie Saint-Fidèle (Saint-Fidèle cheese factory), 2815, boulevard Malcolm-Fraser (sector Saint-Fidèle), +1 418 434-2220.
  • 11 Boulangerie Pains d'exclamation (Bakery Exclamation Breads), 398, rue Saint-Étienne, +1 418 434-2220. Artisanal bakery and fresh products.
  • 12 Boulangerie A. Bergeron, 1925, boulevard de Comporté, +1 418 434-2220. Breads, brioches, pancakes, muffins.
  • 13 Pâtisserie Thibeau, 203, rue John Nairne (Pointe-au-Pic sector), +1 418-665-3577. Pastry and confectionery

Art galleries

  • 10 Galerie d'art Au P'tit Bonheur (Au P'tit Bonheur art gallery), 135, boulevard Malcolm-Fraser (on the West side of La Malbaie bay), +1 418-434-2209, . Showrooms covering 6000 square feet. Art gallery open on this site since 1991.
  • 11 Galerie d'art du manoir (Manor Art Gallery), 469, chemin des Falaises (on the west side of La Malbaie bay near the Pointe-au-Pic pier), +1 418-665-3381. Gallery specializing in works by renowned Canadian painters and sculptors.
  • 12 Galerie d'art 500 Richelieu (500 Richelieu Art Gallery), 500, rue Richelieu (on the west side of La Malbaie bay near the Pointe-au-Pic pier and the route 362), +1 418-633-1303, . This gallery presents a range of works selected in contemporary, figurative and surrealist styles.
  • 14 Les Ateliers Charlevoix, 1131, rang Terrebonne, Saint-Irénée (12 km SW of La Malbaie). Discover work by artists Joan and Marc DeBlois, pottery, raku and paintings, in St-Irénée.



Since March 2020, in the context of health measures resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, several restaurants or dining rooms in Charlevoix have transformed the mode of meals at the tables into take-out or by delivery service. In general, restaurateurs have shown great resilience by updating their website, integrating interactive and automated applications for remote orders, as well as displaying the menu, opening hours, their mode of operation (e.g., by reservation, drive-through service), health measures required (e.g., vaccination record, mask, distance), other services (e.g., caterer, shops, accommodation, access for disabled, wi-fi, take-out, delivery), contact details and often the history of the restaurant or site. Considering the evolving context of the pandemic and government measures, it is recommended that customers obtain information from each establishment by consulting their respective website.






Manoir Richelieu
  • 1 Manoir Richelieu (Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu), 181, rue Richelieu (Pointe-au-Pic), +1 418-665-3703, toll-free: +1-866-540-4464, fax: +1 418-665-7736. A grand old hotel built 1929 to replace an 1899 hotel destroyed by fire. Moments Spa, restaurants, sports centre, 27-hole golf course, direct access to snowmobile trails. Horse-drawn carriage tours ($7-15, depending on length) run here on weekends. A $20/day resort fee covers mini-golf, badminton, tennis, beach volleyball, cycling, fishing and skating.    
  • 2 Hotel Au Petit Berger, 20, rue Desbiens (Pointe-au-Pic), +1 418-665-4428, toll-free: +1-833-334-4428, . Traditional hotel on the hillside. Free breakfast. Rooms for business meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, and congresses. Large land dotted with trees and shrubs with a heated outdoor swimming pool and a tennis court open to all. The hotel also has an outdoor dining area with picnic tables.
  • 3 Hotel-Motel Castel de la Mer, 1125, rue Richelieu, +1 418-665-7482, fax: +1 418-665-2949, . Offer of studio or hotel room. Offer of various packages.
  • 4 La Remontée Appartements-Hôtel, 95, Côte Bellevue (Pointe-au-Pic), toll-free: +1-877-665-3757. 44 apartments and chalets.
  • 5 Petit Hôtel Amara, 905, rue Richelieu, +1 418-665-9900.
  • 6 Le Riviera (Dominic Bergeron), 1510 boulevard De Comporté, +1-418-665-5774, . Guests of the motel, chalets and Mégapods have free access to the campground, including its activities and services.

Inns and motels

Sector La Malbaie
Sector Cap-à-l'Aigle

Chalets, gîtes



  • 24 Camping au Bord de la Rivière (Camping by the River), 1520, boul de Comporté (on the west side of the La Malbaie river), +1 418-665-9999, . Campground on Malbaie River, with 246 pitches (with various levels of service). Community room with a capacity of 100 people. Ready-to-camp available: cabins (4) and rental cabins (14). Campsite located near the village of La Malbaie.
  • 25 Camping Chutes Fraser (Fraser Falls Campground), 500, chemin de la Vallée (on the east side of the La Malbaie river), +1 418-665-2151.
  • 26 Camping Tendaro, 2600, boul. Malcolm-Fraser (secteur Saint-Fidèle), +1 581-992-2449. Check-in: 14:00-20:00, check-out: 12:00. Rustic sites in the forest. Self-service baking bread oven: 07:00-09:00; fresh coffee: 07:00-12:00. Delivery of wood to the location.



The federal government installed additional communications infrastructure in La Malbaie (and along Highways 138, 170 and 362 between Charlevoix and Quebec City) for the 2018 G7 Summit. This was left it in place afterwards, so cellphone and wireless Internet connections are better than they were in 2017.



Municipal services

  • 9 Bibliothèque Laure-Conan (Laure-Conan Library), 395, rue St-Étienne, +1 418-365-5143. Municipal library including the Cultural Space, a place that hosts exhibitions throughout the year. This place sometimes turns into an intimate spectacle, teamwork or quiet reading. One Thursday a month, at 14:00, the lectures reaches several followers (information: +1 418-665-3747, ext 5240). The library also offers story time online. Free.
  • 10 Bibliothèque L'Érudit (sector Saint-Fidèle) (L'Érudit Library), 2752, boulevard Malcolm-Fraser, +1 418-665-3747 ext 5288. Municipal library. Free.
  • 11 Complexe sportif, 104, rue Laure-Gaudreault (Located next to Plateau high school), +1 418-665-3747. The Sports Complex has a semi-Olympic swimming pool, a complete gym for physical training, sports facilities for practicing team sports and rooms for group lessons. Free.
  • 12 Eight municipal parks, 104, rue Laure-Gaudreault (Located next to Plateau high school), +1 418-665-3747. The municipal parks of the city of La Baie are:Sports complex, 104, rue Laure-Gaudreault,Quai Casgrain, boulevard de Comporté,Parc de la Colline, 65 rue Girard (Rivière-Malbaie sector),Ravin Park, at the corner of François-Hazeur and Haut-Bois streets,Mailloux Park, Blackburn Street,Ste-Agnès Park, rue Principale (Ste-Agnès sector),Parc St-Fidèle, rue Morissette (St-Fidèle sector),Parc du Jardin, at the corner of St-Raphaël and Brisson streets (Cap0à-l'Aigle sector). Free.
  • 13 Maison des Jeunes de La Malbaie de La Malbaie-Pointe-au-Pic (La Malbaie Youth Center in La Malbaie-Pointe-au-Pic), 606, boulevard de Comporté, +1 418-665-1075. The GAJC brings together the youth centers of La Malbaie, Clermont, St-Siméon and St-Aimé-des-Lacs. Free.

Go next

  • 1 Hautes-Gorges-de-la-rivière-Malbaie National Park This national park exposes magnificent cliffs, a setting of high mountains and a strongly boxed valley which was shaped during the great glacial eras. This park is distinguished by its bucolic landscapes, the Malbaie River where visitors can paddle (by canoe, kayak or paddle serf), its riverboat excursions, its panoramic hiking trails of various calibers in the valley and in the mountains, its bike trails, its shop and a campsite surrounded by incomparable nature. The Acropole-des-Draveurs trail is one of the most majestic in the province, with a drop of 800 m. This park offers bicycle/kayak rentals, a gift shop and a restaurant serving local Charlevoix products.
  • 2 Saint-Irénée Municipality on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, with a magnificent beach that annually attracts tens of thousands of visitors. The offer of recreational tourism activities and services is high: resorts, accommodation, restaurants, beach, mountain biking, snowmobiling...
  • 3 Saint-Hilarion (Quebec) The village of Saint-Hilarion overlooks the surrounding valley. Annually, a carnival is organized. Locality offering many recreational and tourist activities: resort, bowling, skating rink, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sliding, mountain biking, snowmobiling...
  • 4 Notre-Dame-des-Monts Village surrounded by mountains, offering magnificent panoramas. The summit of Gros Mont overlooks the region. The forest and mountainous nature offers many attractions, in particular ATV and snowmobile rides.
  • 5 Clermont (Charlevoix-Est) Town enclosed between the mountains and bordering on the town of La Malbaie. Its territory is crossed by the Malbaie River and by Route 138 which runs along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River. City of shops and services for travelers on Route 138, Clermont also offers a lively cultural life and several recreational and tourist attractions including the Malbaie River, its campgrounds, the Zec Lac au Sable, its municipal parks and the Montagne de la Croix site.
  • 6 Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs A locality offering plenty of recreational tourism activities (vacation, fishing, nautical activities, cross-Canada hiking trails and local trails in the Grands Monts sector, observation of the nautical, flora and fauna). Several organizations offer many services: the zec des Martes, the outfitter of Pic-Bois and the Hautes-Gorges de la rivière Malbaie national park Among the main events, there is the Charlevoix triathlon and the Charleboix rodeo (end of June).
  • 7 Mont-Élie   An unorganized territory of the MRC de Charlevoix-Est. This territory is famous for recreational tourism activities in the wilderness, including vacationing, hunting, fishing, as well as the observation of landscapes, flora and fauna.
  • 8 Saint-Siméon (Charlevoix) A picturesque municipality on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in the Charlevoix-Est RCM, renowned for its Saint-Siméon-Rivière-du-Loup ferry. Municipality with many recreational tourism activities and a developed tourist infrastructure (accommodation, camping, restaurants, artisans, hiking trails) and many attractions including the villages of Port-au-Persil and Saint-Siméon.
  • 9 Saguenay–Saint-Laurent Marine Park A marine protected area of the St. Lawrence River and Saguenay rivers, covering 1,245 kilometres (773.61 mi). Its mission is to protect all species including the beluga and the blue whale. Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Parks Canada, ROMM and GREMM teach boaters to navigate in whale habitat. Whale watching tours or cruises are offered to tourists. The southwestern limit of the marine park begins at Gros cap à l'Aigle located in the Cap-à-l'Aigle sector of La Malbaie.
Routes through La Malbaie
Quebec CityClermont  W   E  Saint-SiméonSept-Îles
Baie-Saint-PaulSaint-Irénée  W   E  END

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