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Tadoussac is a village in Quebec on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, at its meeting point with the Saguenay River Fjord. It is part of the Association of the "Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec" and the bay of Tadoussac is part of the club of the most beautiful bays in the world. It is the gateway to the North Shore. This locality is part of the tourist region of Manicouagan, on the Route des Baleines and the Route Nature aux mille délices (gourmet route).

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The Saguenay Fjord between Baie-Sainte-Catherine and Tadoussac
Maison du tourisme de Tadoussac (Tadoussac Tourist Office)

A small village hidden in the hollow of the mountains, Tadoussac enjoys a privileged site: the majesty of the St. Lawrence, the Saguenay fjord, unique in North America, the sand dunes, a charming little lake located in the middle of heart of the village, several houses over a hundred years old and many activities to enhance your stay. The beauty of the bay of Tadoussac led to it becoming in 1998 the first member of the select club of the most beautiful bays in the world. Tadoussac is also ranked among the most beautiful villages in Quebec.

In 2000, it wax the first Canadian city to celebrate 400 years of history, Tadoussac constitutes a bastion of Quebec's historical heritage. Tadoussac, which started as a trading post, is the oldest still existing French settlement in the Western Hemisphere. Explorer Jacques Cartier visited the area in 1535 and was seized by its beauty; he anchored there and visited the place. He was followed by Pierre de Chauvin in 1599 and Samuel de Champlain in 1603. The first fur trade post in Canada was established in 1600; it was the first permanent French establishment in North America north of Florida.

Geography edit

The entrance to the bay of Tadoussac has a length of 1.0 kilometre (0.62 mi), ie between Pointe de l'Islet (west side of the bay) and Pointe Rouge (east side). This beach can accommodate cruise ships at anchor. This bay serves as a refuge in the event of big waves on the river or on the Saguenay.

The Parc-Languedoc and the Jardin-des-Jésuites are located on Pointe Rouge on a plateau overlooking the mouth of the Saguenay. From the beach, going east, the cliffs become higher and steeper, up to the mountain of Glaise and the Pointe aux Vaches which face the batture of the Pointe aux Vaches.

Visitors can take the rue des Pionniers which becomes the Chemin de la Rivière-du-Moulin-à-Baude to the Dunes De Sables belvedere to see the panorama of the river. Then, very close to the mouth of the Moulin-à-Baude river, hiking trails were created.

At low tide, the flats of Pointe aux Vaches in Tadoussac extend over 3.9 km (2.4 mi) on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, between the mouth of the Saguenay (Pointe aux Vaches) and the delimiting the eastern part of La Grande Anse where the Grande Anse stream flows. A narrower sand area stretches as far as Cap de Bon-Désir, passing through the bay of Petites Bergeronnes and the bay of Grandes Bergeronnes.

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Quebec Route 138 crosses the Saguenay River from Baie Sainte-Catherine by ferry. This is the usual means of entry into the area from Quebec City and points westward. From Tadoussac, Route 138 continues downriver beyond Sept-Iles.

There is also ferry service across the St. Lawrence from Saint-Siméon to Rivière-du-Loup.

Quebec Route 172 from Tadoussac or QR170 from Saint-Siméon follows the fjords of the Saguenay River westward to Chicoutimi-Jonquière (as this is mostly parkland, there are no services and no cell towers on this road). A bridge crosses the Saguenay in Chicoutimi-Nord.

Quebec Route 138 from Montreal or Quebec City, take route 138 east to the Saguenay Fjord. After the ferry (free and open year round), you are in Tadoussac.

From Rivière-du-Loup and Gaspésie, take the Rivière-du-Loup ferry to join Quebec Route 18 on the other side of the Saint Lawrence River.

From Chicoutimi-Jonquière, go to Chicoutimi Nord, then follow route Quebec Route 18 towards Tadoussac. There are few services (such as gas stations) on this road and no cell signal because it crosses parks and forests, without inhabited towns.

Routes from main cities
City Distance by road
(in km)
Routes to follow
Baie-Comeau 200   West
Montréal 475 File:QCA20.svg East +   East
Quebec (city) 215   East
Saguenay 125   East
Sept-Îles 425   West

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Tadoussac is at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Saguenay rivers and accessible seasonally by boat.

  • 2 Traversier Tadoussac-Baie-Sainte-Catherine (gare fluviale de Tadoussac) (Tadoussac-Baie-Sainte-Catherine ferry (Tadoussac river station)), 98, route 138 (on the west side of Anse à l'Eau, on the border between Tadoussac and Sacré-Coeur). Continuous ferry service year round.
  • 3 Marina de Tadoussac, 100 rue Bord de l’Eau, +1 418-235-4585, fax: +1 418-235-4795. late May-mid October. Marina with boat ramp, gas and diesel, on-site boutique, restaurant and bar. Wi-fi, laundry, showers. $1.66/foot (docking, per day).
  • 4 Marina de l'Anse de Roche (Club de yacht de Sacré-Coeur), 346, ch. de l'anse de Roche, Sacré-Coeur, +1 418-235-4585, fax: +1 418 236-4514. End of May to Mid-October. Marina with launching ramp, petrol and diesel, shop, restaurant and bar. Wi-fi, laundry room, shower.

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Tadoussac Beach

You can walk from and to anywhere in town.

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  • 1 Centre d'interprétation des mammifères marins (Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre), 108 rue de la Cale-Sèche, +1 418-235-4701. May to October. Interpretation centre on the life of different species of marine mammals (whales, whales) evolving in the St. Lawrence River. Offers whale watching tours.
  • 2 Chapelle de Tadoussac (Chapel of Tadoussac), 169, rue du Bord-de-l'Eau, +1 418-235-4324. The chapel of Tadoussac, also called the chapel of the Indians, is a heritage building built between 1747 and 1750 and classified as a national historic site. It is one of the oldest wooden places of worship to survive in Quebec.
  • 3 Église Sainte-Croix (Sainte-Croix Church), 179, rue de l’Église, +1 418-235-4324. Catholic Church erected in 1889.
  • 4 Phare du haut-fond Prince (Prince Shoal Lighthouse) (approximately 7 km (4.3 mi) east of the village), +1 418-235-4324. Lighthouse nicknamed "la Toupie" in the middle of the St. Lawrence River at the mouth of the Saguenay Fjord.

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  • 1 Club de golf de Tadoussac, 367 rue des Pionniers, +1 418-235-4306, toll-free: +1-800-463-5250.
  • 2 Mer & Monde écotours (Sea & World ecotours), 148, rue Bord-de-l'Eau (on Tadoussac beach), +1 418-235-1056, toll-free: +1 866-637-6663. All days from June 23rd to September 6th. Guided sea kayaking excursion in the Saguenay Fjord and the St. Lawrence Estuary. Half-day or two to four-day packages available. Packages include kayaking (tandem or solo), wet suit, experienced guide, camping gear, and pre-departure meals and training. Half-day packages are offered three times a day with departures at 09:00, 12:30 and 16:00. Reservations recommended.

Whales and wildlife cruises edit

The area is well known for its whale watching opportunities on the St. Lawrence River; multiple companies offer excursions on small boats. One of the best sites south of the Arctic to see beluga whales; fin whales, minke whales and harbour porpoises are particularly common, with humpback whales and blue whales also sometimes visible. Most boat tours are seasonal, running from May to September.

Excursions up the Saguenay River provide the opportunity to see belugas, as well as at least three species of seal (grey seal, harbour seal, harp seal) which give birth on the rocky shores.

Footpaths edit

  • Sentier de la Plage. One-kilometre trail in the heart of the village, to Pointe-Rouge.
  • Sentier de la Pointe-de-l'Islet. 900-m trail from the wharf at the western entrance to Tadoussac Bay. This trail includes a boardwalk on a wooden boardwalk on the rocks along the Saguenay River. Superb view of the fjord.
  • [Fjord Trail Sentier du Fjord]. 13-km trail in the heart of the village (from rue du Bateau-Passeur), to Cap de la Boule. At its start, the trail runs along the west of Lac de l'Anse à l'eau, west of the village of Tadoussac.
  • Sentier de la Coupe. 1.2-km trail in the heart of the village, between rue du Bateau-Passeur and rue de la Couple-de-l'Islet.
  • 6 Mont Adéla-Lessard trail. Superb view of the Saguenay Fjord, facing Anse à la Barque and Anses à Richard.
  • Sentier des Dunes de Tadoussac. A 800-m trail in the area of the mouth of the Moulin-à-Baude river.

Events edit

  • 7 Festival de la chanson de Tadoussac (Tadoussac Song Festival), 180, rue de l'Église, toll-free: +1-866-861-4108. 16-19 June 2022. The 38th edition of the Festival will take place in June 2022.
  • 8 Les chemins d'écriture (Writing paths), 180, rue de l'Église, toll-free: +1-866-861-4108. mid-June. Festival set up in 2003, with the help of emeritus artist and host Xavier Lacouture.
  • Festival des oiseaux migrateurs de la Côte-Nord (de Tadoussac à Forestville) (North Shore Migratory Bird Festival (from Tadoussac to Forestville)). mid-June. Longue-Rive is an appropriate place for observing migrating shorebirds. This municipality has on its territory one of the largest salt marshes in Quebec. Several species of birds shelter in these marshes, including dabbling ducks, passerines and shorebirds (waders). Ornithologist guides can accompany amateurs during their ornithological discoveries. This festival is under the aegis of the Tadoussac Bird Observatory in association with QuébecOiseaux.

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A pretty house and church

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There are various restaurants in the area.

  • 1 Restaurant Chantmarin, 412, rue du Bateau-Passeur, +1 418-235-4733, toll-free: +1-800-731-4733. Open yearly. Seafood specialty, family restaurant. 125 places.
  • 2 Café Bohème, 239, rue des Pionniers, +1 418-235-1180. Seasonal. 36 indoor and 28 outdoor seats.
  • 3 Restaurant L'Auberge Du Lac, 187, rue des Pionniers, +1 418-235-4784. May to October. Terrace. 70 places.
  • 4 Restaurant Chez Mathilde (Roger La Frite, Camille La Crème), 227, rue des Pionniers, +1 418-235-4443. June to October. Varied cuisine, terrace. 50 places.
  • 5 Restaurant Chez Georges, 135, rue du Bateau-Passeur, +1 418-235-4393, toll-free: +1-877-235-4393. May to end of October. Gourmet restaurant, seafood specialties and steak on the grill.
  • 6 Restaurant La Bolée, 164, rue Morin, +1 418-235-4750. June to October. Regional and international cuisine, seafood, fish and game specialties. 40 places.
  • 7 Bistro de la Baie, 100, rue Bord-de-l' Eau (at the marina de Tadoussac), +1 418-235-4585. June to September. Bar. More than 50 indoor seats and 28 on the terrace.
  • 8 Restaurant La Galouïne, 251, rue des Pionniers, +1 418-235-4380. May to October. Three meals on site, grill specialties, seafood, lobster, caribou, local products and sandwiches, terrace. 107 interior spaces and 53 exterior spaces.
  • 9 Restaurant Le Bateau, 246, rue des Forgerons, +1 418-235-4427, toll-free: +1 866-212-4427. June to October. Traditional Quebec cuisine, all-you-can-eat buffet. 100 indoor seats and 50 on the terrace.
  • 10 Café-Bar Le Gibard, 137, rue Bord-de-l’Eau, +1 418-235-4534, . April to October. Specialties express meals and great cocktails. 47 indoor seats and 50 on the terrace.
  • 11 Le Pick-Up Grillé Resto Burger, 135, rue Bord-de-l'Eau, +1 581-327-7770.
  • 12 Casse-croûte du Connaisseur (Café Crèmerie du Connaisseur), 452, rue Bateau-Passeur, +1 418-235-4402. May to October. Fast food, fried specialties and poutines. 6 indoor and 40 outdoor seats.
  • 13 Pause Bonbons & Crêpes express, 121, rue Bord de l'eau, +1 418-815-4865. Specialized sweets and pancakes to take away. Vanilla soft cream, dipping, candy, slush, steamed hot dog, sandwiches, near the beach, Tadoussac.

Drink edit

  • 1 Microbrasserie Tadoussac, 145, rue du Bord de l'Eau (opposite the beach, in the heart of the village), +1 418-980-4900. 10:00 to 22:00. Manufacture and sale of craft beers in cans and casks. Shop. Take out orders.

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Youth hostel edit

  • 1 Auberge de jeunesse La Maison Majorique (La Maison Majorique youth hostel), 158, rue du Bateau-Passeur, +1 418-235-4372. Youth hostel open to people of all ages ready to live in a relaxed atmosphere and in an enchanting village. 73 places in private or family rooms or in dormitories. 3 stars.

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Healing centre edit

Gîtes edit

  • 19 Gîte au Vieux Pommier, 247, rue des Forgerons, +1 418-235-4528. May 15 to October 31st. 15 units, non-smoking, private and shared bathrooms, breakfast included. 3 stars.
  • 20 Gîte aux Sentiers du Fjord, 148, rue Coupe-de-l'Islet, +1 418-235-4934. May 1st to November 30. 4 bedrooms. 3 stars.
  • 21 Gîte Gagnon, 1395, route 172, +1 418-235-4220. May 1st to November 30. 5 rooms, non-smoking, breakfast. 3 stars.
  • 22 Gîte du Goéland, 261, rue Hôtel-de-Ville, +1 418-235-4474. 5 rooms, non-smoking, breakfast. 3 stars.
  • 23 Gîte La Maison Gauthier, 159, rue du Bateau-Passeur, +1 418-235-4525. May 1st to October 30. 5 bedrooms, private bathrooms. 4 stars, certified B&B.
  • 24 Gîte La Maison Harvey-Lessard, 16, rue Bellevue, +1 418-235-4802. Seasonal. 4 bedrooms, non-smoking. 4 stars.
  • 25 Gîte la Maison Hovington, 285, rue des Pionniers, +1 418-235-4466. May 1st to Octobere 30. 5 bedrooms, private bathrooms. 4 stars, certified B&B.
  • 26 Gîte Séréni-Thé, 900, route 138, +1 418-235-4760. 3 bedrooms, non-smoking. 3 stars.
  • 27 Le Roupillon, 141, rue du Parc, +1 418-235-4353, toll-free: +1-866-752-4353. Seasonal. 5 bedrooms. 3 stars.
  • 28 Au Cachalot Caché le gîte hôtel, 318 rue Dupont-Gravé, +1 418-235-4471, . Check-in: 16:00, check-out: 11:00. In the heart of Tadoussac, accommodation offering an exceptional bed and breakfast with rooms for two adults, most of them with a King bed. All have a private bathroom, air conditioning, Wifi, Balcony and Breakfast is included. The rooms are cozy and comfortable. By booking directly with the gîte, customers automatically have certain advantages.

Tourism residence edit

  • 29 Chalets Domaine des Dunes, 585, chemin du Moulin-À-Baude, +1 418-235-4843. Open year round. 11 chalets, laundry room on site. 3 stars.
  • 30 Le Chalet de la Montagne, 1, rue Therrien, +1 418-214-0009. June to September. Small chalet for two people offering a superb view. 2 stars.
  • 31 Hébergement du Bateau, 246, rue des Forgerons, +1 418-235-4427, toll-free: +1 866-212-4427. June to September. Check-in: 16:30, check-out: 11:00. Comfortable apartments with two bedrooms, kitchenette and bathroom. 3 stars.
  • 32 La Maisonnette, 126, rue des Récollets, +1 450-474-3527. Check-in: 16:30, check-out: 11:00. Chalet. 3 stars.
  • 33 La Maison des loups marins, 260, rue des Forgerons, +1 418-514-8278. Check-in: 16:30, check-out: 11:00. 3 bedrooms with three double beds and three single beds, fully equipped kitchen, large patio, wood stove, no pets, no smoking. 3 stars.

Camping edit

  • 34 Camping Domaine des Dunes (Domaine des dunes campsite), 585, route Moulin-à-Baude, +1 418-235-4843, fax: +1 418-235-1512. May 1st to October 31st. 10 sites for motorized vehicles with water, electricity and sewer services and 40 sites for tents without service, sanitary block. 3 stars.
  • 35 Camping Tadoussac (Tadoussac Camping), 428 rue du Bateau-Passeur, +1 418-235-4501, toll-free: +1-888-868-6666. Clean, well organised camping ground. $28 (camping spot).

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The local Tourism Office

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  • 1 Baie-Sainte-Catherine
  • 2 Les Bergeronnes Magnificent landscapes of the coast and the bay of Petites Bergeronnes and bay of Grandes Bergeronnes. It offers a rest stop and an attractive relay on the road to the North Shore.
  • 3 Sacré-Coeur (Quebec) Forest community on the shore of the Saguenay Fjord, in particular the Anse-de-Roche wharf, superb views of the Saguenay, nautical activities, observation and interpretation of nature.
  • 4 Saguenay–Saint-Laurent Marine Park A marine protected area of the St. Lawrence River and Saguenay rivers, covering 1,245 km2 (481 sq mi). Its mission is to protect all species including the beluga and the blue whale. Whale watching tours or cruises are offered to tourists.
  • 5 Fjord-du-Saguenay National Park   National park established in 1983 and covering 326.7 km² on each side of the Saguenay River. This national park is the terrestrial extension of the Saguenay – Saint-Laurent marine park.
Routes through Tadoussac
Quebec CitySaint-Siméon  W   E  Sacré-CoeurSept-Îles
Chicoutimi-JonquièreSacré-Coeur  W   E  END


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