former prefecture-level city in Shandong, China

Laiwu (莱芜 Láiwú) is a district of Jinan in Shandong Province. A former prefecture-level city, it comprises a distinct urban area on the Wen River (汶河), to the southeast of the central Jinan regions. It is a center of industry, with a population of approximately 1.37 million. Some Chinese regard it as one of the most beautiful and the most suitable for living of industry-based urban areas.

For the purposes of this article, two districts of Jinan are covered together: Laiwu District and Gangcheng District (formerly a district of Laiwu, while it had the city status).

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History edit

The history of Laiwu goes back to the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋时代 chūnqiū shídài), 771 to 403 BCE, when it was the capital of the ancient Mou State (牟国). It is sometimes called "Yingmou" (赢牟) because of that, and has the nickname "Phoenix City" (凤城) because of some magic old stories.

Since the 1960s, Laiwu has been an important center of China's steel industry. A prefecture-level city of its own for some time, with two districts (Laicheng District, now Laiwu District, and Gangcheng District), in 2019 it was merged into Jinan, the capital of Shandong province.

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Laiwu has a warm temperate semi-humid monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons.

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By train edit

1 Laiwudong Railway Station, Daqiao N. Rd, Laiwu District. Laiwudong is the only passenger station in Laiwu.

Trains from major cities not too far away include:

  • Taishan — No high-speed trains. One normal train, 7053, 1.5 hours, normal seat ¥3.
  • Zibo — No high-speed trains. One normal train, 7054, about 4 hours, normal seat ¥8.5.

By bus edit

2 Laiwu bus terminal, Wenhe Street, Laiwu District. The largest bus station in Laiwu.

If you are travelling from within Shandong Province, going by bus is probably the easiest way. Especially now with the new excellent and fast expressways linking Laiwu with the provincial metropolitan areas. There are several buses per day from the central districts of Jinan, as well as from Tai'an, Qufu, as well as Qingdao and Rizhao on the coast.

By plane edit

3 Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport (济南遥墙国际机场). You can fly to Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport and take the bus to Laiwu. The trip takes about 2 hours and costs ¥60.    

By car edit

Laiwu is a very important transportation hub in Shandong Province. Several new expressways connect Laiwu.

  • Jinghu Expressway (G2京沪高速) Beijing—Shanghai
  • Qinglan Expressway (G22青兰高速) Qingdao—Lanzhou
  • Laitai Expressway (S26莱泰高速) Laiwu—Tai'an
  • Bintai Expressway (S29滨台高速) Binzhou—Taierzhuang

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By bus edit

The bus fare is ¥1, and the air-conditioned bus fare is ¥2. Buses starting with K have air conditioning. Buses starting with K20 is a long-distance bus with a fare of ¥3. It usually comes from or goes to the suburb (it may be far away). The voice broadcast at the bus stop or on the bus usually is not provided in English.

By taxi edit

Taxi drivers usually don't speak English, and they usually can't read English maps or your destination. Therefore, in order to ensure your arrival at the destination, please make sure that you write it in Chinese, or use the mobile app to take a taxi. The fare starts from ¥7. It is difficult to take a taxi after 21:00 or in a remote place. If you can speak Chinese, you can call the taxi company (+86 0531 667788). If you can't speak Chinese, you can call a taxi by using the mobile phone application.

Public bicycle edit

Laiwu has 70 public bicycle stations, with 2100 bicycles. You can borrow and ride free of charge within one hour with your card. When it is almost one hour, you can find a public bicycle station nearby to swipe your card and change your car, and you can enjoy another free bicycle for one hour. If you hold a bicycle IC card from other cities in Shandong Province, you can also use it in Laiwu.

See edit

It's usual for tourists who travel to Laiwu to focus on the downtown district area. Those who stay longer might spend time in the Xueye Tourist Area, with its distinct attractions, such as culinary specialties, beautiful scenery, and the aviation sports center. Of course, for those who come in winter, there is also a good ski resort.

Parks edit

  • 1 Redstone Park (红石公园), Gongyuan Road, Laiwu District (take bus K16, K17, K8 and get off at Hongzhi Park Station). 24 hr. Laiwu Hongshi Park is in the center of Laiwu. It covers a total area of 54 hectares, including Yuebo Lake, Hongshi Valley, and Hongshi Waterfall. Hongshi Park is the largest open civic park in the district. Hongshi Valley was formed in the Mesozoic Jurassic more than 100 million years ago. Due to the intense crustal movement at that time, the climate gradually turned dry, and the impact of the basin type sedimentary environment, the red rock formed is called "Hongshi". free.
  • 2 The West Sea Park (西海公园), No. 25, Shunhe West Street, Laiwu District (take bus No.7 and K9 to Xihai Park Station). 24 hr. This park is to the south of Wenhe Avenue, close to Wenhe River, with a planned area of 94000 m². Provide rest and activity places for nearby residents and passers-by. free.
  • 3 Lianhe Park (莲河公园), No. 69, Wenhua North Road, Laiwu District (take Bus No. 101, K26, 7, K19 and get off at Jianshe Mansion Station). 24 hr. Located in the north of Laiwu urban area, it is built along the Lianhe River. free.

Natural scenic area edit

 Xueye Tourist Area
  • 4 Xueye Tourist Area (雪野湖旅游区) (take bus K204 from Laiwu Bus Terminal; the bus fare is ¥3). An artificial lake to the north of Laiwu city. There are many fresh fish restaurants, large hotels, water sports venues, air sports venues and camping bases. Xueye Lake is only half an hour's drive from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport to Xueye Lake Tourist Area.  
  • 5 Fanggan Eco Tourism Area (房干生态旅游区), Xueye Tourist Area in the north of Laiwu District (3 express buses depart daily from the Laiwu Bus Terminal; if you miss that bus, you may like to consider taking the K204 to Shangyou (上游) and then catching a taxi from there; Fanggan Eco Tourism Area is about 13 km from Shangyou), +86 0531 76386366. 07:00-17:00. ¥52 to visit Jiulong Canyon & Jintai Mountain, ¥52 to visit Fantasy Lovers Valley & Shiyun Mountain, ¥82 to visit all four sites..
  • 6 Huashan National Forest Park (华山国家森林公园), Located in the northwestern mountainous area of Laiwu District (the park is 30 km away from Lae City, and it takes about 40 minutes by car; Laiwu city can be reached by car from Laicheng to Huashan Forest Farm or from Laiwu to Dawangzhuang and Dahuashu). This park belongs to the branch of Mount Tai, more than 30 km away from the center of the district. The park is divided into three scenic spots, namely Bailongtan Scenic Spot, Dazhouyuan Scenic Spot, and Yongning Gu Scenic Spot. Huashan National Forest Park is a national 2A-level tourist area. The highest point in the west is Xiangshan Mountain, with an altitude of 918.7 meters, which is the highest mountain in the city. The highest point in the east is Dashan, with an altitude of 823 meters. The park is rich in species resources, including more than 200 species of trees from 50 families, forming a forest of nearly 4,000 hectares dominated by evergreen forests, with a forest coverage rate of 87%. The dense forest resources have created a good ecological environment for the habitat and reproduction of various wild animals. Ticket price ¥20.
  • 7 Qishan National Forest Park (棋山国家森林公园) (it costs about ¥60 to take a taxi from Laiwu downtown). Qishan is in the east of Lixin Street, Gangcheng District. It is 596 meters above sea level. Qishan Scenic Area has beautiful natural scenery. With the beautiful legend of "One day in the mountains, one hundred years in the world", it is one of the eight scenic spots in Laiwu. Qishan's food culture is very attractive. Qishan has become a unique tourist attraction integrating natural landscape, cultural landscape and catering culture. free..
  • 8 Shandong Xiangshan International Tourist Resort (山东香山国际旅游度假区), Dawangzhuang, northwest of Laiwu City, 30 km away from Laicheng (take the K206 bus Laiwu Bus terminal, and then transfer to Longwei minibus), +86 0531 76587199, . 08:00-18:00. This national AAAA scenic spot has a vast area, a humid climate, and a long geological history. Its vast mountains, both inside and outside, are pregnant with endless natural resources. The Fragrant Hill is a collection of thousands of years of heaven and earth creation, condensed fragrance and brilliant charm, forming a beautiful scenery and a magnificent natural statue of God "looking up to the Buddha to see the sky" and "looking at the moon with purple clouds"; The mountains are rich in herbs, fragrant flowers, fragrant fruits, fragrant stems and many other plants with rich floral fragrance; The mountains in the scenic area are winding and magnificent, with dense vegetation, rich species, fresh air, high content of negative oxygen ions, unique natural resources and excellent original ecological environment. Ticket Price ¥80.
  • 9 Laiwu Lianhua Mountain Scenic Area (莱芜莲花山风景区), Liujialin Village, Gaozhuang Town, 15 km south of Laiwu (take bus 60 from South Gate of Hongshi Park; get off at Lianhuashan Station; the bus fare is ¥2), +86 0531 76080766, . 8:30-17:00. Its main peak, Lihuajian, is 999 meters above sea level, the highest peak in Jinan. Because Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty visited the immortals here, he built the "Palace of Encountering Immortals" on the top of the mountain, so it is also known as the "Palace Mountain Sunset". Laiwu Lianhua Mountain Scenic Area is the first mountain in Jinan worthy of the name. There are many beautiful natural landscapes in the scenic area, which is a tourist attraction with ecological and Buddhist cultural tourism highlights. ¥50.

Museums edit

  • 10 Laiwu Campaign Memorial Museum (莱芜战役纪念馆), 43 Wenyang Street, Laiwu District (莱芜区汶阳大街43号) (Bus routes 21, K8 and K10), +86 0531 78805690. May to September: 08:30-12:00, 13:30-17:30; October to April: 08:30-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (closed on Mondays). Museum about the Laiwu Campaign, a major military campaign of the Chinese Civil War. Free.
  • 11 Laiwu Iron and Steel Museum of China (中国莱芜钢铁博物馆), 150 m to the south of the intersection of Longtan East Street and Fenghuang Road (take bus 101 from Laiwu Bus Terminal, get off at Qiansong Station; the bus fare is ¥1). 09:00—11:30,14:30—17:00. This museum records the history of iron and steel smelting in China, which is unique in China. It is a historical picture and encyclopedia of China's iron and steel development. The museum is near the Longyuan Hotel. free.
  • 12 Laiwu Museum of Art (莱芜艺术馆), No. 45, Fenghuang North Road, Laiwu District (take bus 101 from Laiwu Bus Terminal; get off at Qiansong Station; the bus fare is ¥1). 09:00—11:30,14:30—17:00. This museum is an important place for Laiwu Bangzi Opera Troupe to perform. "Laiwu Bangzi" is a traditional folk drama in Laiwu. At the same time, Laiwu Museum of Art will also exhibit paintings, calligraphy and other works of celebrities. The museum is near the Longyuan Hotel. free.

Do edit

  • 1 Laiwu International Convention and Exhibition Center (莱芜国际会展中心), No. 288, Fenghuang Road, Laiwu District. This is a large exhibition hall invested and built by Laiwu District Government, which usually holds automobile exhibitions, animation exhibitions and other activities.
  • 2 Yunye Xingchen Camping Base (云野星辰露营基地), +86 19853836698. It is near Xiangshan International Tourism Resort, in the mountains, far from the noise of the city, and is the best choice for camping. ¥298-598 rental equipment.
  • 3 Xueye Ski Resort (雪野滑雪场), Inside Xueye Aviation Sports Park (take bus K204 from Laiwu Bus Terminal; get off at Xizhanli Station; the bus fare is ¥3), +86 0531 76386788. From December 12 to March 8 of the next year, 08:30-16:30 (16:30 at the latest). Xueye ski resort is one of the best ski resorts in Shandong Province. If you are a ski enthusiast who comes to Snowy in winter, you must not miss it. ¥140.
  • 4 Aero China Helicopter Tourism Base (飞机之家直升机旅游基地), Inside Xueye Aviation Sports Park (take bus K204 from Laiwu Bus Terminal; get off at Xizhanli Station; the bus fare is ¥3), +86 0531-87123852, +86 13210535852 (24 hours), . Appointment time in advance. This is a private helicopter club, where you can experience aerial sightseeing, skydiving and other aerial entertainment projects, as well as customize your own routes.

Buy edit

There is no large mall in Laiwu. Tourists can have activities near the municipal government. There is a business district that integrates the shopping center of Laiwu.

  • 1 Maoye (茂业天地), No. 001, Wenhua South Road, Laiwu District (take bus 101 from Laiwu Bus Terminal; get off at Yinzuoshangcheng Station; the bus fare is ¥2), +86 0531 7828888. 09:30——21:30. This is a comprehensive shopping mall. On the first floor, there are electronic digital products. On the second and third floors, there are usually clothes. On the fourth floor, there is a food court and cinema, with Pizza Hut, McDonald's and Starbucks. There is also an open-air snack street on the ground floor, where there are many Chinese snacks.
  • 2 Laiwu Inzone (银座商城莱芜店), No. 8, Wenhua South Road, Laiwu District (take bus 101 from Laiwu Bus Terminal; get off at Yinzuoshangcheng Station; the bus fare is ¥2), +86 0531 78778777. 09:00-20:00. This is a chain store in Shandong Province. It mainly sells clothes and jewelry. The first floor is for daily necessities. There is a cinema on the fifth floor and an open-air square on the top floor overlooking the night view of Laiwu.
  • 3 Reputation Building Epartment Store (信誉楼商厦), No. 1, Yingmou East Street, Laiwu District (take bus 101 or K12 from Laiwu Bus Terminal; get off at Xinyuloushangsha Station; the bus fare is ¥2), +86 531 75780158, +86 531 75780139. 09:00-20:00. This supermarket mainly sells vegetables and fruits, daily necessities, clothing, household appliances, etc. You can choose to go by bus or take a taxi, because it is difficult to find a suitable parking space.
  • 4 Laiwu Hotel Shop (莱芜宾馆商城), No. 5, Wenhua North Road, Laiwu District, +86 0531 76231196. 08:00-2000. This is a local specialty shop operated by Laiwu Hotel. You can buy almost all of Laiwu specialties here, such as Laiwu sausage and mutton soup.

Eat edit

Food scene edit

  • 1 Luzhong Food City (鲁中美食城), No. 26, South Daqiao Road, Laiwu District, +86 0531 78777877. 11:00-02:00. Luzhong Food City has a collection of delicious traditional roast mutton from Laiwu. The price is moderate ¥100 per person.
  • 2 Qingcao River (青草河), Wanfu North Road. 09:00-22:00. There are a variety of restaurants and snacks on the east and west sides of the north section of Qingcao River, also known as the "Food Street". This place gathers a variety of Laiwu specialties at affordable prices.

Traditional food edit

  • 3 The first house in the harem (后宫第一家), Laowa Village, Gangcheng District, +86 15163459929. 08:00-20:30. The specialty of our restaurant is Qishan fried chicken. Qishan fried chicken is a traditional famous dish in Laiwu, belonging to Shandong cuisine. It is red, chewy and spicy. Qishan fried chicken attracts diners from all directions with its mellow, simple and affordable style. ¥70 per person.
  • 4 Ma Qing'an Mutton Soup Restaurant (马庆安羊汤馆), 141 Huayuan South Road, Laiwu District, +86 0531 76217762. 09:00-21:00. Laiwu Mutton Soup is very famous. It is finely processed. It is a unique secret recipe of high-quality goats from stocking and careful cooking, and it is a pure green food. The unique ancestral secret recipe is cooked with the whole sheep. Mutton soup is authentic. ¥60 per person.
  • 5 Laiwu Shunxiangzhai (莱芜顺香斋), Changshao North Road, Laiwu District, +86 18763468688. 08:00-18:30. Laiwu Shunxiangzhai mainly sells Laiwu sausage and dried pork. Laiwu sausage is dark brown, greasy, mellow, rich in nutrition and good in storage. The raw material of Laiwu sausage and dried pork is a kind of black pork produced locally in Laiwu. Laiwu sausage and dried meat are a kind of pickled meat dishes with salty taste. Therefore, Laiwu Shunxiangzhai cannot be eaten in the shop, but can only be packed and taken away.

Mid-range edit

  • 6 Laiwu Restaurant (莱芜饭店), No. 190, Huayuan North Road, Laiwu District, +86 0531 75688999. 10:00-13:30, 17:00-20:30. Laiwu restaurant is a comprehensive Shandong cuisine restaurant with a good environment ¥80 per person.
  • 7 Fengcheng Town (凤城小镇), No. 10, Xiangshan North Road, Laiwu District, +86 531 78639999. 09:30-21:30. Fengcheng Town is a comprehensive Shandong food restaurant, with antique decoration and delicious food. It is a very good restaurant. ¥60 per person.
  • 8 Xueyuanchang Restaurant (雪原昌渔村), 400 m to the southwest of Wenchang Pavilion, Huanhu Road, Xueye Tourist Area, Laiwu District, +86 0531 76590699. 11:00-21:00. The specialty of Xueyuanchang Restaurant is Xueye Fish Head, which is a famous food in Laiwu. It mainly consists of silver carp, mandarin fish, river shrimp, river crab and other lake fresh products produced in Snow Lake. In particular, the Snowflake Fish Head Soup made of silver carp heads is famous for its large size, fat body and no fishy smell. Fish head soup is fresh and tender, and the soup is like human milk. It has the effect of clearing the heart and brightening the eyes. While fishing on the water, tourists can also enjoy the delicious "Xueye Fish Feast". ¥80 per person.
  • 9 No.56 Gaodijie Restaurant (高第街56号餐厅), No.57, luZhongdong Street, Laiwu District, +86 0531 76665656. 10:00-16:00, 17:00-21:00. This is a Hong Kong restaurant near Qingcao River. It is a chain store with a good environment. ¥70 per person.

Splurge edit

  • 10 Chinese Restaurant of Laiwu Hotel (莱芜宾馆中餐厅), No. 1, Wenyang Street, Laiwu District, +86 0531 76231188. This is a high-end restaurant, which is usually used for government reception. It is suitable for large banquets and business dinners. The environment is beautiful and the price is relatively expensive, More than ¥100 per person.
  • 11 Chinese restaurant of Longyuan Hotel (龙园宾馆中餐厅), 18 Fenghuang Road, Laiwu District, +86 0531 78812666, +86 0531 78812777. This is a high-end restaurant, which is suitable for large banquets and business gatherings. It has a beautiful environment and is relatively expensive. More than ¥100 per person.

Drink edit

There are few bars and nightclubs in the western sense in Laiwu. Most of the alcohol is drunk at dinner, or beer is also served at the street barbecue at night, such as Luzhong Food City. In the east of Qingcaohe, you can find many Chinese teahouses, milk tea shops and more and more coffee shops to find good drinks.

Coffee edit

  • 1 Maoye (茂业天地), No. 001, Wenhua South Road, Laiwu District, +86 0531 7828888. 09:30-21:30. Maoye is a comprehensive mall with Starbucks (1F) and Luokin Coffee (4F), as well as many milk tea shops. ¥20.  

Public house edit

  • 2 Nice to meet you (很高兴遇见你), No. 61, Wanfu North Road, Laiwu District. 18:30-02;00. This is a small tavern in Laiwu. The environment is quiet. Sometimes there are resident singers singing. The drinks are all kinds and the price is moderate. Usually a bottle of beer costs ¥10. ¥10.
  • 3 Endless Night Bar (夜未央酒吧), No. 91, Wanfu North Road, Laiwu District. 18:30-02:00. Nice to meet your replacement near it. ¥10.

Club edit

  • 4 Party House, No. 65, Fengcheng West Street, Laiwu District, +86 0531 75679898. 20:00-04:00. This is a club that plays rock music. Locals usually come here and are usually open at night. In fact, there are not many kinds of beverage here. Many people like the atmosphere of this place. ¥200.
  • 5 Huka bar (怀开酒吧), No. 17, Yuanshan Road, Laiwu District, +86 16606341399. 18:00-02:00. This is a bar that combines a club with a tavern. Singers usually perform in this bar, but it is not as noisy as the club. There are a variety of drinks and imported beer here. ¥150.
  • 6 Stellar Livehouse (星际酒吧), Middle section of the first floor of Yigao Venture Building, Wenhua North Road, Laiwu District, +86 15163488766. 18:00-03:00. This is a new bar, a substitute for Huka Bar, but the price is a little expensive. ¥180.

Sleep edit

If you are not a Chinese, there are not many hotels for you to choose from, but they are almost all in Laiwu District and Xueye Tourist Area, which are generally places for tourists to visit.

Laiwu District edit

  • 1 Laiwu Hotel (莱芜宾馆), No. 1, Wenyang Street, Laiwu District, +86 0531 76231148. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Laiwu Hotel is of high grade, undertaking the important political reception task of the government and serving the society. ¥340-460 per night for a room.
  • 2 Longyuan Hotel (龙园宾馆), 18 Fenghuang Road, Laiwu District, +86 531 78812888, +86 531 78812999. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Longyuan Hotel is a four-star hotel integrating accommodation, entertainment, leisure, conference and other functions. It undertakes the important political reception task of the municipal government and serves the society at the same time. The hotel has unique design and elegant environment. It is a garden hotel with Chinese traditional characteristics. ¥136-1286 per night for a room.
  • 3 Hampton by Hilton Jinan Laiwu (济南莱芜希尔顿欢朋酒店), No. 1, Shijicheng Road, Laiwu District, +86 0531 78222222. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. It is a high-end hotel built according to international brand standards. ¥400-1000 per night for a room.

Gangcheng District edit

  • 4 Jinan Gangdu Building Hotel (济南钢都大厦), No. 29, Fuqian Street, Laiwu District, +86 0531 76970769. This hotel is used for the administrative reception business of the government in Gangcheng District. It is also open to the outside world. It will be decorated in 2020 with a beautiful environment. It is the best choice to stay in Gangcheng District. This hotel only serves tourists from mainland China. ¥424-1365 per night for a room,.
  • 5 Qishan Hot Spring Town (棋山温泉小镇), No. 1, Wenquan Road, Gangcheng District, +86 0531 75658999. Qishan Hot Spring Town Hotel is equipped with outdoor hot springs. It is the only hotel supporting outdoor hot springs in Laiwu. It is located at the foot of Qishan Mountain, with beautiful scenery and moderate price. This hotel only serves tourists from mainland China ¥219-999 per night for a room, ¥2999-3999 per night for a villa..

Xueye Tourist Area edit

  • 6 China Xueye Lake International Conference (中国雪野湖国际会议中心), No. 900, Huanhu North Road, Xueye Tourist Area, Laiwu District (take bus K214 from Laiwu Bus Terminal: get off at Hengda Xiaoqu Station; the bus fare is ¥3), +86 0531 77998888. This conference center, on the bank of Xueye Lake, is a luxurious European style building and royal garden style conference resort with luxurious decoration and fresh air. The healthy footpath along the Huanhu Road allows guests to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Xueye Lake while hiking. However, it is far from the urban area and the price is expensive. If you want to play near Xueye Lake, this is a good choice. ¥940-2588 per night for a room.
  • 7 Jinan Xueye International Aviation Club (济南雪野航空俱乐部), No. 18, Fangxun Road, Xueye Tourist Area, Laiwu District (take bus K204 from Laiwu Bus Terminal; get off at Sports Park Station; the bus fare is ¥3), +86 0531 76576199. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. This modern business hotel specially designed for China International Aviation Sports Festival is an important supporting facility for Xueye Aviation Science and Technology Sports Park. It is a low price hotel near Xueye Lake. ¥280-650 per night for a room.

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