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Santo Domingo de Guzman Convent.JPG

"View of the main facade of the former Convent of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, in Oaxaca city, Oaxaca, Mexico." by El Ágora

Puffing Billy (3708462529).jpg

"Puffing Billy is a genuine relic of our more leisurely days. An historic steam train still running regularly in the mountain district it was built to serve at the turn of the century. The Railway is the sole survivor of four experimental lines used to develop rural areas in the early 1900's. Puffing Billy is now a major tourist attraction, its operation depending on hundreds of dedicated volunteers." by Flickr user Andy McLemore

Объектив Индустар 61 ЛД.JPG

"Объектив Индустар 61 ЛД" by Andshel