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We share with the beasts a craving for sameness and a gregariousness which makes us desire the company of people of our own age, sex, race, creed, political conviction, class and taste. But it is exclusively human to have a thirst for diversity, i.e., to be happy in the company of those who are different from us in every respect, as well as to travel, to enjoy other foods, hear other tunes, see other plants, beasts, and landscapes.Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

I'm quite busy for the time being, will still keep WV:Discover running, and updating Wikivoyage:Destination of the month candidates as needed, but probably won't have time for much else.

Miscellaneous info edit

  • Wikivoyager from Vantaa, Finland since 2006 (back then on that other site of course).
  • So far I've visited 35 countries and territories on all six populated continents, including a quick circumnavigation of the globe in March-April 2013. However as a kid I've also been on countless almost month-long RV trips around Europe and set my foot in pretty much every European country except the Balkan countries and a couple others.
  • Long-term wishlist: Trans Siberian, Machu Picchu, plus a lot more.
  • I don't want to be an admin because I'm way too lazy. :P
  • In w:particle physics the capital Greek letter Υ denotes an Upsilon particle. Note that the symbol should always look like   in order to avoid confusion with a Latin Y denoting the hypercharge. Wikipedia

Travels edit

Both the design of the flag box and the basic idea of the extreme points are shamelessly pirated from Sertmann's user page.



Just seen from a distance/plane

Extreme locations edit

My records Place Coordinates
Northernmost   Nordkapp 71.17086N, 25.78408E
Southernmost   Montevideo 34.9377S, 56.1604W
overland   Tarifa 36.01090N, 5.60380W
Easternmost   Woolloomooloo 33.86927S, 151.22116E
overland   Vardø 70.370556N, 31.107500E
Westernmost   LAX 33.94345N, 118.40899W
overland   Cádiz 36.52067N, 6.28281W
Highest   Great St.Bernhard pass, 2,469m 45.86898N, 7.17085E
Lowest   The North Cape tunnel, -212m 70.92640N, 25.69736E

Longest legs without flying edit

Mode Operator Route Distance
Train VR   Helsinki-  Kolari 995 km
Bus Gold Line   Ivalo-  Rovaniemi 288 km
Ferry Finnlines   Helsinki-  Travemünde 1132 km

Top 10 longest flights edit

Rank Operator Plane type Route Distance
10 Scandinavian 737   AGP-  ARN 3018 km
9 American 757   JFK-  LAS 3618 km
8 American 777   LHR-  JFK 5554 km
7 Qantas 380   SIN-  SYD 6289 km
6 American 767   DFW-  LHR 7644 km
5 British 747   LAX-  LHR 8780 km
4 Korean/Air France 747/777   CDG-  ICN/  ICN-  CDG 8950 km
3 Finnair 340   HEL-  SIN 9271 km
2 Air France 777   CDG-  EZE/  EZE-  CDG 11075 km
1 Qantas 747   SYD-  LAX 12051 km
shortest Lufthansa ?   STR-  FRA 157 km

Projects, i.e. Ypspeditions edit

Babel user information
sv-N Den här användaren har svenska som modersmål.
fi-4 Tämä käyttäjä osaa suomea melkein äidinkielen tavoin.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
de-3 Dieser Benutzer beherrscht Deutsch auf hohem Niveau.
it-1 Questo utente può contribuire con un livello elementare in italiano.
fr-1 Cet utilisateur dispose de connaissances de base en français.
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es-1 Esta persona tiene un conocimiento básico del español.
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City Guides edit

From Wikivoyage_talk:Destination_of_the_month_candidates/Archive#A_guide_is_a_guide_is_a_guide

"Myself I'm very careful with upgrading articles to guide. These are my own guidelines, and they've worked well so far: For large cities the minimum requirements would be a decent description of the city's history, culture and climate, all "normal" ways for getting in and around, 20 See listings (or 30 See and Do combined) and 20 places in each of Eat, Drink and Sleep (eat and sleep pricified and something in each price class). Buy is for some reason always hard to find meaningful listings for, so a good explanation of where to find shops plus some interesting local things to buy (if there are any) is enough. Overall, all sections with listings should have a paragraph of descriptive text too, if possible. Towards the end precautions for staying safe and healthy, plus ideas where to Go next. There are four sections that are hard to fill; Learn, Work, Connect and Cope, and I don't think it's that bad to leave them empty. Finally, the article should have a banner, a dynamic map and POI coordinates. Smaller cities (articles using the small city template) have somewhat easier criteria. Most notably they don't need to have as many listings, and the Understand section doesn't need to be as extensive. --ϒpsilon (talk) 16:14, 30 March 2015 (UTC)"

Uploads edit


Photos taken and uploaded by me are "licensed" under Public Domain. You're welcome to use them for any purpose, be it commercial or non-commercial. No attribution or anything else needed. The same goes for maps and banners insofar it's possible; when making banners I always favor Public Domain photos. Really, the only case when something I upload isn't PD is when I've made a change to someone else's static map.

For inspiration and information edit

  • Special:Random - click to draw a random WV page
  • Flightradar24 - The planes above you right now, who knows if some Voyager is on board? Includes cockpit view in four directions and all sorts on interesting real time data. Also real time departures and arrivals for airports. Warning: addicting!
  • Marinetraffic - If you live near the sea; the ships that are nearby right now. Again, who knows if some Voyager is on board one of them?
  • Google Earth - The world in 3D. But they don't have any WV icons...
  • NASA World Wind - The little known competitor of Google Earth.
  • Great Circle Mapper - Flight distances etc.
  • Time and date - and weather and sunset/rise and much more interesting from different places in the world.
  • Climate data - average temperature and precipitation, in the case we haven't added it to the article you're reading.