former municipality of Finland, now part of Naantali

Rymättylä (Swedish: Rimito) and Merimasku are rural areas in the Archipelago Sea in Finland Proper, consisting of a few main islands and about 500 smaller ones. The main islands have road connection to the mainland.

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View from the Kirveenrauma bridge to Airismaa

As this is the archipelago, fishing has been important, and the churches were built by straits, allowing easy access. Since then, the straits by Rymättylä parish village have dried up, but can still be seen as lakes and lowland.

Rymättylä and Merimasku were rural municipalities that are now a part of Naantali on the mainland, north-east of Rymättylä. To the east of Rymättylä is Airisto (Swedish: Erstan), a large body of water off Turku, separating Rymättylä from Pargas proper. To the south Ominaistenselkä (Ominaisfjärden) separates it from Nagu (Finnish: Nauvo). To the west are minor islands of Korpo and the island groups Iniö and Velkua.

The main island of both Rymättylä and Merimasku is Otava (since glacial rebound dried a strait), with Merimasku parish village in the north, Rymättylä parish village near the south end, and the village Röölä farthest south. On the west shore of Otava is Haapala, with a ferry to some of the islands of the western archipelago of Rymättylä. Merimasku stretches to the mainland in the north, towards Askainen (Swedish: Villnäs), which has a ferry connection to the islands of Velkua. Rymättylä continues to the south, with bridges to Airismaa, and from there a free road ferry to Aasluoto or Aasla. In summer there is a (non-free) ferry connection also farther southward, to Nagu.

City of Turku has three recreation areas on islands of Rymättylä: Pähkinäinen (Pähkinäis) in the west, Maisaari or Iso Maisaari (Majsor) south-west of Röölä and Vepsä (Vepsarn) in the east. Vepsä has a ferry from Turku, the other two are served by m/s Isla from the mainland of Rymättylä. Se Do below.

  • Visit Naantali, Nunnakatu 2, Naantali, +358 2 435-9800, . M–F 09:00–16:30. Naantali tourist information, responsible also for Merimasku and Rymättylä. Most sights are run by the respective village communities in cooperation with the city of Naantali.

Get in and around edit

Map of Rymättylä

The main road comes in from Raisio via Naantali and the island Luonnonmaa, over the Särkänsalmi bridge. After the bridge one road leads southwards through the main islands of Rymättylä, another leads first north through Merimasku, then west to Velkua. There are local bus services from Naantali.

In the summer there are ferry connections from Nagu and Själö, part of the Archipelago Trail, and from Turku with transfer in Själö.

By car edit

Driving towards Turku, turn to the Turku bypass (road 40, E18) and drive to Naantali. By Naantali centre the road becomes regional road 189, goes through a tunnel, over the Ukko-Pekka bridge and over the large island Luonnonmaa as Rymättyläntie. Then comes the Särkänsalmi bridge and an embankment and you are in Merimasku. Turn right to Merimaskuntie for the parish village. There is a built-up area also around the first kilometre, with a grocery store by the lake Taattistenjärvi.

Instead continuing along Rymättyläntie you drive through Poikko and the parish village of Rymättylä, and reach Röölä at the end of the road. From Röölä Luotojentie leads farther south over Airismaa and (after a free road ferry) over Aasluoto to Hanka.

If you don't like motorways, it is also quite straight-forward to use Satakunnantie from Turku, which changes names to Raisiontie in Raisio. In Raisio centre there is a Y-fork, the left branch continuing as Raisiontie to Naantali. The road changes names to Aurinkotie. Before the centre proper, turn left to Maskuntie, drive road 40 for a short stretch and continue as above.

Coming along E8 you could choose to fork off already in Mynämäki and drive along connecting road 1930 (here Asemantie), passing Mietoinen and Askainen. Where road 1930 turns towards Velkua, continue straight along Merimaskuntie. After Merimasku parish village you hit Rymättyläntie: turn right for Rymättylä.

By bus edit

The main bus lines[dead link] are N2, N3 from Naantali to Rymättylä, N4–N6 and 203 from Naantali to Merimasku, and N10–12 in Rymättylä (K: in the school term, KL: during school vacations). There are buses from Naantali to the Rymättylä parish village about once an hour in weekdays, thrice daily in weekends. Coming from Turku, use the frequent lines 6 or 7 and transfer in Naantali, or 203. The buses are part of the Föli cooperation, see Turku#By bus. Tickets €3/1.5, including 2-hr transfer time.

1 Rymättylän talli in the south end of the parish village is the hub of the (few) buses. Also 2 Rymättylän koulu (the school) east of it features in many timetables. 3 Korpelantie stop is used for transfer to N10 to Haapala.

By ferry edit

Harbour of Röölä

In the summer there are ferry connections from Kyrkbacken in Nagu (Nauvo) and Själö (Seili) over Ominaistenselkä, part of the Archipelago Trail, to 4 Hanka on Aasluoto and to Röölä.

  • m/s Östern, Luotojentie 1091, +358 400-720-606, . 13 May–4 September 2022: thrice daily, four times in July; passage 1 hr. Ferry Kyrkbacken–Själö–Hanka. Alakylä 2.3 km from the Hanka quay is sparsely served with buses on schooldays. €8/€4, bike €12, motorcycle €16, car €36, campervan €50, car+caravan €65; children 4–11 years.
  • m/s Vidskär. 18 June–14 August: twice daily. Ferry Kyrkbacken–Själö–Röölä. Takes cars. From Kyrkbacken €16/10, from Själö €12/8 (children 3–15 years); bike €6, motorcycle €10, car €15.

There is also a ferry to the western archipelago ("Rymättylän reittialue": map[dead link]).

  • 5 m/s Isla (the ferry leaves from Haapala, in a western part of Otava, 5.5 km west from the Kuralan rantatie stop, in the end of Haapalan saaristotie). All year; 2 May–25 September 2022: 2–5 departures daily, typical round-trip 2½ hr. Ferry on the "Rymättylän reittialue route". From Haapala (choose the right one, there are several; in Föli this is "Haapala, lounainen" or ".. läntinen", Naantali; lines N10 and N13, once each way in schooldays, twice a week in summer) to Ruotsalainen, Korvenmaa, Pakinainen, Pähkinäinen (Pähkinäis), Samsaari (Samsor) and Maisaari (Majsor). Some of the destinations, and some of the departures, must be reserved in advance (as must car slots – but you hardly need yours on board). The vessel was built in 1962 for the Norwegian fjords. No café. Free.

By yacht edit

Islands by the fairway from Velkua

The main fairways to Turku and Naantali go over Ominaistenselkä and Airisto. The main boating route from Hanko to Uusikaupunki passes west of Rymättylä. See also the recreation islands below.

  • 6 Ajolanranta, Ajolantie 109 (in a bay at the western shore of Otava), +358 20-766-9960, . Marina. Water, electricity, septic tank emptying, toilet and shower. Use moorings marked with "P vieraat/guests". €18.
  • 7 Merimasku marina (Rantamakasiini), Paltteentie 13 (in the Merimasku parish village; use the east side of the jetty), +358 40-514-8777. See the restaurant. The Kirkkosalmi strait in Merimasku is the main passage from the northern Archipelago Sea to Naantali: depth 2.1 m, bridge height 16.5 m. The marina is west of the bridge. Water, electricity, toilet, shower, septic tank emptying. Fuel 100 m, grocery store 2.5 km. €20.
  • 8 Röölä marina (in Röölä, in a sound across Rymättylä from east to west; bigger boats from the east need to go round the Keusto island; day visits to the quay, electricity at the floating jetty, don't block the fire brigade route), . Fuel, septic tank emptying, water, toilets, postbox, sauna. Buses a few times a day. €10/night, electricity +€5; shorter visits free.

By taxi boat edit

By taxi edit

See Finland Proper#By_taxi Check prices against what you'd expect, and check with more than one company if in doubt. Most will have to come from afar.

See edit

Rymättylä Church
  • 1 Merimasku Church, Paltteentie 10. 27 June–15 August 2021: service Su 10:00, tourist visits Su 11:00–13:00. Wooden church from 1726. A cultural heritage site of national significance. Guided tours can be booked from Visit Naantali. Free.  
  • 2 Rymättylä Church (by the old road through the parish village, at the Kirkkotie junction). Service Sundays 10:00. Medieval church, probably built in the 1510s. The wooden bell tower is from 1769. A cultural heritage site of national significance. For guided tours after the service, enquire at Visit Naantali.  
  • 3 Local history museum (Maskulaisten kotiseutumuseo), Kirjalan kirkkotie 2 (1 km east from the Rymättylä church), +358 50-345-9318. 2021: 6 June to 29 August Su 11:30–14:30 (check for COVID-19 closures) or by appointment. Local history museum, with focus on life and housing in the archipelago, fishing and hunting. Main building from the 18th century.
  • 4 Herring museum (Dikseli), Rööläntie 394, (Röölä), +358 44-974-8711, . 2021: 4 June–28 August Tu–Su 11:00–17:00. Museum on the herring fishing by ships from Rymättylä from the 1940s to the 1970s. Also a mill museum with machinery from 1936. Guiding for groups by agreement. €4, children 0–15 free; mill museum free.

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View from Vepsä to the west
View to the harbour from the nature trail on Pähkinäinen
  • Herrankukkaro: lodging and programme services for groups.

Recreation islands edit

There are three recreation areas of City of Turku (open to anybody) on the islands, popular destinations among families. Each has a business providing services on behalf of the city.

  • 1 Maisaari (Majsor) (3 km south-west of Röölä; own boat or m/s Isla, departure/call must be booked in advance; also by taxi boat from Röölä), +358 40-250-1933 (the kiosk), +358 40-537-3882 (urgencies), . Lodging in cottages, a former barn or the main building of a former farm. Camping, walks by the nature trail or freely in the forest, beach volley, swimming, rowing trips, barbecuing, sauna etc. Free. Lodging $35–85 for 6–20 persons; linen included, own towels), tent €5, caravan €12, harbour fee €10–12 (electricity included). Reductions for stays of a week. Shower €3, laundry machine €5. Sauna €10–15/company (1 hr), kayak €5/hr, rowing boat €3/hr.
  • 2 Pähkinäinen (Pähkinäis) (own boat, depth 2–5 m, or m/s Isla, book the preceding day), +358 500-789-010 (hostess), +358 2 262-5167 (office), . The island was used as a fishing base, for birding, logging and pasture for Pakinainen across the sound. In the 1900s the island was used by Suomen hippos, as pasture for young stallions. The main building, now used for lodging, is from this time (built from clay and heather). Much of the island is a nature reserve, part of a larger Natura 2000 area. Fishing and swimming (child friendly beach, the sauna jetty, or any suitable cliff). Nature trail. Reasonably large woods to explore. Barbecue shelter. Sheep and rabbits. Play house and indoor playing corner. Volleyball, badminton, football for children (small goals in the yard). Café Piitin talli serves breakfast, lunch and snacks; other food if ordered in advance; a few groceries. Sauna. Rowing boats and kayaks for rent. Programme services. Wi-Fi. Free. Double room €88; tent €4/person, children under 7 years free; harbour fee €10; shower €4/8 min, sauna €15/hr; rowing boat €5/hr.
  • 3 Vepsä (Vepsarn) (Erstan east of Rymättylä, own boat or m/s Lily/Rosita from Turku), +358 50-411-4963, . Lodging in cottages and camping in tents. Beach, swimming, beach volley, boats and kayaks. Sauna. Café with breakfast, lunch, à la carte, and some groceries. Kiosk. Natural landscapes and seascapes. Lodging €55–90 for 2–6 persons (linen included), €275–450/week; tent €5/person (shower €2/6 min); harbour fee €10 (depth 1.5–2.0 m; showers €@/6 min), €30/week. Meals €12–22. Sauna €10–15/company/50 min. Rowing boat €3/hr, kayak €5/hr, minigolf/beach volley €4/2.

Events edit

  • Herring market, June.
  • Midsummer in Pähkinäinen, oriented towards families (2021: F 21 June 19:00–).
  • 110-years anniversary of the museum mill in Röölä, 25 June 2021 14.00–
  • Herring Salsa (Sillisalsa), Röölä, 4 August 2021
  • Summer season ending festival (Muinaistulien yö), Röölä, 28 August 2021
  • Harvest Festival (Sadonkorjuujuhlat), Röölä, 18 September 2021
  • Night of the Stars (Tähtien yö), Röölä, 2 October 2021

Buy edit

Suomen Sillikonttori in Röölä makes pickled herring and some related products. You might find them in grocery stores.

Eat and drink edit

There are probably also lunch cafés in the Rymättylä parish village. Off season, check whether any tourist oriented place is open.

  • Merimaskun Rantamakasiini, Paltteentie 13 (in the Merimasku marina, in the parish village), +358 40-514-8777. Pizza, burgers and the like; ice cream and pastries for desert. Art exhibition. Pizzas and burgers €16–19, snacks, street food and salads €5–12.
  • 1 Ravintola Pohjakulma, Rymättyläntie 1089 (Pohjankulma, Poikko), +358 2 252-2771, . Su 11:00–16:00 March–Christmas; M–F 11:00–16:00 Midsummer–mid-August. Buffet in "archipelago style", i.e. with many dishes of salmon and pickled herring, in addition to everything else. A simpler soup lunch available: sllad, salmon soup, bread, coffee/tea and an apple pie. In Sundays some more elaborate dishes. Also selling-out of pickled herring, archipelago-style bread, cookies and other fare made for the buffet table. Also cakes, which probably require reservation, as do take away three-dish meals. €20/€9, Sundays €32/14 (children 4–12 years, toddlers free), soup lunch €15.
  • 2 Ravintola Röölänranta, Rööläntie 405 (Röölä), +358 40-702-6460, . Daily in summer from 4 June. Restaurant by the marina. Pizzas and hamburger meals. Pizzas €14–17, hamburger meals €17–25, snacks €7–11; child meal €8.

Sleep edit

The main option is a cottage. Most are booked through booking services or found by personal contacts. Not all are available for single nights. There seems to be one camping ground on the main island.

There are cottages and camping also on the recreation islands (see above).

  • 1 Päivärinta, Kuristentie 225 (3.5 km south-west from Rymättylä parish village: first along Heinästentie, turn to Kuristentie after 885 m), +358 400-552-645, . Two cottages and an apartment. No pets. €100–140, 6 persons €160; linen +€7/person.
  • 2 Saloranta, Vehotniementie 66, +358 44-967-4453, . Campsite. Caravan €26/32 (summer/winter); tent €20; seaside sauna, family €18/hr.

There are a few lodging options for groups, with programme services, targeted at business team-building events and family celebrations.

  • Herrankukkaro, Luotojentie 245, +358 2 515-3300. The business mainly serves groups, minimum 10 persons. Individual guests are welcomed at some occasions.

Backcountry edit

Plenty of forest for wild camping according to the right to access in the Nordic countries. No campfires allowed without explicit permission.

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  • Kustavi, by the outer archipelago towards the Bothnian Sea.
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