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Southwest Minneapolis is a district in Minneapolis. It includes Uptown, Lyn-Lake, the Wedge, Eat Street, Linden Hills, the popular Chain of Lakes, and other areas. Part of the 50th and France commercial district bleeds into the Fulton neighborhood, but most of it lies in Edina.

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Map of Minneapolis/Southwest

Streets run east/west and generally have numbers that increase as you go further south. Nicollet Avenue divides the streets. Append the direction at the end of streets such as W 27th Street to indicate west of Nicollet. Avenues run alphabetically west from Lyndale (Aldrich, Bryant, Colfax) far into the suburban surrounding communities. When the alphabet reaches Z, it starts again at A. Avenues are named in no particular order in a small half-mile band between Lyndale and Nicollet, then numbered east from Nicollet Avenue heading towards South Minneapolis, where the numbered avenues continue until you reach Saint Paul. The first part of addresses on the avenues are based on the nearest cross street. For example, 4000 France Avenue South is at the corner of France Avenue and 40th Street.

By public transit edit

  • Route 2 begins at Hennepin and Franklin and travels east along Franklin Avenue through the Wedge and Whittier neighborhoods before continuing on to Phillips, Seward, the West Bank, and the University of Minnesota.
  • Route 4 travels along Lyndale Avenue from downtown to 50th Street (passing through Lyn-Lake). At this point, the route splits into two branches, with one continuing on Lyndale Avenue and the other turning on 50th Street, where it goes west to Penn Avenue, and then goes south from there.
  • Route 6 travels along Hennepin Avenue from downtown to its end at 36th Street (passing though Uptown), turns west, and skirts the southeastern edge of Bde Maka Ska. The route splits in two at 39th Street and Sheridan Avenue; one continues west on 39th Street to France Avenue, then travels south from there (passing through the 50th & France commercial district), and the other travels south on Sheridan Avenue, which merges onto Upton Avenue (passing though the Linden Hills commercial district), turns west on 44th Street, and then continues south on Xerxes Avenue.
  • Route 11 begins in Columbia Heights and runs through Northeast Minneapolis and Downtown. In the Whittier neighborhood it runs along 3rd Avenue, passing by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the Hennepin History Museum, and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. At 28th Street it jogs over to 4th Avenue in Phillips and continues through western Powderhorn and Nokomis before terminating in the Kingfield neighborhood at 46th Street and Nicollet Avenue.
  • Route 12 enters Minneapolis along Excelsior Boulevard, which soon ends and merges onto Lake Street. The route continues until its end at the Uptown Transit Station; during rush hours it will continue travelling along Hennepin Avenue into downtown.
  • Route 17 travels along Nicollet Avenue from downtown to 24th Street, turns west, then turns south on Hennepin Avenue. Past the Uptown Transit Station, it will turn west on Lagoon Avenue, which then merges onto Lake Street, and continue from there into the west suburbs.
  • Route 18 travels along Nicollet Avenue through the entirety of Southwest Minneapolis, passing through Eat Street along the way.
  • Route 21 travels along Lake Street from neighborhoods to the east until its end at Uptown Transit Station, passing through Lyn-Lake along the way.
  • Route 23 travels along 38th Street to Bryant Avenue, jogs two blocks north to 36th Street, then travels west to Hennepin Avenue, continuing north from there until its end at the Uptown Transit Station
  • Route 46 travels along 46th Street to 34th Avenue, jogs four blocks north to 42nd Street, then travels west to Cedar Avenue, jogs four blocks south to 46th Street, continuing west from there until either Nicollet Avenue or Bryant Avenue, jogs four blocks south to 50th Street and continues from there into the west suburbs.
  • Route 53 is a limited stop route travelling on Lake Street alongside the 21 (see above); stops are located at Uptown Transit Center, Lake & Girard, Lake & Lyndale, Lake & Nicollet, and Lake & 1st. This service only operates during rush hours, eastbound in the morning and westbound in the afternoon and evening.

By bike edit

  • Midtown Greenway is a bike path (grade-separated east of Hennepin) that runs east-west one block north of Lake Street. It continues east into South Minneapolis, and the west end of the Greenway links to the Southwest LRT Trail that heads to St. Louis Park, Hopkins, and beyond.
  • Kenilworth Trail runs roughly north-south between Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles. It acts as a connector between the Cedar Lake Trail to the north (a commuter trail running between Downtown and the west suburbs) and the Midtown Greenway/Southwest LRT Trail to the south.

By car edit

  • Interstate 35W is along the eastern edge of the district, with exits at Lake Street/31st Street (northbound exit/southbound entrance only), 35th Street/36th Street, 46th Street, Diamond Lake Road, and 60th Street. For northbound travellers, the 31st/Lake exit will be useful for getting to Lyn-Lake and Uptown areas, just travel westbound on either street. Southbound I-35W travellers wanting to get to those two areas should exit onto westbound I-94 (see below).
  • Interstate 94 is to the northeast of the district. The Lyndale Avenue/Hennepin Avenue exit is useful for getting into the area. Follow Lyndale southbound to get to Lyn-Lake or Hennepin southbound to get to Uptown.
  • Interstate 394 is along the northern edge of the district.

See edit

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Museums edit

  • 1 The Bakken Museum, 3537 Zenith Ave S (at 36th St, near W Bde Maka Ska Pkwy), +1 612 926-3878, fax: +1 612 927-7265, . Tu-Su 10AM-4PM. The world's only museum devoted to medical electricity. $13 adults, $10 seniors, $9 students, $7 children 4-17, free admission for children under age 4.    
  • 2 Hennepin History Museum, 2303 3rd Ave S (between 22nd and 24th Sts;   2, 11, 17, 18), +1 612 870-1329, fax: +1 612 870-1320, . Gallery: Th-F 10AM-3PM, Sa 10AM-5PM; library and archives: by appointment. $8 adults, $5 seniors/students.    
  • 3 Minneapolis Institute of Art, 2400 3rd Ave S (at 24th St;   2, 11, 17, 18), +1 612 870-3131, toll-free: +1-888-642-2787. Th-Su 10AM-5PM. "The Minneapolis Institute of Arts houses more than 100,000 objects from diverse cultural traditions spanning 5,000 years of world history.". Free.    
  • 4 The Museum of Russian Art, 5500 Stevens Ave (at Diamond Lake Rd, next to Interstate 35W;   18), +1 612 821-9045, fax: +1 612 821-4392. M-F 10AM-5PM, Sa 10AM-4PM, Su 1PM-5PM. Museum showcases Russian art from the 20th century, including Soviet art. $14 adults, $12 seniors 65+, $5 students, free for children under 14.    

Parks edit

  • 5 Lakewood Cemetery, entrance along 36th St at the foot of Hennepin Ave (  6, 23), +1 612 822-2171. Daily: Summer 8AM-8PM, Labor Day to Fall Daylight Savings 8AM-7PM, Fall Daylight Savings to Spring Daylight Savings 8AM-5PM.    
  • 6 Lyndale Park, 1300 W 42nd St (north of Lake Harriet, south of Lakewood Cemetery, west of Dupont Ave;   4). 6AM-10PM daily. Home to an arboretum, rose gardens, perennial gardens, peace gardens, and a bird sanctuary.    
  • 7 Beard's Plaisance, 4525 Upton Ave S (between 45th and 46th Sts;   6). 6AM-10PM daily. Along the west side of Lake Harriet. Contains a picnic area with a large picnic structure, a playground, and tennis courts.

Do edit

Uptown Theatre at night

Film edit

Head to Uptown for some independent film:

Lakes edit

  • 2 Cedar Lake. Cedar Lake has a shady public swimming beach.    
  • 3 Lake of the Isles. Lake of the Isles has bird sanctuaries on its (officially off-limits) islands, and a public skating rink (with warming house) are groomed in the winter months. Check the newspaper; you may get lucky and catch a world-class speed-skating competition here. Its shores also feature some of the best climbing trees in the city, particularly for those who carry a short rope ladder in their pack.    
  • 4 Bde Maka Ska (formerly Lake Calhoun). Bde Maka Ska has three public beaches and boat rentals (and lessons), and a snack bar that resembles a real restaurant more every summer.    
  • 5 Lake Harriet. Lake Harriet also has boat rentals near its bandshell.    

Theater edit

  • 6 Jungle Theater, 2951 Lyndale Ave S (at Lake;   4, 21), +1 612 822-7063.
  • 7 Bryant-Lake Bowl, 810 W Lake St (at Bryant;   4, 21), +1 612 825-8949. Vintage bowling alley with a small theater attached, hosting various small-scale theater, improv, and music events. The BLB is also a decent dining and drinking option.

Other edit

Streetcar at Linden Hills Station
  • 8 Como-Harriet Streetcar Line, W 42nd St and Queen Ave S (  6). Sa-Su early May through late November, and M-F mid May though early September. Heritage streetcar line running along a one-mile track between Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska (Lake Calhoun), which used to be part of a much longer streetcar line that ran all the way to Lake Como in Saint Paul, hence the name. It is operated by the Minnesota Streetcar Museum, which also operates a heritage streetcar line in Excelsior, near Lake Minnetonka. Its fleet includes two streetcars from the 1900s built by the Twin City Rapid Transit Company and one PCC streetcar from the 1940s built by the St. Louis Car Company. Streetcars begin and end their journey at Linden Hills Station located at 42nd and Queen on the west side of Lake Harriet. There is also a second much less used stop on near the east side of Bde Maka Ska (Lake Calhoun) at 36th Street and Richfield Road. $2 single ride or $5 day pass (also includes rides on the Excelsior streetcar).    

Buy edit

Calhoun Square, Uptown

Asian markets edit

  • 1 Shuang Hur Supermarket, 2710 Nicollet Ave (at 27th St;   18), +1 612 872-8606.
  • 2 Truong Thanh Market, 2520 Nicollet Ave (between 25th and 26th Sts;   18), +1 612 879-0561.

Bookstores edit

  • 3 College of Comic Book Knowledge, 4632 Nicollet Ave (between 46th and 47th Sts;   11, 18, 46), +1 612 822-2309. M-Tu noon-7PM, W 10AM-7PM, Th-Sa 11AM-7PM, Su 11AM-6PM. Great for newer and more mainstream comics.
  • 4 Magers and Quinn, 3038 Hennepin Ave (between Lake and 31st Sts;   6, 12, 17, 21, 23), +1 612 822-4611, toll-free: +1-866-912-6657, . 10AM-10PM daily. New and used books.
  • 5 Once Upon A Crime, 604 W 26th St (between Garfield and Lyndale;   4), +1 612 870-3785. M-Sa 11AM-5:30PM. Mystery bookstore. Ask about The Annex: two giant rooms full of rare first editions, out of print books, magazines, journals, and thousands of hard-to-get gently used volumes. Great for finding new titles and plenty of back-list books for hordes of mystery and thriller writers.
  • 6 Wild Rumpus, 2720 W 43rd St (between Upton and Lake Harriet;   6), +1 612 920-5005. Tu-Sa 10AM-5PM, Su 1PM-5PM. A renowned children's bookstore with a plethora of live animals roaming around; the cats somehow manage to coexist peacefully with the birds, mice, chicken, and other animals.

Clothes edit

  • 7 Ragstock, 1433 W Lake St (between Hennepin and Holmes;   6, 12, 17, 21, 23), +1 612 823-6690. M-Sa 11AM-6PM, Su noon-5PM. A local chain of used clothing stores. Clothing is shipped in from thrift stores across the country and sorted through and either torn to rags for commercial use, or pulled aside to be sold in one of the stores. There are stores around the Twin Cities area in addition to the Uptown location listed above.

Record stores edit

  • 8 Cheapo, 2600 Nicollet Ave (at 26th St;   18), +1 612 827-8238. 10AM-10PM daily. Cheapo specializes in all areas of music as well as DVDs and vinyl records. If you are looking for something that's hard to find, it's a good bet that they will have it. If not, they can order it for you. They also have a large collection of used CDs with huge inventories coming in everyday.
  • 9 Electric Fetus, 2000 4th Ave S (at Franklin Ave;   2, 11), +1 612 870-9300. Tu-Sa 10AM-6PM, Su 11AM-6PM. Possibly the most complete selection of CDs in town across all genres. Hold on tight to your wallet when you walk in here. If there's an obscure CD you've been looking for, this place is likely to have it. Listening stations are posted throughout the store enticing all who enter to try out some new music. It's the place you would go if you had unlimited resources for buying new music. Be prepared to pay full price, although new releases are frequently on sale. Buy four CDs and get a discount. Tickets for local venues are on sale here too.
  • 10 Extreme Noise Records, 407 W Lake St (at Grand Ave;   21), +1 612 842-0100. Noon-8PM daily. Specializes in all punk and subgenres therein. A cooperative run for almost 20 years by local punks. Amazing selection of punk 'zines, CDs, LPs and 7-inches. The place in town for finding hard-to-find punk records, trading punk records, finding other punks, seeking out that basement show, etc. Don't let the punk rock moniker scare the less-than punk away. If you want to see what a truly independent local scene can produce and meet some of the most earnest members of the scene, you must check out Extreme Noise.
  • 11 Roadrunner Records, 4534 Nicollet Ave (between 45th and 46th Sts;   11, 18, 46), +1 612 822-0613. M-Sa 11AM-6PM, Su 10AM-5PM. Has a great selection of independent LPs, CDs and DVDs. Known for their international music section. Punk and alt-country genres don't suffer. A great independent record store with lots of local and independently produced product.

Eat edit

Eat Street edit

  • 1 The Bad Waitress, 2 E 26th St (at Nicollet;   18), +1 612 872-7575. Th-M 7:30AM-3PM, M-Tu closed. Hipster diner. You have to write your order on a ticket and give it to the cashier, hence the restaurant name.
  • 2 Black Forest Inn, 1 E 26th St (at Nicollet;   18), +1 612 872-0812, fax: +1 612 872-0423. 3PM-9PM daily. The most renowned German restaurant in the Twin Cities.
  • 3 Christos, 2632 Nicollet Ave (between 26th and 27th Sts;   18), +1 612 871-2111, fax: +1 612 871-8129. 11AM-8PM daily. Greek.
  • 4 El Mariachi, 2750 Nicollet Ave (at 28th St;   18), +1 612 871-5200. Su-Th 10AM-8PM, F-Sa 10AM-midnight. Mexican.
  • 5 Harry Singh’s Original Caribbean Restaurant, 2653 Nicollet Ave (at 27th St;   18), +1 612 729-6181. Tu-Sa 11:30AM-8PM, Su noon-5PM. The menu at Harry Singh's is dominated by roti wraps and creole rice dishes.
  • 6 Jasmine 26, 8 E 26th St (at Nicollet;   18), +1 612 870-3800. Su Tu-Th 11AM-11PM, F Sa 11AM-midnight. A fancier Vietnamese restaurant operated by the owners of Jasmine Deli. The salt and pepper tofu appetizer is to die for. Vegetarian and vegan friendly.
  • 7 Jasmine Deli, 2532 Nicollet Ave (between 25th and 26th Sts;   18), +1 612 870-4700. Tu-Sa 11AM-8PM, Su-M closed. Ridiculously cheap but well-regarded Vietnamese food. Vegetarian and vegan friendly. No credit cards.
  • 8 Peninsula, 2608 Nicollet Ave (at 26th St;   18), +1 612 871-8282, fax: +1 612 871-2863. Su-M,W-Th 11AM-10PM, F-Sa 11AM-11PM, Tu closed. Malaysian cuisine. They make their own tofu, but vegans beware that it contains egg.
  • 9 Pho 79, 2529 Nicollet Ave (between 25th and 26th Sts;   18), +1 612 871-3226. 10AM-9PM daily. Vietnamese.
  • 10 Pho Tau Bay, 2837 Nicollet Ave (at 29th St/Cecil Newman Ln;   18), +1 612 874-6030. M-Tu 9:30AM-8:30PM, Th-Sa 9:30AM-8:30PM, Su 9:30AM-8PM. Vietnamese.
  • 11 Quang, 2719 Nicollet Ave (between 27th and 28th Sts;   18), +1 612 870-4739. M,W-F 11AM-9PM, Sa 10:30AM-9PM, Su 10:30AM-8:30PM, Tu closed. Vietnamese.
  • 12 Rainbow Chinese Restaurant, 2739 Nicollet Ave (between 27th and 28th Sts;   18), +1 612 870-7084. W-Su 3PM-8:30PM.

Lyn-Lake edit

  • 13 French Meadow Bakery and Cafe, 2610 Lyndale Ave S (at 26th St;   4), +1 612 870-7855, fax: +1 612 870-0907. 7AM-9PM daily. Owner and founder of this excellent bakery and cafe, Lynn Gordon, has a passion for fabulous yeast free breads, and has been an artisan baker since before that term began to be applied to high-quality individual bakers. Virtually everything on the menu is delicious and original, and save room for the desserts and fair trade coffee. On weekends arrive early to avoid the brunch rush. Vegetarian and vegan options available. $4-20, depending on the time of day. Cheapest in the morning.
  • 14 Galactic Pizza, 2917 Lyndale Ave S (at Lake;   4, 21), +1 612 824-9100. Su-Th 11AM-10PM, F-Sa 11AM-11PM. The decor is kitschy. Their stand out feature is not only a little car run 100% by electric power but the delivery driver dons a funky costume while driving said vehicle. If you order the Second Harvest pizza (which is excellent) the business donates a dollar to the Second Harvest Food Bank (for every one ordered). Vegetarian friendly, vegan soy cheese and mockmeats available.
  • 15 Milkjam Creamery, 2743 Lyndale Ave S (at 28th St;   4), +1 612 424-4668. Noon-10PM daily. Ice cream shop with flavors ranging from normal like the Black (very dark cocoa) to odd ones like the Elvis (curry peanut butter banana). Most of the flavors are gluten-free, and some are vegan.
  • 16 moto-i, 2940 Lyndale Ave S (at Lake;   4, 21), +1 612 821-6262. M-F noon-11PM, Sa-Su 11AM-11PM. Japanese restaurant with house-brewed sake and a rooftop patio.
  • 17 Pizza Lucé, 3200 Lyndale Ave S (at 32nd St;   4), +1 612 827-5978. M-F 11AM-midnight, Sa-Su 10AM-midnight (takeout/delivery until 2AM Su-Th, 2:30AM F-Sa). You can get pizza by the slice or sit down and order a whole pie. Vegetarian friendly; vegan soy cheese, nut cheese, and mockmeats available. Also offers gluten-free pizzas.

Uptown edit

  • 18 Barbette, 1600 W Lake St (at Irving;   12, 17), +1 612 827-5710. 8AM-11PM daily. French-inspired cafe. Also hosts the annual Bastille Day block party celebration in the summer. $15-30.
  • 19 Isles Bun and Coffee, 1424 W 28th St (between Hennepin and Humboldt;   6, 12, 17, 21, 23, 612), +1 612 870-4466. Tu-Su 6:30AM-5PM. A classic city bakery and coffee shop. Very limited seating inside, but with sidewalk tables and two blocks to Lake of the Isles it hardly matters. Bakers work in full view in a sunken work area behind the counter, putting out some of the best rolls, buns, and other delectables in the city. Check out the cinnamon roll and their savory breakfast items.
  • 20 Origami, 1354 Lagoon Ave (at Girard, below the Mozaic parking garage facing the plaza;   6, 12, 17, 21, 23, 612), +1 612 223-8666. Su,Tu-Th 4:30PM-9PM, F-Sa 4:30PM-10PM, M closed. Best known for their sushi. Generally a posh, overly-sedate crowd and indifferent service. $15+.

The Wedge edit

  • 21 Namaste Cafe, 2512 Hennepin Ave (at 25th St;   6, 12, 17), +1 612 827-2496. 11AM-10PM daily. Namaste is located in a duplex converted to a restaurant and gift shop, so try to keep your eye out when heading down Hennepin. The owners are Nepali and the food is very similar to Indian cuisine. The cooking is very homey and the prices are quite reasonable for such a prime location. Lunch will cost around $8. Try one of their amazing chai teas; 8 varieties to choose from. They grind their own spices and mix up one heck of a good cup. Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Other areas edit

  • 22 Broders Cucina Italiana, 2308 W 50th St (at Penn Ave;   4, 46), +1 612 925-3113, fax: +1 612 925-9737. Su-M 11AM-8PM, Tu-F 11AM-9PM, Sa 10AM-9PM. Small Italian deli, limited seating available.
  • 23 Broders Pasta Bar, 5000 Penn Ave S (at 50th St;   4, 46), +1 612 925-9202, fax: +1 612 925-9737. Su-Th 4PM-9PM, F-Sa 4PM-9:30PM. The sit-down restaurant operated by the same people that run the deli across the street. The menu features around 20 different past dishes, a mix of new and old favorites. Although reasonably small and often crowded, it is worth the wait!
  • 24 Cavé Vin, 5555 Xerxes Ave S (at 56th St;   6), +1 612 922-0100. Th-Sa 5PM-9PM (last reservations taken at 8PM). Cave Vin features a Mediterranean/French menu. Tons of charm, great food and wine.
  • 25 Hola Arepa, 3501 Nicollet Ave (at 35th St;   18), +1 612 345-5583. Tu-Th 4PM-10PM, F 4PM-11PM, Sa 11AM-11PM, Su 11AM-10PM. Restaurant specializing in Venezuelan arepas, which are cornmeal griddle cakes with various fillings.
  • 26 Pepito's Mexi-Go Deli, 4624 Nicollet Ave (between 46th and 47th Sts;   18, 46), +1 612 825-6311. M-Sa 11AM-9PM, Su 11AM-6PM. Deli-style fast food Mexican. Try the fish tacos, they're fantastic. No alcohol, but fast service and fantastic food for those on the go.
  • 27 Punch Neapolitan Pizza, 3226 W Lake St (inside Greenway Lakes Commons, west of the Lake St/Excelsior Blvd interchange;   12, 17), +1 612 929-0006. M-Th 11AM-9PM, F-Sa 11AM-10PM. Neapolitan pizzeria in a strip mall on the opposite side of the lakes from Uptown. Pizzas are baked in an 800F wood-burning oven for 90 seconds. Punch is one of the few restaurants that actually has certification from the official Napoli pizza organization.
  • 28 Victor's 1959 Cafe, 3756 Grand Ave (at 38th St;   23), +1 612 827-8948. W-Su 9AM-2:30PM. Cuban restaurant with good portions and a somewhat fashionably divey atmosphere; the interior is covered in graffiti from previous patrons. The cafe looks like a shack on the outside and seating is pretty limited; be prepared for long waits on the weekends.

Drink edit

Alcohol edit

  • 1 CC Club, 2600 Lyndale Ave S (at 26th St;   4), +1 612 874-7226. M-F 11AM-2AM, Sa-Su 10AM-2AM. A cheap and popular punk/alternative hangout, a favorite of the Replacements and the setting for their song "Here Comes a Regular.".
  • 2 Red Dragon, 2116 Lyndale Ave S (between Franklin and 22nd St;   2, 4, 17), +1 612 874-8877. M 5PM-1AM, Tu-Th 11AM-1AM, F 11AM-2AM, Sa noon-2AM, Su 2PM-1AM. Nominally a restaurant serving unremarkable grease-bomb Chinese food, the Red Dragon is more noted for its alcohol menu. That menu includes the infamous Wondrous Punch, a mixture of four different kinds of rum with a bit of grenadine and fruit juice; one order of punch is plenty for most people. Specialty drinks $10-13, shots $6.50.

Coffee edit

  • 3 Bob's Java Hut, 2651 Lyndale Ave S (at 27th St;   4), +1 612 871-4485, . Su-Th 7AM-7PM, F-Sa 7AM-8PM. Free wifi. Frequently a day-time biker hang out. Nice staff.
  • 4 Caffetto, 708 W 22nd St (between Lyndale and Aldrich;   2, 4, 17), +1 612 872-0911. 6:30AM-1AM daily. Free wifi.
  • 5 Canteen Local 3255, 3255 Bryant Ave S (at 33rd St;   4), +1 612 824-6611. M-Sa 7AM-5PM, Su 7:30AM-5PM. Free wifi.
  • 6 Five Watt Coffee, 3745 Nicollet Ave (at 38th St;   18, 23), +1 612 259-7519. 7AM-5PM daily.
  • 7 Five Watt Coffee, 3350 Lyndale Ave S (at 34th St;   4), +1 612 354-7029. 7AM-5PM daily.
  • 8 Misfit Coffee, 2401 Lyndale Ave S (at 24th St;   4, 17), +1 612 800-4411. M-Th 7AM-4PM, F 7AM-6PM, Sa 8AM-6PM, Su 8AM-4PM. Misfit started out as a coffee truck but now have a brick-and-mortar location. They offer standard espresso drinks and brewed coffee, plus nitro cold brew and a menu of cold brew-based flavored drinks.
  • 9 Spyhouse Coffee, 2451 Nicollet Ave (at 25th St;   17, 18), +1 612 871-3177. M-F 6AM-9PM, Sa-Su 7AM-9PM. Free wifi.
  • 10 Spyhouse Coffee, 2404 Hennepin Ave (at 24th St;   6, 12, 17), +1 612 377-2278. M-F 6AM-10PM, Sa-Su 7AM-10PM. Free wifi.
  • 11 Uncommon Grounds, 2809 Hennepin Ave (at 28th St;   6, 12, 17, 21, 23), +1 612 872-4811. M-F 1PM-9PM, Sa-Su 9AM-9PM. Located in a renovated Victorian house. Free wifi.

Sleep edit

There aren't many lodging options in Southwest Minneapolis, but the Downtown hotels aren't too far from the Uptown, Lyn-Lake, and Eat Street areas.

  • 1 Moxy Hotel, 1121 W Lake St (at Emerson;   6, 12, 17, 21, 23, 612), +1 612 822-5020. A boutique hotel from the Marriott chain that's mostly oriented to a younger crowd. The guest rooms are modern but on the smaller side. There is a bar and lots of common space on the ground floor. The hotel attracts a party crowd and might not be the best option for those seeking peace and quiet. $100-250.

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  • Much of the artist community that has been priced out of Uptown moved to Northeast.
  • If you're still hungry for more Southeast Asian food after eating your way through Eat Street, there's another large concentration in the Frogtown neighborhood of Saint Paul.
  • If you keep heading north along the trails near Cedar Lake you'll eventually find yourself in Theodore Wirth Park.

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