Russian city; administrative center of Siberian Federal District

Novosibirsk (Russian: Новосиби́рск nuh-vuh-see-BEERSK) is a city of 1.6 million people (2018) in Novosibirsk Oblast, Siberia. Its main interest for visitors is as a stop-off on the Trans-Siberian Railway, two days from Moscow.

Novosibirsk city view

Understand edit

The course of the Trans-Siberian Railway was dictated by where it was possible to span the great rivers of Siberia, and this altered as engineering techniques advanced. To cross the mighty River Ob, they eventually chose the village of Krivoshchekovskaya, founded in 1696. A new town grew up, at first called Novonikolayevsk (Новониколаевск), in honour both of Saint Nicholas and of the reigning Tsar Nicholas II. At the time of the bridge's opening in 1897, Novonikolayevsk's population was 7800; by 1907, when the population exceeded 47,000, it was granted town status with full rights for self-government.

In the 1950s, the Soviet Government directed that a centre for scientific research be built in what was now Novosibirsk, and in 1957, the multi-facility scientific research complex of Akademgorodok was constructed about 30 km south of the city centre. The city expanded rapidly, reaching a population of one million in 1962.

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Novosibirsk is a typical Soviet-era city, laid out on a grid pattern with medium-rise slabby blocks. It's far from beautiful but there's plenty to see to occupy a day or two here. People seldom speak English, but as the Trans-Siberian tourist industry has built up they've become used to foreigners and are generally helpful.

The climate is Siberian. Summers in Novosibirsk are typically warm, but sometimes cool and rainy. Winters are cruel, with temperatures routinely dropping to -20° C and sometimes down to -40° - your life is at risk if you're not properly prepared for such conditions.

Get in edit

By plane edit

To travel between the airport and the city:

  • Bus #111 (35 руб) operates between the airport and the main train station "Novosibirsk-Glavny" (Новосибирск-Главный) and Avtovokzal (Автовокзал), the bus terminal (30 minutes).
  • Minibus #312 operates between the airport and the main train station.
  • Bus #112 (30 руб) operates between the airport and shopping mall "Mega" (IKEA).
  • A taxi takes around 30 minutes and should cost 500 руб if negotiated in advance.

By train edit

The main train station
See also: Trans-Siberian Railway

All Trans-Siberian trains stop at Novosibirsk Vokzal-Glavny Station. You can take this train as far as Moscow, Beijing, Ulaan Baator, or Vladivostok. Additionally, there are regional trains from most nearby cities. Timetables and fares can be searched for on the RZD website. See Russia#By train for general advice on travelling in Russia by train.

The main station, 2 Novosibirsk-Glavny (Новосибирск-Главный) is on Ulitsa Shamshurina, metro station Garina Mikhailovskogo (Гарина Михайловского) is nearby.

Get around edit

On foot edit

The city centre is fairly compact and a walk from the railway station to Lenin's square takes around 20 minutes.

By public transport edit

The Novosibirsk metro system

Public transport includes a Metro system in the city centre as well as buses, trams, marshrutkas and trolleybuses. A ride on intra-city public transport costs 35 руб or less.

The Novosibirsk tram map (2018)

Be careful: The trolleybus line at main street has a terminus called ”Airport", but this is the station for the disused airport, not OVB.

See edit

Novosibirsk's Nikolai Chapel

Museums edit

  • 1 Novosibirsk Museum of Regional Studies (State Museum of Local History and Nature, Museum of History and Ethnography, Новосибиркий Государственный Краеведческий Музей), Krasnyi Prospekt 23 (Metro: Ploschad Lenina), +7 8(383)227-15-43. W F 10:00-18:00, Th 12:00-20:00, Sa Su 13:00-18:00, closed M Tu. History of Novosibirsk and Siberia and its peoples from Mammoth-hunting days through Russian colonisation, the coming of the railway, communism, and today. Audioguide via app. Temporary exhibitions on the top floor. 200 руб.  
  • 2 Novosibirsk State Art Museum (Новосибирский государственный художественный музей), Krasnyi Prospekt 5 (short walk S from Lenin Sq). Tu-F 10:00-18:00, Sa Su 12:00-20:00, closed M. Extensive permanent collection, the Roerichs being especially striking, plus exhibitions. 120 руб, concessions 60 руб.    
  • 3 Novosibirsk Zoo (Новосибирский зоопарк), +7 383 220-97-79. Daily 09:00-21:00. With 10,000 animals, it is one of the largest zoos in Russia. Adults: 300 руб; Children/Students: 150 руб.    
  • USSR Museum (Музей СССР), 1st Mochishchenskoye Highway, 1/6, +7 923 177-88-88. Daily 11:00-19:00. Portraits of USSR leaders and photographs of film actors, cameras and radios, refrigerators and vacuum cleaners, everyday things, postcards, medals, badges and stamps. Adult 500 руб, children 350 руб; veterans, citizens of retirement age, students, large families, citizens with disabilities 350 руб.

Monuments & churches edit

  • As in every Russian city, there are multiple monuments to heroes of the Great Patriotic War (World War II), including an eternal flame guarded at special ceremonies by youths with replica Kalashnikovs.
  • In front of the Opera & Ballet House, Lenin's Square is adorned by a big grey statue of Lenin. His cloak billows out behind like Marilyn Monroe's skirt, as if to show where the Metro passes beneath.
  • The exact geographical centre of the former Soviet Union just south of Lenin Square is marked by the Chapel of Saint Nicholas. It was built in 1915 to commemorate 300 years of Romanov rule, destroyed in 1930 and rebuilt in 1993. The Chapel is tiny, sitting on a traffic island like a clock-tower, yet regular services are held within.
  • A little further S, past the Art Museum, is the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral at 1A Krasnyi Prospekt. Big as it is, you won't see it until you're upon it, as it's somewhat set back from the street.
  • 1 km north of Lenin Sq is Ascension Cathedral, at the corner of Sovietskaya & Gogolya.

Akademgorodok edit

A visit to Akademgorodok, built in the 1950s as an area for academics but suffering from neglect in the post-Soviet years, is still pleasant as a day trip. This formerly elite institution is about 30 km south of the city and features several museums and nice, tree-lined streets.

While you're in the area, you might also visit one of several nice beaches on the Ob Sea, the large body of water created by a dam on the Ob River.

Also south of the city, about 2 km north of Akademgorodok, is the open-air West Siberian Rail Museum. There are about 90 historical trains and rail carriages.

  • 4 Monument to the laboratory mouse (Памятник лабораторной мыши). Bronze statue by local artist Andrey Kharkevich in the park in front of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, erected on 1 July 2013, coinciding with the 120th anniversary of the founding of the city. It commemorates the sacrifices of mice in genetic research to understand biological and physiological mechanisms for the development of new drugs and curing of diseases. The sculpture depicts a laboratory mouse wearing a pince-nez on the tip of its nose, sitting on a granite pedestal. The mouse holds knitting needles in its paws, as if it is knitting a DNA double helix. Viewers will immediately notice that the helix is wound left, whereas DNA is taught in schools to wind right. This is done intentionally to indicate the DNA helix knitted by the mouse is the still poorly understood Z-DNA, as opposed to the wider known B-DNA taught in biology classes.    
  • 5 West Siberian Rail Museum (south of the city, about 2 km north of Akademgorodok, is the open-air West Siberian Rail Museum.). 250 руб.    

Do edit

Tanning at the beach in spring
Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre
  • 1 Opera House (Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater) (In the city centre), +7 383 222-60-40, . Many of the performances are famous works and it is interesting to see the Siberian interpretations. Recommended to purchase tickets in advance.    
  • Since there is plenty of snow in Siberia during the winter, going skiing or ice skating could be a lot of fun in Novosibirsk. There are a lot of ice arenas in the city. Some of them are free of charge, but those don't usually rent skates. The ones that rent skates may be not free of charge. One of the centrally located stadiums is "Spartak".

Buy edit

There are a lot of malls, shops, boutiques and stores in Novosibirsk. They offer a lot of goods from all round the world and you can have a great time while shopping. However, be careful when buying anything there: always check what you buy, before you pay. Sometimes the goods you buy may be produced not by a brand company but by another that has a licence for producing products under the same name. Sometimes the quality of these goods doesn't correspond to the quality of the original brand. This may be especially applied to the European brands. For example, the same scents may have a different aroma in Novosibirsk and somewhere in Europe. It doesn't mean that the goods are of bad quality and you shouldn't shop. But be careful if you want to purchase anything.

You could have a lot of fun if you go to markets like Central Market ("Центральный рынок") or "Baraholka". There you'll see people from around the world selling stuff that is not a known brand but it may have a good quality. Be careful there as well, as you may run into pocket pickers. You may even find some local food there and try some specials. There are a lot of different markets in the city but the most famous are Central Market and Baroholka. You may buy nothing there but what you see, you'll see nowhere in the world. It resembles an Asian market with only difference it's in the Russian way.

Shopping malls edit

Eat edit

There are many good dining options and many local chain restaurants. Lenin Square is a popular place to eat. Italian food, sushi, and Russian food are all very popular. Many cafes offer lunch specials on weekdays.

  • Beerman. Friendly beer restaurants with several locations in the city: Beerman&Grill (1 Vokzalnaya Av., Novosibirsk Hotel), Beerman&Pelmeni (7 Kamenskaya St., Hilton Hotel), Beerman&Pizza (7 Karla Marksa Sq.) Great food and in-house beer.
  • Pechki-Lavochki (Печки-Лавочки), Ulitsa Frunze, 238 (in Sibirskiy Moll), +7 383 335 80 38. Rustic "Traktir"-type restaurants with typical Russian cuisine — grilled and/or smoked beef and pork, sausages. Several kinds of fish dishes. Wide selection of hot and cold appetizers, and hearty soups like Solyanka and Borscht. Mains: 450 руб.
  • Fish Rice (Рыба Рис), Ulitsa Lenina, 1, +7 383 328 15 33. A popular Japanese restaurant where you can get your sushi and kimchee fix, as well as tea.
  • Drovamuka Restaurant, Krasnyy Prospekt, 37, +7 383 227 08 05. daily 11ː00-00ː00. Pizza and pasta and red wine at this Italian/Russian restaurant.

Drink edit

Bars edit

  • Rock City, Krasnyy Prospekt, 37, +7 383 227 01 08. M-F 17ː00-00ː00, Sa Su 12ː00-02ː00 or later.
  • People's Grill & Bar, Ulitsa Vokzal'naya Magistral', 16 (Down a stairway opposite St. Nicholas Chapel), +7 383 222-62-15. 12:00-02:00. Celebrity hangout. Serves burgers, wraps, pasta, pizza, sushi, fajitas and cocktails.
  • Pub 501, ul. Lenina, 20, +7 383 218-09-39. Serves great food as well as drinks. Prices are higher than most places..

Cafes edit

The Russian café chain Coffee House (Кофе Хауз) has several locations in Novosibirsk, but the food is considered to be subpar and overpriced.

  • Travelers Coffee, Several locations. Good selection of tea and coffee. English menu is available. Some light snacks such as sandwiches, wraps, and cheesecakes, muffins and cookies. Free WiFi and plug sockets for your laptop. Very good service.
  • Kardamon, ул. Чаплыгина (Chaplygina) 39. An alternatively looking tea room with nice travellers' atmosphere. Tea for 100 руб, light meals for 100-150 руб.

Sleep edit

With the exception of some high-end hotels, all hotels and hostels offer free WiFi and many have computer terminals. Almost all accept credit cards. Hotels and hostels will usually provide a visa invitation and registration for an additional fee.

Budget edit

  • Khostel Gor'kogo 85, Ulitsa Maksima Gor'kogo, 85 (City center near the Opera House; across the road from Rechnoy Vokzal metro station), +7 913 910-94-04. A modern hostel with excellent security. Could be some communication issues if trying to speak in English and bad smells from the men's bathroom. Dorm bed: 350-700 руб.
  • FunKey Hostel, Frunze st. 5/2 (5 minutes walk from Lenina Square), +7 383 263-65-03. Very spacious and beautiful hostel. Each room is issued in individual style. Spacious drawing room, kitchen. Staff are very friendly. Dorm bed: 500-700 руб.
  • Zokol Hostel, Shchetinkina st. 34 (2 minutes walk from the main street, Lenina St; 10 minute walk from the train station), +7 383 223-36-11. Very comfortable rooms, more akin to a hotel, with single beds and a nice communal kitchen/living area. The staff speaks excellent English and are extremely friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. Dorm bed: 500-900 руб.

Mid-range edit

  • Azimut Hotel Siberia, Lenina Street #21, +7 383 223-12-15. Check-out: exactly 24h after check-in. In a concrete tower. Breakfast buffet. Sauna. From 1600 руб.
  • Centralnaya / Tsentralnaya Hotel, Lenina street 3 (On the street opposite the opera/ballet house.), +7 383 222-72-94, +7 383 222-36-38. Check-in: anytime(?), check-out: exactly 24 hr after check-in. TV, fridge, and sink in the room. Grim, shabby Soviet-era accommodations for the hardy, budget-conscious. Not recommended for families. From 1200 руб; shared bathroom.
  • Metelitsa Hotel, Dobrolyubova, 195, +7 383 285-30-00. Restaurant serves European, Russian and Japanese cuisine. From 2500 руб, breakfast included.
  • Park Inn by Radisson, Ulitsa Dmitriya Shamshurina 37, +7 383 230-08-80, . From 3200 руб.
  • River Park. Formerly known as the Ob Hotel, on the bank of the Ob River, is situated close to the Metro just southeast of the city centre. After being gutted by fire in the 1990s, it has been refurbished, with reasonably clean rooms, a business centre, and a nice Russian restaurant on the first floor. No English-language television or air conditioners, but there are plenty of rooms with private bathrooms. Single: 2800 руб; Double: 4000 руб.

Splurge edit

Connect edit

Internet edit

Many cafes and restaurants offer either free or paid WiFi. There is also WiFi available in the main train station, public libraries, shopping malls, cinemas, universities and other establishments.

Internet cafes and computer clubs are also commonly found.

Consulates edit

Visa centers edit

  •               Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Malta, and Spain (EU Visa Center), Sibirskaya street, 57, +7 383 209-0379. M-F 09:00-16:00.
  •   Italy, Lenina street, 52, +7 383 238-0723, fax: +7 383 238-0723. M-F 09:00-16:00.

Stay safe edit

While it's better to stay away from some run-down areas the overall situation is not bad. Pervomayskiy rayon and far-off neighbourhoods of Leninskiy and Kirovskiy rayons should be avoided at any time.

The safest place is the centre (nearby Lenin Square).

Go next edit

Omsk and Tomsk are reachable by train within a day. For Kazakhstan, the train will involve a zig-zag via Petropavlovsk, but there's a regular bus direct to Astana.

Routes through Novosibirsk
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