city in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan

Numazu (沼津) is a city in Shizuoka.

Numazu and Mount Fuji

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Numazu is on the JR Tokaido Main Line between Atami and Shizuoka. It is also the terminus of the JR Gotemba Line.

Some direct local trains on the Tokaido Line depart from Tokyo Station early in the morning and late in the afternoon, otherwise you will have to change trains at Atami (2 hours, ‎¥2270). You cannot use an IC card if you travel from east of Atami, including Tokyo, as the station is operated by JR Tokai. If you accidentally use an IC card to enter the railway, get a fare ticket at a fare-adjustment machine at Atami.

The nearest bullet train station is in Mishima on the Tokaido Shinkansen, from which local trains run to Numazu in 5 minutes. From Tokyo, taking a Kodama service from Tokyo to Mishima and changing to a local train will bring the travel time down to 70 minutes (‎¥4000).

All of these trips are free with the Japan Rail Pass.

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Fujikyu and Keio are among the major bus companies that operate to Numazu. Buses run from Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal (Busta Shinjuku) and Shibuya Station, running to Numazu in 2½-3 hours depending on stops (¥2160). These buses make a rest stop at the Ashigara Service Area on the expressway along the way.

There is also an overnight bus service to Numazu from Kyoto (¥7000) and Osaka (¥7500) operated by Fujikyu Bus.

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Map of Numazu

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Senbon Beach. famous pine grove.
  • 1 Senbon Beach (千本浜), Honji-Senbon 1910-1 (本字千本1910-1) (from Numazu Station (沼津駅) take the Tokai bus to Senbon-hama-koen (千本浜公園) or take the Izu-Hakone bus to Senbon-iriguchi (千本入口)). Always open. Famous beach and park in Numazu, named after the numerous pines in the park. On a clear day, Mt. Fuji can be seen from the park. You can walk in the pine grove and escape reality and kick back and relax. Free.
  • 2 [dead link] View-O (びゅうお), Senbon 1905-27 (千本1905-27) (take a bus from Numazu Station (沼津駅) to Numazu Port (沼津港) or to Byuuo-iriguchi (びゅうお入口), or, walk south along Prefectural Road 159 from the station). 10:00-20:00 (14:00 on Thursdays). A large water gate to protect the port in case of a tsunami. Great views of the city, Mt. Fuji, the sunset. ¥100 for admission, ¥50 for children; re-entry possible.  
  • 3 Numazu Deepblue Aquarium (沼津港深海水族館), Senbon-Minato-Cho 83 (千本湊町83) (take a bus from Numazu Station (沼津駅) to Numazu Port (沼津港)), +81 55-954-0606. 10:00-18:00, hours may vary depending on season. The aquarium contains exhibits on various deep-sea creatures that live in the nearby Suruga bay, the deepest in Japan. English exhibits available. ¥1600 for adults, ¥800 for children.

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  • Walking or biking a dike. On the beach, there is a long dike from Numazu to Fuji city. So many people walk, run, and ride a bike here to exercise and relax. You can do that while watching Mt.Fuji and Bay of Suruga. The scene is so beautiful!
  • Playing in the House of Nature. This is the place where people, especially children play with nature. You can play everything with nature. You can climb trees, explore the mountain, watch birds, and so on. You can stay there and camp. If you want to feel nature, you have to go there right now.
  • Walk to the sea. From the Numazu Station, you can take a walk to the sea along the Kano-river, the largest river in Numazu. People will relax, ride a waterbike and so on along the banks. In summer, the city has a fireworks display which draws a good crowd of spectators. This is the famous display around the cities.
  • 1 Mount Hottanjo (発端丈山) (There are various trail heads, check the website for details. You can take a bus south from Numazu station to one of the following stops in Uchiura: Mito (三津), Sea Paradise Parking Lot (シーパラ駐車場), Nagahama (長浜), Nagahama-Jo-Ato (長浜城跡). Alternatively, hike over from atop of Mt. Katsuragi, accessible by ropeway near Izu-Nagaoka Station.). A mountain near the town of Uchiura (内浦). Offers incredible views of Mt. Fuji. The image of Mt. Fuji as shown on this page is taken from this mountain.
  • 2 Pick Mikans at the Kishou-kanko Mikan Orchard (木負観光みかん園), Nishiura-Kishou 289 (西浦木負289) (Take the Tokai bus (50 min.) from Numazu Station (沼津駅) to Kishou-Noukyou (木負農協).), +81 55-942-2589. 09:00-16:00 (last entry 15:30), open from mid-Sep to mid-Dec. Mikans are produced around southern Numazu. You can come pick them for yourself at the Kishou-kankou Mikan Orchard south of Uchiura town. ¥600 all you can eat, other courses available.

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Nakamise Shopping Arcade
  • 1 Nakamise Shopping Arcade (仲見世商店街) (1 block west of the south exit (南口) of Numazu station). Nakamise is a shopping arcade stretching south from nearby the station. It is like shopping arcades around Japan with many different shops and stalls selling things such as clothes, flowers, and books. The arcade is covered and is perfect for shopping on rainy days. There are also many shops in the surrounding areas of Nakamise.
  • 2 Numazu Port Chidori Himono Center (沼津港千鳥ひものセンター), Senbon-Minato-Cho 128 (千本港町128) (Take a bus from Numazu Station (沼津駅) to Numazu Port (沼津港).). 09:00-18:00 daily. Dried fish (Himono) is somewhat of a local specialty. There is a wide variety here at the Chidori Himono Center right by Numazu Port. Don't miss out on the annual Himono Festival held here in Numazu around summer. In July 2018, the city broke the Guinness World Record for having the longest line of edible fish (3287) at the Himono Festival.

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seafood shops and restaurants at port Numazu
Noppo bread
  • Seafood Restaurants around Numazu Port. There are various restaurants and stalls selling seafood around Numazu Port.
    • 1 Maruten (丸天 みなと店), Senbon-Minato-Cho 100-1 (千本港町100-1). 10:00-21:45 (last order 21:00; closed Thursdays; if a holiday falls on a Thursday, it will be closed on Wednesday instead). A big bowl of seafood-kakiage is recommended. Seafood-kakiage is the food that mixture of seafood and flour is fried. When you enter the shop, you can be surrounded by lively atmosphere. You can feel an active atmosphere of a fishing port there.
    • 2 Numazu Burger (沼津バーガー), Senbon-Minato-Cho 83-1 (千本港町83-1). M-F 09:00-18:00; Sa Su 09:00-20:00. A fast food burger shop selling burgers with fried seafood patties.
  • Noppo bread (のっぽパン). This brand of bread is a favorite for people living in Shizuoka prefecture and is only produced here. It is a long soft bread, with filling in the middle. There are many flavors to choose from, like, strawberry jam, chocolate, mikan marmalade, peanut butter and so on. You can find Noppo bread in pretty much any supermarket or convenience store around the area.

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  • Fujinomiya, Gotemba: The two cities are by the foot of Mt. Fuji. Fujinomiya on the west side and Gotemba on the south side. Go there for up close views of Mt. Fuji or for the trail heads to climb Mt. Fuji. Go to Fujinomiya to access the Fujinomiya trail and Gotemba to access the Subashiri and Gotemba trail.
  • Mishima
  • Izunokuni: Known for the Izu-Nagaoka hot-springs. Part of a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Nirayama Reverberatory Furnace, is also in Izunokuni. Izu-Nagakoa may be accessed by bus from Numazu station: take the Izu-Hakone bus to Nagaoka Station (長岡駅); or by train: transfer to the Izu-Hakone Sunzu Line at Mishima.
  • Shizuoka
  • Atami
  • Izu
  • Nishiizu
  • Kawazu
  • Odawara
Routes through Numazu
ShizuokaFuji  W   E  MishimaTokyo
ShizuokaShin-Fuji  W   E  Gotemba
ShizuokaFuji  W   E  GotembaTokyo

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