Nyíregyháza is the county seat and largest city in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county in Eastern Hungary.

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Some of the most popular attractions can be found north of the city in the suburb of Sóstó. The city is mostly looked over by American and British tourists, though often visited by Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, and certainly Hungarian visitors.

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Train station in Nyíregyháza

By bus edit

  • 3 Bus Station (Autóbuszállomás), Petőfi tér (200 m north of train station), +36 42 598177. More direct lines:Eger (2-3 per day), Fehérgyarmat (four per day), Kisvárda (four per day, 1 hr 25 min), Mátészalka (every half hour until ~19:00, 1½ hr), Miskolc (2-3 per day), Nyírbátor (16 or more per day), Sárospatak (one morning, one afternoon), Tokaj (one morning, one afternoon), Vásárosnamény (16+ per day, 1hr 18min). Tiszafüred (Tisza Lake) via Debrecen (four per day).

By train edit

  • 4 Train Station (Nyíregyháza Vasútállomás). Direct international service to Kyiv, Lviv, and Moscow. - Trains leave from both the Budapest Nyugati and Keleti stations (hourly, Ft 5200, 2nd cl., three hours ). With InterCity You will have to pay an additional fee for your seat reservation (automatically issued at the ticket counter), but the limited seats may disappear quickly, especially on weekends when many students are travelling to and from the capital. InterCity trains run either through Debrecen (hourly, Ft 1100, ~30 min) or Miskolc (hourly until 23:00, ~Ft 1900, 1 hour). Szolnok (hourly until 23:00, ~Ft 3700, 2 hours). Mátészalka: there are a couple of direct trains, but buses better (prices 2nd cl., IC, 2014). Timetable

If you choose not to take an InterCity to Budapest, the journey will last closer to 4 hours as the train makes more stops. The train also will likely be less clean and less comfortable.

By car edit

M3 motorway connects Nyíregyháza directly to Budapest. Otherwise from Polgár take route #36. From Miskolc take #37 to #38. From Debrecen take route #4.

By taxi

There are three main two companies in the city: Bolt taxi , Szabolcs Taxi , they both have applications as well.

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Szabolcs Volán bus
Map of Nyíregyháza

The train station is located about 15- to 20-minute walk outside of the town center. Szabolcs Volán runs bus service throughout the city and to small villages in the region as well. Nearly all the buses from the train station (except #6 and #16) run through the city center. If going to Sóstó, Bus #8 (but not #8A) leaves from the train station and town center.

All tickets can be bought from any newspaper kiosk or from the driver at an additional cost.

See edit

Open Air Museum of Sóstó

The city is mostly devoid of must-see attractions, though you can take many pleasant walks with the squares and parks or see an exhibit or two. You will most likely want to spend most of your time in Sóstó to see the excellent Open Air Museum and the lake.

Museums, galleries, and collections edit

  • 1 Open Air Museum of Sóstó (Sóstói Múzeumfalu), Nyíregyháza-Sóstó, Tölgyes utca 1, +36 42 500552. It wonderfully preserves the architecture and customs of rural life in the region from a hundred years ago. The museum also often holds festivals and events where visitors can step back in time and experience life the way it used to be.
  • 2 Jósa András Museum (Jósa András Múzeum), Benczúr tér 21. The city's main museum and houses several permanent exhibits and occasional temporary ones. The permanent collection includes exhibits on local painter Gyula Benczúr, the life and works of local author Gyula Krúdy, the life of the museum founder Jósa András, the history of Nyíregyháza until World War I, the Hungarian cavalry or huszárs, and the history of money.
  • 3 Greek Catholic Art Collection (Görög Katolikus Egyházművészeti Gyűjtemény), Bethlen Gábor utca 5. Artistic relics of the Hungarian Greek Catholic church dating back as far as the 16th century.
  • 4 Water Supply Historical Collection of the Upper-Tiszanian Region (Felső-Tisza-vidéki Vízügyi Történeti Gyűjtemény), Móricz Zsigmond utca 48. The collection contains items, photos, and portraits relating to water engineering in the county for the past 100 years.
  • 5 Kállay Collection (Kállay Gyűjtemény), Széchenyi utca 1. Items relating to and owned by former prime minister Miklós Kállay.

Places of Worship edit

Roman Catholic Temple

Nyíregyháza has long been a city of religious diversity and five different religions are represented in the downtown.

  • 6 Greek Catholic Church (Görög Katolikus templom), Bethlen Gábor u, 7.
  • 7 Roman Catholic Temple, Kossuth tér, 4.
  • 8 Reform Church (Református templom), Kálvin tér (just south of Kossuth tér), +36 42 507048.
  • 9 Lutheran Church (Evangélikus templom), Luther str., 1, +36 42 508770.
  • 10 Orthodox Synagogue, Sip u. This synagogue is no longer used, though it has been restored and can be visited.

Do edit

Nyírség Autumn and Fruit Carnival (Nyírségi Ősz- és Gyümölcskarnevál). September is the best time to visit the city as the first weekend kicks off the Autumn and Fruit Carnival. Parade floats are made entirely out of fruits grown in the region. Besides the parades, free concerts are held in Kossuth square.

  • 1 Nyíregyházi Zoo (Nyíregyházi Állatpark, Sóstó Zoo) (near the #8 bus stop in Sóstó). Considered one of the best zoos in the country behind the zoo in Budapest. The zoo has a wide variety of animals from all the regions of the world, including Africa (lions, giraffes, elephants), North America (buffalo, cougars, raccoons), and the polar regions (polar bears, penguins).
  • Móricz Zsigmond town theater (Móricz Zsigmond Színház), Bessenyei tér 13. Plays are frequently performed here in Hungarian.
  • 2 City stadium (Városi stadion), Sóstói út 24/a. (north of the downtown, bus #8 or #8A). Nyíregyháza Spartacus is the local soccer team nicknamed "Szpari." They play here. The team plays in the NB I, Hungary's top professional league.
  • Hungarian Palinka Tasting (Zsindelyes pálinkakóstolás) Pamper your taste buds with a wide selection of different Premium Pálinkas, by Zsindelyes.

Bath houses edit

Sóstó fürdőház

Thanks mostly to Sóstó (which is Hungarian for "Salt Lake"), Nyíregyháza has many opportunities to spend time in the water, for recreation or health.

  • 3 Aquapark (Aquarius Élményfürdő), Sóstói út, +36 42 596860, fax: +36 42 596860, . Jun-Aug: 09:00-20:00. A waterpark that is divided into three "worlds": thermal world, which is like a traditional bathhouse; fun world, which has slides and wave pools; and children's world, designed for little children. Daily ticket Ft 2900. After 16:00 Ft 1900, cabin rentals Ft 1900, lockers Ft 500, hangers Ft 300, a store of value Ft 700, electronic wristband with credit facility Ft 9,000, solarium (3 minutes) Ft 300 (2014).
  • 4 Park baths (Parkfürdő), Bernát u. 1-3 / Sóstói út 66 (in Sóstó, one min from local Tourinfo), +36 42 475736, +36 42 500-106, fax: +36 42 500107. Jun-Aug: 09:00-20:00. A small waterpark with 7 pools, a giant slide, a mini-golf course, and nudist bathing (only on the female side). Daily ticket Ft 2900. After 16:00 Ft 1900.
  • 5 Sóstó bathhouse and hotel (Sóstó fürdőház), Nyíregyháza - Sóstógyógyfürdő, Sóstói út 75? (North shore of the Lake), +36 42 411191, fax: +36 42 500107. Hotel: 24/7, bath: daily 08:00-21:00, spa service: daily 08:00-20:00. 2 mineral pools ideal for relaxing in, a jacuzzi, and a sauna. The most expensive of all the places in town as tickets start at Ft 1990 for an adult day ticket.
  • 6 Lakeside baths (Tófürdő), Tófürdő, Blaha Lujza sétány 1 (on the southern side of Sóstó lake), +36 42 500 106. Your only chance to swim in the lake. Only open from July to August.
  • 7 Júlia Bath (Júlia Fürdő), Malom u. 19 (Center), +36 42 504-030. Morning swim M-F 6:00-09:00, M-Th 10:00-20:00, F 10:00-23:00, Sa Su 09:00-20:00. The only bathhouse in Nyíregyháza. It is cheaper than the ones in Sóstó, and as such tends to be a bit more crowded. As a plus, there is a large pool specifically for swimming and not just sitting, as well as a warm thermal pool outdoors. The steam room is included in the admission, but you have to pay extra to use the sauna. Adult Ft 1600, swimming ticket (before opening period of 3 hours) Ft 900, traditional sauna (unlimited) Ft 1200, Finnish sauna (for 2 hours) Ft 12000, each additional hour Ft 2200, Infrared sauna (30 minutes) Ft 500.

Buy edit

  • 1 Market (Piac). open daily. For some fresh food.
  • Flea Market (by the airport: take bus #1 and you can't miss it). every weekend. The real show is this: hundreds of stalls selling all sorts of items, mostly of Chinese origin. This market is often frequented by Ukrainians and Romanians, which only adds the adventure.
  • 2 Nyír Plaza (Nyírplaza), Szegfű u. 75 (outside the city center, directly accessible only by the infrequent #11 bus or walking). A small shopping mall and contains various shops, a food court, a bowling alley, and a multiplex movie theater.
  • 3 Renomé, Szent István u. 4. (In the city center), +36 (42) 410 437. Stationery and other office supplies.
  • 4 Flower Factory, Hősök tere 15., +36 30 337 5577. 10AM-5PM. Shop for fresh roses, carnations and other flowers.

Eat edit

Gyros at the Nyíregyháza Train Station

As with all of Hungary, expect to find lots of places to eat a gyros. However, in the Nyíregyháza region you shouldn't expect the gyros to be served in a pita. It is always served inside a large hot dog bun with chicken meat.

Budget edit

  • 1 Csillag Ételbár, Szarvas u. 2.
  • 2 Óriás Hambi és Gyri Bár, Kossuth utca 33.
  • 3 Nyíri Fészek Kisvendéglő, Rákóczi u. 26.
  • 4 Belvárosi Főzi, Bercsényi u. 4.
  • 5 Menza Restaurant, Sóstói út 2-4.

Mid-range edit

  • 6 Hedonist Restaurant, Benczúr Gyula tér 23.
  • 7 Keszegsütő, Dózsa György u. 70.
  • 8 Boatclub, Belső krt. 30.

Splurge edit

Drink edit

  • John Bull Pub on Dózsa György u. 1., across the street from City Hall has a fantastic selection of Hungarian food and beer. Surprisingly, locals rarely come here and the restaurant is mostly frequented by foreign businessmen.

Sleep edit

Youth hostel edit

  • 1 Kis Vakond Children - and Youth Camp (Kis Vakond Gyermek – és Ifjúsági Szaktábor), Nyíregyháza-Sóstógyógyfürdő, Szódaház u. 4-6 (N six km), +36 42 443526, +36 42 440179, +36 42 784075, +36 30 3228638 (Mobile), +36 30 3228638 (Mobile), fax: +36 42 595374, . A peaceful environment, near to the forest, at the lake. Suggested for entertainment and sport, Services: suitable for disabled people, garden, children's playground, children's supervision, board games, conference facilities, Table Tennis, Games, BBQ Facilities. Two quadruple rooms, nine multiple bed rooms. Ft 3140-4710.

Hotels edit

  • 2 Hotel Barbizon (Barbizon Hotel), Szódaház u. 14. (N 6 km), +36 42 475731, . Near the forest. Services: Banquet, garden, music bar, room service, catering, massage, babysitting/child services, children's Supervisory, open private parking in the yard, room-service, 24-hour reception, site suitable for conferences, sat TV in room.
  • 3 Bessenyei Hotel, Sóstói út 31/B. (N one and half km), +36 42 599400, +36 30 8362-110, +36 42 599-427, . Air-conditioned rooms: 40 x 2 bed, 2 x 3-bed and 8 for handicapped guest. Single/double Ft 4800/7600, all tax included. Breakfast Ft 1000, extra bed Ft 2700.
  • 4 Hotel Dzsungel, Nyíregyháza - Sóstógyógyfürdő, Blaha Lujza stny. 41. (West of the Lake, next to ZOO), +36 42 479710, +36 20 3626717, . 16 rooms and 2 suites, all rooms with shower or bath, +36 20 3626717. Two/four-bed room with shower Ft 10 000/20 000, 4-seater family room with corner Ft 22000, Flamingo / White Tiger Suite Ft 25 000/27 000.
  • 5 Hotel Furdohaz (Hotel Fürdőház), Nyíregyháza-Sóstógyógyfürdő, Sóstói út 75. (Sos Lake North Shore), +36 42 411191. 24/7. Single/double Ft 16 000/24 000 (high season), three-course supper Ft 2500.
  • 6 Korona Hotel, Dózsa György utca 1 (Center), +36 42 409-300, +36 30 3382517 (Mobile), fax: +36 42-409-339, . In the centre of the city, it became famous among tourists aiming to visit the eastern part of the country, and among internal and foreign businessmen. 35 air-conditioned rooms, among them is the Korona Hall event room. Single/double from Ft 15 000/6000 Breakfast daily 07:00-10:00, Ft 1500/person. Lunch menus (Ft 11:30-14:00) prepaid Ft 700, for payment at checkout Ft 900.
  • 7 Hotel Pagony (Hotel Pagony Wellness & Conference), Ilonatanya 15 (NE two km, near to Hwy #4), +36 42 501210, fax: +36 42 501211, . Rooms: Four singles, 18 + 46 double rooms, four apartments and four suites. Single Ft 9900, double Ft 14 500-Ft 19 900, apartment Ft 29 000, suite Ft 29 000.
  • 8 Ozoon Hotel (Ózoon Hotel), Csaló köz 2., +36 42 402 001. Features a children's playground and the price includes unlimited free entry to the Nyíregyháza Zoo. Double/family rooms from Ft 12 000/22 000.
  • 9 Pangea Hotel, 4431 Nyíregyháza, Blaha Lujza stny. 15, +36 42 200 551. Next to Sosto Lake and on the edge of Nyiregyhaza’s Zoo.
  • Zsindelyes Cottage (Zsindelyes Esküvő), 4245 Érpatak, Zsindelyes tanya 3, +36 30 279 1726, .

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  • Balmazújváros - A few daily buses, more trains all via Debrecen (~Ft 1500, 1-2½ hours depend of connections. Local History Museum, Peter Veres Memorial Exhibition, Semsey Palace.
  • Debrecen (Take an IC train, hourly, Ft 1100, ~30 min) — the second largest city in the country
  • Eger (Direct buses (2-3 per day)). Eger is best known for its castle, thermal baths, historic buildings (including the northernmost Turkish minaret), dishes and red wines.
  • Lake Tisza (Hungarian: Tisza-tó), Tiszafüred (Buses to Tiszafüred resort town via Debrecen). Hungarians began to flock to the site for holidays, since it compared favorably with the crowded and expensive Lake Balaton, the traditional holiday site. The lake (or reservoir) has a new local ecology with a diversity of birds, plants, and animals.
  • Hajdúszoboszló (IC trains (hourly until 23:00, ~Ft 1800, less than an hour)). Aa very nice bath city, also excellent for a day trip.
  • Mátészalka (Buses, every half hour until ~19:00, 1½ hr, also a few direct train), — a small town famous for its early 20th-century Jewish history and its vibrant flea-market in modern times.
  • Miskolc (IC trains, hourly until 23:00, ~Ft 1900, one hour, 2014) — the third largest city in Hungary, near the Bükk hills.
  • Szolnok (Take an IC train, hourly until 23:00, ~Ft 3700, 2 hours). A small city on the banks of the Tisza river
  • Tokaj (Buses, one morning, one afternoon, ~ an hour) — Hungary's most famous wine region.
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