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Karanganyar is a regency in Central Java. It's home for Mount Lawu and Astana Giribangun.

Understand edit

The capital city of Karanganyar regency is Karanganyar town. Most of the people in Karanganyar are Javanese who speak Javanese and understand Indonesian.

Get in edit

Map of Karanganyar

By plane edit

The nearest airport is 1 Adisumarmo International Airport (SOC IATA) in Solo.

By car edit

From Solo, you may go to the east 20km to reach downtown Karanganyar.

By bus edit

If you want to go to Mount Lawu, you can also ride a bus from Solo to the 2 Tawangmangu bus terminal.

Get around edit

By ride hailing app edit

Ride-hailing apps have been provided in Karanganyar by Gojek and Grab.

See edit

Historical monuments edit

  • 1 Giyanti Treaty Monument (Situs Perjanjian Giyanti), Kerten, Jantiharjo. There are large trees and stones as witnesses of the Giyanti agreement in 1755 which divided the Mataram Sultanate into the two kingdoms of Yogyakarta and Surakarta.
  • 2 Taman Pancasila, Jl. Lawu, Dompon. Pancasila monument. Free.
  • 3 Astana Giribangun, Girilayu Village. The mausoleum of Soeharto, Indonesia's second president.    

Waterfalls edit

Grojogan Sewu waterfall
  • 4 Grojogan Sewu waterfall (Air terjun Grojogan Sewu).  
  • 5 Jumog waterfall (Air terjun Jumog).    
  • 6 Parang Ijo waterfall (Air terjun Parang Ijo).
  • 7 Kedung Sriti Waterfall (Air terjun Kedung Sriti).

Temple ruins edit

Sukuh Temple

Ruins of the temple built at the end of the period of Hinduism in Java.

  • 8 Ceto Temple (Candi Cetho). A fifteenth-century Javanese-Hindu temple that is located on the western slope of Mount Lawu.    
  • 9 Sukuh Temple (Candi Sukuh). A fifteenth-century Javanese-Hindu temple that is located in Berjo,.It's famous for its unique shape that resembles Mayan pyramids.    

Do edit

Mountaineering edit

Mount Lawu from afar.
  • 1 Mount Lawu. A dormant volcano which straddles the border between Central Java and East Java. A hike to the peak (3,265 m) takes 7 hours.    

Paragliding edit

  • 2 Paralayang Kemuning, Segorogunung, Ngargoyoso, +62 813 808 23113. 24 hours. Doing an extreme sport, paragliding with amazing natural landscapes. Rp420,000-570,000.

Recreation edit

A steamed loco in Sondokoro, Tasikmadu Sugar Mill
  • 3 Sondokoro Agrotourism (Agrowisata Sondokoro), Jl. Mangkunegara Bojonegara, Nglande Wetan, Ngijo, Kec. Tasikmadu, +62 271 495562. 08:00-14:30. A park at Tasikmadu sugar factory with a playground, climbing wall, aquarium, aviaries, and a water park. You may ride old sugarcane steamed train there.
  • 4 Agrowisata Amanah. It is an agriculture-themed attraction on the slopes of Mount Lawu. It has ATV, flying fox, jembatan ogal agil, and wall climbing. You can also see an organic fruit and vegetable farm. You can also interact with farm animals such as goats, horses, cows, rabbits, ducks, and chickens. It also has a swimming pool and a restaurant.
  • 5 Taman Wisata Balekambang Tawangmangu, Jl. Balaikambang, Kalisoro, Tawangmangu, +62 813 28263500. 09:00-17:00. A theme park.

Farm tour edit

  • 6 Rumah Atsiri Indonesia, Jl. Watusambang, Plumbon, +62 812 111 22263. 10:00-17:00. Essential oils tour.
  • Lembah Hijau Agrotourism (Agrowisata Lembah Hijau), Jaten. 8:00-17:00. Learn the basic thing in breeding and farming. Entry fee: Rp3,000.

Tubing edit

Jogging edit

  • 9 Karanganyar Square (Alun-Alun Karanganyar). Take a troll or hanging around in the city park.
  • 10 Delingan Dam (Waduk Delingan), Pojok, Delingan. Do jogging or cycling around the dam. The view is Mount Lawu.

Learn edit

  • 10 Museum Manusia Purba Sangiran Klaster Dayu, Gondangrejo. Tu-Su, 09:00-15:00. An ancient fossil museum.
  • 11 Museum Keris Brojobuwono, Gondangrejo. Tu-Su, 09:00-16:00. A Kris museum.
  • 12 Museum Jamu Hortus Medicus B2P2TOOT, Jalan Raya Lawu KM. 11, +62 271 697410. 07:00-11:00. A Jamu (Javanese herbal drink) museum.

Buy edit

Souvenirs edit

  • Kemuning tea (Teh Kemuning), a specialty tea from Tawangmangu, Karanganyar.
  • Timus lumer, timus is a traditional Javanese snack made from sweet potato specialty from Karanganyar. In Tawangmangu, the timus lumer use purple sweet potato and is filled with various flavour those are chocolate, cappuccino, tiramisu, mozzarella, and mix.

Markets edit

  • 1 Pasar Jungke Karanganyar, Dompon. A traditional market.
  • 2 Pasar Wisata Tawangmangu. Buy ornamental plants or garden plants.Also, you may buy snacks, fruits, and vegetables there.

Eat edit

There are various Javanese snacks such as jadah tempe, kripik bayam, kripik pare, lenjongan, molen mini, sagon, wajik, and so on.

Budget edit

Indonesian edit

  • 1 Sop Iga Bu Ugi, Jl. Raya Tawangmangu, Kramat, Kalisoro, +62 271 697430. 05:00-19:00. Beef rib in a clear vegetable soup. From Rp30,000.
  • 2 Soto Karang, Jl. Lawu No. 428 Badranasri, Cangakan Timur, Cangakan, +62 851 051 09000. Daily 07:00-20:00. Serves beef ribs soto. Rp36,000.

Javanese edit

  • 3 Ayam Tim Barokah, Jl. Lawu, Krangean, Nglebak, +62 821 346 29173. 09:00-17:30. Traditional Ayam tim dish.
  • 4 Ayam Tim Mbok Iyem, Karangpandan, Karang Kulon, +62 852 299 99955. 08:00-17:00. Traditional Ayam tim dish. From Rp30,000.
  • 5 Sate Kelinci Pak Temon, Jl. Lawu No.16, Nano. 08:30-21:00. A rabbit satay dish. From Rp15,000.
  • 6 Sego Gablok Pasar Tawangmangu, Jalan Raya, Nano. 14:00-19:00. Sego gablok Tawangmangu is a specialty rice dish in Tawangmangu. It is coconut milk spiced rice wrapped in banana leaf. Eaten with another banana leaf-wrapped side dish like Bothok so/mlanding and Gadon ayam.

Drink edit

Coffee shops edit

  • 1 Inklusif Coffee & Co., Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto, RT.4/RW.1, Gaum, +62 812 256 68287. 12:00-21:00. From Rp20,000.
  • 2 Heika Kopi Karanganyar, Jl. Kapten Mulyadi, Badran Asri, Jungke. 10:00-23:00. From Rp17,500.
  • 3 Sakaw Coffee & Bites, Jl. Lawu Lestari, Kalisoro, +62 271 696148. 08:00-23:00. The coffee shop with various menus. It also serve traditional Javanese snack, Singkong goreng and Pisang owol. It also sells many variations of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Local drinks edit

  • 4 Dawet Lawu, Pasar Tawangmangu. A purple dawet drink made from rice flour and purple sweet potato.

Sleep edit

  • 1 Facade Boutique Hotel Tawangmangu by Azana, Jl. Balaikambang, Kalisoro, Kec. Tawangmangu, +62 812 66888821. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. From Rp240,000.  
  • 2 Hotel Komajaya Komaratih, Jl. Lawu Kav. 150-151, Tawangmangu, Kalisoro, Kec. Tawangmangu, +62 271 697125. Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 12:00. Rp190,000.
  • 3 Hotel dan Garden Resto Pondok Asri, Jl. Lawu, RT.01/RW.03, Kalisoro, Kec. Tawangmangu, +62 271 697067. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. There is a park and a children's playground. A restaurant is available. From Rp400,000.
  • 4 Hotel Taman Sari (RedDoorz Plus Alun Alun Karanganyar), Jl. Raya Solo-Tawangmangu No. 98. Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 12:00. From Rp128,250.  

Connect edit

By phone edit

The telephone area code of Karanganyar is 0271.

By mail edit

  • 1 Karanganyar Post Office (Kantor Pos Karanganyar), Jl. Lawu No.8, Cangakan Timur, Cangakan.

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