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  • Function: This template automatically numbers listings (Points of Interest) which have geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) given and is typically used in-line in the prose of articles.
  • Usage: {{marker|type=|name=|wikidata=}}
  • Recommended parameters:
    • |type type of listing (see, do, buy, eat, drink, sleep, listing, around, city, other, go, vicinity) — defaults to "listing"
    • |name name of listing
    • Either
      • |wikidata if specified, the missing name/lat/long/image fields will be fetched from the respective wikidata entry fields
      • |lat latitude of listing, valid range: -90.0 to 90.0; specify NA to disallow fetching the value from wikidata
      • |long longitude of listing, valid range: -180.0 to 180.0; specify NA to disallow fetching the value from wikidata
  • Optional parameters:
    • |zoom zoom level for the full-screen map that opens when the listing number is clicked – default=17, valid range: 1 to 18 (1=Earth, 18=city block)
    • |url name of listing becomes a link to the specified URL
    • |image name of image for the thumbnail that pops up when the map marker is clicked – "File:" prefix not necessary
    • |group a map group to which the marker should be added. This parameter should only be necessary when multiple dynamic maps are used on a page; in such cases, the
      Map of Marker
      template's "show" parameter should match the "group" parameter for its corresponding marker.
  • Microformat: The template emits an hCard microformat.
  • Examples:
    • {{marker|type=see|name=Museum|lat=51.47766|long=0.00115}}
    • {{marker|type=do|name=Theme Park|lat=51.47766|long=0.00115|zoom=15|url=|image=Legoland.jpg}}
  • Associated template:


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