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Places text on an article stating population figures for the location extracted from Wikidata.

Option also to override with values with own input.

Using this template, rather than simple text, provides an easier method of identifying pages with population statements with the intention of keeping numbers more up to date.

If no input {{populationof}} will output "Latest population figures are about " together with population number from wikidata rounded and stated partially in words. Will also place link icon "edit wikidata" so can edit the value there.

For example, placing the template on page Metro Cebu without any parameters will give:

Latest population figures are about 2.8 million (census, 1 August 2015)"edit wikidata"

If set |pop= will output "population of" and the pop number given

If set |pop= and |year= will output "As of year population was" and the pop number given

If set |pop= and |text= will output text and the pop number given