island in Ternate City, North Maluku Province, Indonesia

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Ternate is an island in the province of North Maluku, part of the Maluku islands of Indonesia.

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A view of Ternate City and beyond in 2010

Ternate is the seat of the Sultanate of Ternate. The nearby island of Tidore has its own sultanate. The two sultanates have ruled much of the Maluku islands for centuries, and during the era of the spice trade, Ternate allied with the Dutch while Tidore allied with the Spanish and Portuguese.

Like the other Maluku Islands, Ternate was the scene of vicious combat between European colonial powers intent on monopolizing the spice trade, and between those European powers and local rulers. The various conquerors left behind forts that can still be visited today. However, unlike in centuries past, Ternate and neighboring islands are no longer central to world trade, and are not among the best-known tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Like everywhere else in untouristed Indonesia, people are very curious when they see non-Indonesians walking down the street. Expect to be stared at and expect everybody you see to say hello to you, and try to practice their English. Most of the time this curiosity is good-natured, so smile and be friendly in return.

Get in edit

By plane edit

  • 1 Sultan Babullah Airport (TTE IATA). There are frequent flights from Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta Airport, operated by Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, and Sriwijaya Air. In addition, there are regular flights from Ambon, Manado, and Makassar, as well as flights from various other smaller airports in the Maluku archipelago.    

By boat edit

There are ships from various parts of Indonesia only serviced by PELNI. Schedules and reservations can be checked at PELNI office or by PELNI app.

Get around edit

View of Mount Tidore from Ternate Island

Taxis to the airport cost an average of Rp50,000.

The public ferry leaves from Ternate to Sofifi at 06:00. It returns at 09:00, then makes the second journey at 11:00, and returns for the final time at 16:00. Each trip takes 2 hours and costs Rp15,000. The boat departs from "Kota Baru" which costs Rp10,000-15,000 by Ojek (motorcycle taxis) or Rp5000 by Angkot (bemo or minivans). Port tax is Rp2000.

Speedboats operate between Ternate and Tidore, and Ternate and Sofifi all day. It takes 20 minutes to get to Tidore from Ternate and 40-45 minutes to Sofifi. They only run when there are 8 or more individuals making the trip though. Each journey costs Rp50,000.

There is a central station 2 Terminal Gamalama for all of the Angkot's near the tourist market to go around the city. It is more flexible to use Ojek to go to tourist attractions.

See edit

Fort Tolukko

History and building edit

  • 1 Museum Kedaton Kesultanan Ternate. 08:00-14:00 T-Su, closed M. This museum highlights the past rule of the Sultanate of Ternate and is housed in the actual palace built for the sultan in 1813. No shorts allowed; must remove shoes at entrance. Free but donation requested.  
  • 2 Ternate Sultanate Mosque.
  • 3 Benteng Oranje (Fort Oranje), Jl. Hasan Boesoeri, Gamalama. 07:45-16:30 M-Th, 07:45-11:00 F, closed Sa-Su. The largest fort in Ternate island. It has thick walls that are, despite of frequent earthquakes, still in good conditions. It represented the heart of Dutch operations in the Spice Islands until that era ended and Dutch interests moved on to Batavia. One of the buildings houses a small branch of the National Indonesian archive (Arsip) that can be visited free of charge.  
  • Sultan's Tomb.
  • 4 Benteng Tolukko. 08:00-17:00 daily. Portuguese fort constructed in 1512 that has, over the years, also seen occupation by the Dutch, British, and a Sultanate. Abandoned in 1864 and then the focus of renovation efforts in 1996, it has a nice phallic shape.  
  • 5 Benteng Kalamata (Fort Kalamata). 08:00-18:00 daily. Fort Kalamata is a Portuguese star fort that was built in 1540 and also later saw occupation by Dutch and British forces and then subsequent restoration by Indonesia in 1994. It was originally called Santa Lucia and offers a good view of Tidore from its ramparts.  
  • 6 Masjid Raya Al Munawwar Ternate (just southeast of Fort Oranje, on the coast). One of those grandiose mosques dominates the skyline, but it particularly stands out with the way it kind of hangs precariously to the shoreline. In fact, apparently, some minarets were previously jutting out of the sea until the sea decided to claim them. No entry for non-Muslims.
  • Various memorials to massacred Christians during the riots of 1999-2000. Many abandoned churches too.

Nature edit

  • 7 Lake Tolire (Danau Tolire Besar). 06:00-18:00 daily. Crater lake with green water that supposedly hosts a small crocodile population with Mount Gamalama in the background. Trails to rim of lake. There is a wild legend associated with the lake which is explained in the Wikipedia article. small entry fee.  
  • 8 Batu Angus. Observation area of old lahar from Mount Gamalama, picnic area, the viewpoint of other islands of Maluku. Small admission fee.
  • 9 Lake Ngade (Danau Ngade). Another lake with majestic views of Tidore Island and Mount Kiematabu.
  • Lagoons

Wildlife edit

Hemiscyllium halmahera, An endemic walking shark
  • 10 Falajawa Beach (Pantai Falajawa), Jl. Falajawa No.1, Muhajirin, Ternate Tengah. 24 hours. Dive to see endemic species of walking shark (Hemiscyllum halmahera) or hiu berjalan (in Indonesian).

City views edit

  • 11 Taman Moya Mabuku, Moya, Ternate Tengah. 24 hours. A park in a hilly area to see the view of the downtown of Ternate. It is good to go there in the afternoon or evening. Free.
  • 12 Taman Nukila, Jl. Sultan Muhammad Iskandar Djabir. Seaside park with promenade and benches for viewing the great expanse of land and sea. Also, don't miss the Ternate Landmark — there's a monument to either Vasco da Gama or Magellan— immediately to the south for great selfie and sunrise viewing opportunities.
  • Graffiti murals dedicated to various punk bands and some figures.

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Beaches edit

Sulamadaha Beach snorkeling spot
  • 1 Sulamadaha Beach (Pantai Sulamadaha). Pretty black sand beach surrounded by trees with clear calm waters good for snorkeling.
  • 2 Kastela Beach (Pantai Kastela) (below Fort Kastela). This is a nice beach for watching sunsets.
  • 3 Jikomalamo Beach (Pantai Jikomalamo). Another nice beach for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.
  • 4 Bobane Ici Beach (Pantai Bobane Ici). A beautiful beach, It has 2 pools and a cafe.

Hiking edit

  • 5 Mount Gamalama. Exercise caution in climbing in consideration of its volcanic volatility and its past eruption in 2011.

Events edit

  • Festival Kora-Kora, A maritime festival. It is held every November.
  • Legu Gam, An annual event available during April and located in Lapangan Salero, in front of the Kedaton Museum.

Eat edit

This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget under Rp50,000
Mid-range Rp50,000-150,000
Splurge over Rp150,000

Budget edit

Indonesian edit

Satay restaurant Maryam-1
  • 1 Maryam-1, Muhajirin, Central Ternate (Near Ternate Landmark), +62 852 319 16928. Famous for its delicious satay.
  • 2 Salero Yellow Rice (Nasi Kuning Salero), Soa Sio, Kota Ternate Utara. 07:00-10:00. Nasi kuning is a cheap food for breakfast. It is a plate of yellow rice with some side dishes like fish and egg. Start from Rp15,000.

Mid-range edit

Indonesian edit

Fish market Higienis
  • 3 Pasar Higienis, Jalan Sultan M. Djabir Sjah. Great place to eat fish especially in the evening.
  • 4 Rumah Makan Baghdad, Kompleks Pohon Pala, Jl. Wijaya Kusuma, +62 823 961 06592. 07:00-22:00. Try grilled bubara (giant trevally).
  • 5 Rumah Makan Lilian, Jl. Sultan M. Djabir Sjah, Ternate Tengah, (200 m walking from Ternate Grand Mosque). Try Gohu ikan is known as Sashimi of Ternate.

Western edit

  • 6 Papa Ron's Pizza, Jatiland Mall, Jl. Jatiland. A pizza place.

Splurge edit

Indonesian edit

  • 7 Pondok Katu Ternate, Kalumpang, Ternate Tengah. 10:00-22:00. Try ketam kenari (coconut crab) cooked in padang sauce or oyster sauce. Rp450,000 for ketam kenari.

Drink edit

Air guraka
  • 1 Kawasan Tapak, Jl. Sultan M. Djabir Sjah. 09:00-22:00. There are many food stalls or hawkers beside the coastline which sell traditional Ternate ginger drinks called Air guraka. It is served with some snacks including fried anchovy, fried peanuts, banana chips called Pisang mulu bebe, and sambal roa. Start from Rp5,000.

Sleep edit

  • 1 Hotel Vista, Jl. Pahlawan Revolusi, Muhajirin, Ternate Tengah, +62 921 3119547. Hotel Vista is a neat hotel with plenty of rooms right in the center. A simple breakfast is delivered to the hotel room early in the morning. Rp300,000.
  • 2 Muara Hotel and Mall Ternate, Jl. Merdeka No.19, Gamalama, Ternate Tengah (Near Fort Oranje), +62 921 3125553. It has balcony room with the view of Mount Gamalama, Fort Oranje, city beaches and island of Halmahera. There is also a supermarket on first floor. Start from Rp371,250.
  • 3 Sahid Bela Ternate (rebrand from Grand Dafam Bela Ternate), Jl Jati Raya No. 500, +62 921 3121800. The 4-star hotel in Ternate. Start from Rp630,822.
  • 4 Wisma Aira, Jl. Sultan Khairun, toll-free: +62 821 2391 6159. An economical homestay option. A/C and smoke-free. Lounge with viewing area of surroundings. Rp160,000-200,000.

Stay safe edit

Mount Gamalama

Mount Gamalama is an active volcano. The last eruption in December 2011 shut down air traffic in the region and killed 4 people in a lahar.

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  • Sofifi — A new provincial capital of North Maluku and being a transport hub is accessible by speedboats. It has bus and taxi connections to the rest of Halmahera.
  • Tidore — A sultanate island, accessible by speedboat.
  • Morotai Island — A historic island of World War II.
  • Ambon — An island with various beaches and historical sites also registered in UNESCO Creative Cities. 1.5 hr by plane.

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