User:AndreCarrotflower/Buffalo Districts Reorganization

EXCEPT Medical Corridor (to East → Midtown-Near East Side)
EXCEPT the west side of Main Street between West Ferry and North Streets (to East → Midtown-Near East Side)
What all of this looks like on a map
EXCEPT everything west of Richmond Avenue and south of Forest Ave. (to West → Upper West Side)
EXCEPT West Hertel (to Black Rock-Riverside)
PLUS aforementioned area west of Richmond Avenue taken from current Elmwood Village, but
EXCEPT Black Rock and Riverside (to their own article)
EXCEPT Clinton-Bailey ( = everything north of I-190 and Pennsylvania RR tracks; to East → Lovejoy-Kaisertown)
PLUS west side of Main Street from West Ferry to North Streets (taken from current Allentown and the Delaware District)
AND Clinton-Bailey (taken from current South Buffalo)
AND Medical Corridor (taken from current Downtown)
  • Buffalo/Midtown-Near East Side - Midtown (incl aforementioned addition @ west side of Main Street), Medical Corridor, Fruit Belt, Near East Side, Ellicott District, Cold Spring/Masten Park (EXCLUDING everything east of Wohlers Ave. and north of Best St., which goes to East Central)
  • Buffalo/Northeast Buffalo - Ken-Bailey/Kensington Heights, Delavan-Bailey, Highland Park, Schiller Park
  • Buffalo/East Central - Hamlin Park, Humboldt Park, Genesee-Moselle, Delavan-Grider & everything between E Ferry, Humboldt, Best & Wohlers
  • Buffalo/Polonia - Broadway-Fillmore & St. John Kanty
  • Buffalo/Lovejoy-Kaisertown - including Clinton-Bailey