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Hey there!!! Thanks For Visiting in my User page!! I'm Angellene10! I'm living in the Philippines.I am a pure Ilocana.My Family is a pure Ilocano.I learned how to speaking English since, I am 7 yrs.old.Because my mother decided to transfer me in Manila.So until now,I am studying in Manila.My Mom decided also to go back in my province Pangasinan to continue my education.Because my momma is working in HongKong,my Dad is working in Calasiao,a part of Pangasinan.My mother give me to my aunt to take care of me...My name in this WikiVoyage is not my real name..My name is Angel and my cousin,Charlene combined my name and her name,so that Angellene is the result.The number 10 is my age when I started to editing in WikiVoyage.But now,I am 11 yrs.old!!! I discover this website,because of Wikipedia..I try to edit something then,,Until I like it! ;)

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And if you want to leave a message,leave it in my talk page! and please follow me on Twitter @angelgraceespir thanks!!! ;) and If you have an Facebook Account,Please like --> Torpe Problems? Sagot namin Yan. Thanks!