About meEdit

I lived in Japan for years and I've done Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto to death. The real beauty of Japan is right off the beaten track in rural communities, in the snow of Hokkaido, by the Inland Sea or the beaches on the Sea of Japan side.

When I'm not trying to decipher thick dialectal Japanese or sampling seafood that's still moving local delicacies, I'm also very fond of China, the ROC and Korea.

I speak Japanese and some Chinese but I'm a native English speaker and sometimes it's nice to take it easy in places where its spoken.. I'm very well travelled in the United States, Europe and Australia. Everywhere I go I like to get away from touristy areas and check out the local scene, something for which I've found Wikivoyage, and before that a different site, to be indispensable.

So it's time for me to contribute some of my knowledge as well; I've enjoyed enough of yours for free.