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Picture of the Statue of Liberty on the Battery Park Ferry.
I took this picture on my tour of Radio City Music Hall in NYC.

I'm a brand new user to the Wikipedia/Wikivoyage community and I am contributing to the knowledge of the Treasure Coast and Port St. Lucie for all to enjoy. I have traveled a lot in recent years, particularly to Orlando due to our family time-share. Right now, I am still trying to take pictures of Port St. Lucie for the travel page, especially since I want my home to be shown in a delightful way, as well as updating many other cities on the Treasure Coast, finding malls in each area, be it a large mall (Treasure Coast Square Mall in Jensen Beach), or spread around in a plaza (The Landing at Tradition).

I took this picture of the World Trade Center at the 9/11 memorial.

I've never traveled further west in America than the suburbs of Chicago, and I really fantasize about what it would be like at the Grand Canyon, in Los Angeles and the big cities, and at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle. It may impossible; especially on my strictly tight budget, there is almost no money that I use to travel, let alone go away for a day or two by train (yes, I have had ideas like that). Either way, I'd really like to go out to the West and see the majestically-colored deserts of Utah and Arizona.

Disney is one place I'd never go back to; I've been there a lot, but the outrageous ticketing prices and price levels for food and the souvenirs tipped me past the breaking point. I literally said, "WTF is this! We are done!" and we cut the cord with going back to that dreaded tourist trap of a park. That's why I've never talked about, let alone endorsed or "touted", Disney World or Disneyland.


I am a pure Floridian, born and raised in South Florida in the boom-town of Port St. Lucie. I've lived here all my life and I go to school within St. Lucie County. In my free time, I mostly go on Wikipedia and Wikivoyage, contributing knowledge about the Treasure Coast. I'm also an amateur YouTuber making multiple videos. I've been throughout the United States, be it with my family or with my school choir.

New York City!Edit

I took this picture from Liberty Island. Ellis Island in the foreground and Jersey City in the background.

In March 2015, I went to New York City and stayed in the Hasbrouck Hilton in NJ. Seeing New York City for the first time in my life was quite an experience I will never forget, especially since it was so cold, IN SPRING EVEN! I have many pictures to upload, but only some are really worthy to go here on this page. My pictures were mostly of the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan, but the trip itself was school related and for a grade. Either way, I enjoyed myself immensely; surprisingly, there were no pickpockets to deal with, nor any taxis to ride in with nasty drivers. Everyone has a life! If I missed any must-see attractions in New York, I can't go back. Sorry, too many tolls to go through and increasingly heavy traffic through the Lincoln Tunnel on the way in; I'm not buying a plane ticket either. Do you know how expensive a plane ride is? Let alone train tickets.

On the way back...Edit

I slept on most of the journey back to the Treasure Coast, but I got some nice snapshots of Jacksonville. See if you can identify any of the buildings!

My first sights of Jacksonville on the way back from NYC.
As I drove further down I-95, I got this awesome skyline picture of the JAX.

Either way, I have little to say about the trip back because I was mostly asleep since leaving NY.

Where have I been?Edit

I took this picture of myself blocking a perfect view of Chicago from the Willis Tower Skydeck Ledge. I'm in the green shirt.

I've been in many places of the US, but not all in one area; I've mostly been through the Midwest, mainly Michigan. Here is a list of places that I've been in addition to Port St. Lucie:

Foreign CitiesEdit

Where have I been through?Edit

I've been through many cities, especially on my trips through the Midwest up to Michigan; particularly the repeat cities of Cincinnati, Detroit, Toledo, Chattanooga, and Atlanta.

Where do I want to go?Edit

I've yet to go to many major U.S. cities, particularly the metropolises of Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and many others. I've also planned to myself about going to the Western US to get some fresh air out in the wildly wonderful frontier; my want-to-go cities in the Frontier are Denver and Cheyenne. Here is my bucket list of cities to go to:

Billings, MT; Boston, MA; Cheyenne, WY; Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Memphis, TN; New Orleans, LA; Back to New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; San Antonio, TX; Seattle, WA; Any big Southern US city

Foreign CitiesEdit


  • Anywhere in Quebec, Canada (I heard that if you speak English, you get dirty looks, and I don't want that)
  • Bronx, NY (Yankees fans, UGH!)
  • Places in the middle of down-right nowhere
  • Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL (for reasons, read up top in the intro)
  • Disneyland, Anaheim, FL (same reason as Disney World)
  • Colombia, I've had pretty bad experiences in Busch Gardens in Tampa with people from Colombia (not trying to be racist); they were only there for the FIFA Cup in 2014, and they cut in line!
  • Antartica, freezing.
  • Moon, I'd like to stay on Earth.
  • Alabama, if you have seen the news, I will avoid Alabama at all costs.

Traveling and MeEdit

I went on a plane for the first time when I was 6, and I went from Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. I've yet to go by train, a mode of transport that has fascinated me much. The closest major Amtrak station to me is in Orlando, and I plan to travel to either Washington, DC or back to New York.

I've visited the Caribbean cities of Nassau, Cozumel, Roatan, Belize City, and Costa Maya by cruise ship. Nassau was a visit on one cruise from Cape Canaveral, and the other four cities were visited 5 years after the Nassau voyage. I had much more fun on the second cruise because of the larger activity opportunities, on deck entertainment (comedy, mostly), and I was able to get off the boat and explore the tropical wonders of the Caribbean in Mexico, Belize and Honduras.

The cities I have been to the most are: