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This is a work in progress. The drafting of how to take Wikivoyage to the next level.

Needs new item type "event" which has start and end dateEdit

This way in combination with semantic data storage one could ask "Give me a calendar of all "event" items 50km from me for all year / some period." which would produce a calendar.

Where content goes problem should be solved by automationEdit

"Fiskars is an interesting village in Raseborg, which is in East Uusimaa which is in Southern Finland which is in Finland..."

Q: Where should content go?
A: All of them. Some of them or or one of them. Should be up to the consumer to select views s/he wishes to have
Q: And how to do that?
A: With semantic database consisting of RDF triplets, like w:Wikidata does describing entities and their interrelations.

What kind of queries would be possible with a triplestore relying information infrastructure?Edit

  • I'm tired.. Give me all "sleep" items all "sleep" items on Route NN from X to Y
  • I want to explore sailing in Finland Make me a calendar of all "event" items in all places in Finland that are seaside sorted by place or date.
  • I feel peckish. Show me all "eat" items in this and surrounding entities.
  • Find me the closest <item> with <property> e.g. "Find closest 'eat' item where cuisine=Thai". Then the algo continues till it finds a Thai restaurant, nevermind how the borders of administrative entities go.

Semantic benefitsEdit

  • Instead of X saying there is connection to Y and Y saying there is a connection to X there should be just one item that describes the connection.

Should have non-displaying anchorsEdit

Problem: Currently it is only possible to make anchors that display in TOC and as a heading in the visual form of the information. Solution: Non-displaying anchor. I don't comment on what syntax it should take. I just say it makes for less Article#Anchor link problem as people change the headings around and no machine is checking that the links to these headings stay up-to-date.