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This is a list of traveler routers double licensed under GFDL and CC-BY-SA for the purposes of adding these very useful services to each served area. Original source here.

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List of traveler routersEdit

Global multimodal traveler routersEdit

  • Rome2rio (.com) is a worldwide multimodal traveller router that displays realistic prices. The prices it gives are slightly inflated from what you would as a local expect to get it for but they are hitting the mark on what a tourist will pay for booked-on-the-go ticket. No direct booking.
  • Google Transit ( is a multimodal traveller router with wide coverage but no price information or booking possibility.

Continent-wide traveler routersEdit

Europe wide traveler routersEdit

  • Original traveller router "Reiseauskunft" ( is an Europe-wide multi-modal mass transit traveler router by Deutsche Bahn with ability to purchase tickets for travel within Germany.
Rest of the world: by SNCF-Voyage - purchace railway tickets for many european operators in nearly all languages and all currencies
  • GoEuro (.com) - by the GoEuro Corporation is a travel metasearch engine which allows users to compare the price and journey time of air, rail and bus travel options in a single search. ( Wikipedia )

Global air fare price aggregatorsEdit

(Global) air fare price aggregators can be found here. They effectively provide is a monomodal traveler router where the nodes are airports or locations with surrounding set of airports.

North America wide traveler routersEdit

Traveler routers by countyEdit

National traveller routers for UKEdit

Local traveller routers for UKEdit

Traveler routers in CanadaEdit

Traveller routers in IrelandEdit


Traveller routers in New ZealandEdit

Travel routers in USAEdit

Travel routers in BelgiumEdit

Multi-modal and local traveler routers in Czech RepublicEdit

Multi-modal and local traveler routers in EstoniaEdit

Traveller routers in DenmarkEdit

Multi-modal and local traveler routers in FinlandEdit

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Single mode of transport traveler routers in FinlandEdit

Other services for travellers in FinlandEdit

  • Finland#By train - realtime traffic schedule for any train station in Finland. Available also as an iOS app.
  • Finland#By plane (canceledflights) if your flight was delayed more than 2 hours you are entitled to compensation. takes care of claiming on your (and other travellers) behalf and only charges it's fee if claim was successfull. The site also lists delays of Finland bound or outbound flights in real-time as a service to air travellers.

Traveller routers in FranceEdit

Traveller apps in FranceEdit

  • France app for Android and iOS keeps track of public transport timetables and reminds you to get home before service ceases for the night

Traveller routers for IsraelEdit

Traveller routers for LuxembourgEdit

Traveller routers for GermanyEdit

Reiseauskunft by is the original traveler router introduced in the 1990's by Deutsche Bahn. It is Europe wide these days and also includes bus traffic for many areas. Tickets for connections may be bought from Deutsche Bahn for their service and for all European rail routes via 3rd parties set up by entities like SNCF.

Traveller routers in AustriaEdit

Traveler routers in ItalyEdit

traveler routers in NetherlandsEdit

Traveler routers in NorwayEdit

Traveller routers in PolandEdit

Multi-modal and local traveler routers in SwedenEdit

Traveller routers in SwitzerlandEdit