I've completed what I set out to do. I hope readers found what I did to be useful and informative, whether travelling through a place or travelling to a place. Not an enjoyable experience overall as I had hoped - time to find new experiences elsewhere. Thanks to all that genuinely helped along the way.

I wonder what makes McDonalds in Narrabri boring, but McDonalds nowhere else? Why did someone not know that the telescope in Narrabri has two names? And that is so irritated by litter bins in a rest area on a road they've never been on that they had to remove reference to them? Someone who couldn't tell the difference between a holiday resort and a mining camp? So many mistakes made by people who obviously don't live here or have ever been here.

I don't need Wikivoyage to be important, unlike some others.

A good thing wrecked by those with unchecked power.