Howdy folks! I'm not sure why I chose howdy folks as a greeting seeing as I am neither a cowboy nor do I live where the cowboys roam. Alas, it is already done. Your everyday travel and history enthusiast with a podcast. I'm no expert but I hope to add a thing here or there as I discover them. Feel free to strike up a convo if you'd like to talk and have a great day!

Visited Countries


I have a very real goal to visit every country on the planet one day, as well as collecting a unique souvenir from each that truly represents it. As they say on this site the best way to start is to Plunge In, so I've gone ahead and started this list now! (Despite its emptiness.)

My view on "what is a country" for the purposes of this list includes not only countries but also autonomous zones that may or may not administer themselves. This makes places like various European-owned islands as well as disputed/non-recognized states destinations that require a visit and souvenir.

Countries Visited


This list is empty, as frankly, I have yet to explore any region of the world to my satisfaction.

Countries Visited (Partially)


This list includes countries that have either not been fully explored or do not yet have a good enough souvenir attained for them. The three current countries on this list make a nice set, don't ya think?

  • Canada (Partially Explored, No Souvenir)
  • USA (Partially Explored, No Souvenir)
  • Mexico (Partially Explored, No Souvenir)

Countries Not Visited


This list is empty simply because I do not have the motivation to write out a list of every country and other zones yet. One day perhaps.