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Hi! I'm Uness232 (he/they), and I mostly make climate edits for pages in Turkey, although I do want to expand into other countries and topics as well.

You can always email me or leave something on my talk page if you want a climate section for a specific article, I would gladly do it, and I'm pretty confident in my ability to write an adequate climate section only using the data that's available, even if I know nothing about the place, so that's not a big worry for me.

Tone-wise, I tend to avoid any form of exaggeration, as I think it usually does more harm than good, and I try to give clear, consistent terms when necessary to help travelers compare two locations easily, even if it makes me sound a bit less lively than usual for Wikivoyage.

Some questions people might or might not be wondering the answer to...Edit

Why do you use scientific names for climates?Edit

I use scientific terms instead of everyday descriptions of climate because it can be vital to compare and contrast the climates without taking too much time, and without these terms, it can be hard to entirely know what to expect from a city. For example, San Francisco, Istanbul, and London can all be classified as 'mild', but using words like 'oceanic' 'Mediterranean' or 'hypertemperate' before talking about climate in a more subjective way can definitely help compare climates' similarities in a more accurate way.

I do avoid using scientific terms that can be confusing for certain places, for example using 'subtropical' for Milan or most of the southern Black Sea coast, as I think it gives the traveler the wrong idea about the weather there, even if it's scientifically not all that wrong. In that case, I use a similar less loaded term.

What's the source for the data you use? It doesn't quite match those in other sites.Edit

So, two things.

Firstly, I usually combine data from multiple stations, or in the worst-case scenario, I adjust a simulated climate dataset. I do this because it eliminates the effect of microclimates on certain stations.

Secondly, for the simulated climate dataset, I use WorldClim, which is very accurate and high-res, but its data is for 1960-1990, which means it's a bit (around 0.5°C I think) colder than normals right now. If there's a slight difference, this might be the cause, but for bigger differences, it's definitely the first reason.

Why are some of your climate sections a basic description and a redirect?Edit

This is always because the climate there is basically identical to the nearest hub city, which a traveler will have to go to reach that destination. Otherwise, I never do this.

Can I request a climate section for a page I'm creating/editing/interested in?Edit

As I've said before, of course you can. I'll do it as soon as I can, and if for some reason I can't do it anytime soon I'll get back to you.

What languages can I talk to you in?Edit

English and Turkish, both fine.

French is where things get a little more complicated, I can read French, but don't expect me to write back in it and there's no chance of me editing a page in French.

Can I ask you random question about climate on the talk page?Edit


You can also ask me about Istanbul, especially if you need help with an article.

So that's kind of it for now, but if I get questions often, I'll write them down here as well.