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West Henan is the western part of Henan, China. It includes the prefecture-level cities of Sanmenxia, Luoyang and Pingdingshan.

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Map of West Henan
  • 1 Sanmenxia (三门峡) — The westernmost city of Henan. Famous for the Sanmenxia Reservoir and coal mines.
  • 2 Luoyang (洛阳) — One of the Eight Ancient Capitals in China. The UNESCO world heritage Longmen Grottoes is here.
  • 3 Pingdingshan (平顶山) — An industrial city famous for coal industry.

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This region is the main industrial area of Henan Province and rich in coal and non-ferrous metal. Though Luoyang has a rich history, the urban area of Sanmenxia and Pingdingshan were both developed after 1949.

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Luoyang and Sanmenxia are on the Longhai Railway and Xulan High-speed railway. The Jiaoliu Railway is across Pingdingshan.

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All the three cities can be reached by bus from the other cities in Henan Province.

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Luoyang has a small airport named Luoyang Beijiao Airport (LYA IATA). International visitors can fly to Zhengzhou Xizheng International Airport (CGO IATA) and transfer to buses or trains.

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  1. Lingbao Lamb Soup(灵宝羊肉汤):A combination of meat soup and vegetable cake, with comprehensive nutrition of meat and vegetables. The method of "boiling soup in a large pot and stewing in a single pot" is adopted to increase the combination of meat soup and pancakes, making meat and vegetables more nutritious. Thick and unadorned, fragrant but not pungent soup, spicy but not spicy, fresh and refreshing, with a lingering taste.
  2. Shaobing (Baked cake in griddle) with meat(烧饼夹肉):There is no fried dough. Replace with braised meat soup oil, apply and bake, then serve with minced meat. The cake is fragrant and tender, leaving a lingering fragrance on the lips and teeth.
  3. Raw jelly powder(生凉粉):Originating from Zhaiyuan Village in Yangdian Town, Lingbao, there is a local festival called Liangfen Festival on the fifth day of the second lunar month, also known as "Liuguang Festival", which symbolizes good luck in the coming year. On this day, people of all ages and genders should eat Liangfen.Yisheng Liangfen is made from high-quality mung beans, soaked and then subjected to beating, fermentation, skimming, and extraction of starch before being boiled. There are no additives added to it, and after being prepared, it will be crystal clear, soft and elastic. The stir fried cold noodles will not break into pieces, and it will taste sour and soft; Scratching cold noodles constantly, eating refreshing and refreshing; This type of jelly can be cold mixed or stir fried, which is appetizing and has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying.
  4. Shizimo(石子馍):It is named "Shizimo" because it is cooked with bean stones on top of a pan. After biting open, the inside is clearly layered, salty and delicious, very delicious.
  5. Noodle paste(浆面条):Milk rice, also known as milk noodles by the local people, is a kind of noodles made by a special process of fermenting green soybean milk to make noodles. The color is white with a hint of green, and the pulp taste is sour with a hint of fragrance; Secondly, precision is necessary for production and temperature control. Add noodles to the syrup, then mix with diced celery, tofu, peanuts, etc. It is appetizing and nutritious, with an endless aftertaste that is unforgettable.
  6. Vegetable bread(菜馍):There is no fixed combination for the filling of vegetable buns. It can be pumpkin shreds with vermicelli, or eggs with carrots, depending on the ingredients used.

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  1. cider vinegar:Apple cider vinegar is an acidic beverage that becomes alkaline after metabolism in the human body. It has the function of neutralizing acidic foods such as fish, meat, eggs, rice, and noodles, and is beneficial for the preservation of various nutrients and promoting calcium absorption. Most acidic foods contain metal elements such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, manganese, and zinc. For example, apples and tomatoes may have a sour taste when consumed, but these organic acids decompose into carbon dioxide and various acidic salts in the body, resulting in alkalinity. This can effectively improve the body's acidic constitution and make the body weakly alkaline. People with alkaline constitution have stronger immunity to viruses than those with acidic constitution.
  2. Haibi Soda:This was originally a state-owned small company, but later switched to food. Haibi Soda is an orange flavored soda launched by Radio Factory 2. The Luoyang Peony Flower Festival in 1983 was an opportunity for Haibi Soda to become popular overnight. This soda costs 1 yuan per bottle and has been a must-have for people in Luoyang to eat for quite some time.
  3. Wu Zheng:In Xinxiang, there used to be a peculiar beverage brand called Wu Zheng. The taste of Wu Zheng's drink is similar to that of cola. The initial memory of people in Xinxiang for cola was Wu Zheng rather than Coca Cola. The name Wu Zheng is actually the name of the son of the owner of the beverage factory, which can also be considered as a memory of the taste of Xinxiang people.
  4. fall in love at first sight:This is the local specialty of peanut milk in Henan, which was once popular in the 1980s and 1990s.
  5. Wangwu Mountain Ice Blast Refreshing:The name Wangwu Mountain Ice Pop Cool comes from Wangwu Mountain in Jiyuan, which is definitely a "star" in the beverage industry in the Jiyuan area. In Jiyuan or Jiaozuo, if you enter a supermarket or restaurant of all sizes, Wangwu Mountain Ice Pop Cool is definitely in the most prominent position in the display window. In the hot summer, taking a sip of this purple red carbonated beverage instantly touches the taste buds, and each bite is refreshing and memorable, although it belongs to local drinks, But its taste is not inferior to that of big brands such as cola and Sprite, and the price is not expensive, only 3 yuan per bottle.

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