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Westerwald is a low mountainous region in Germany which encompasses parts of Hesse (Hessen), Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) and North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen).


Map of Westerwald


North Rhine-WestphaliaEdit

  • 3 Siegen


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Bordered to the south by the Lahn Valley and the Taunus and to the west by the Rhine facing the Hunsrück and Eifel.

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Long-distance trainsEdit

Long distance trains stop at the stations Koblenz Hbf, Montabaur, Limburg Süd, Siegburg/Bonn and Bonn Hbf.

Local trainsEdit

  • RB 23 Limburg(Lahn) - Diez - Bad Ems - Koblenz Hbf - Andernach - Mayen Ost
  • RE 25 Gießen - Weilburg - Limburg(Lahn) - Diez - Bad Ems - Koblenz Hbf
  • RB 45 Fulda - Alsfeld - Gießen - Weilburg - Limburg(Lahn)
  • RB 90 Limburg(Lahn) - Diez Ost - Westerburg - Hachenburg - Altenkirchen - Betzdorf(Sieg) - Siegen
  • RB 95 Siegen - Haiger - Dillenburg
  • RB 96 Betzdorf(Sieg) - Herdorf - Haiger - Dillenburg
  • RB 97 Betzdorf(Sieg) - Daaden
  • RE 99 Siegen - Dillenburg - Wetzlar - Gießen - Frankfurt Hbf

By planeEdit

Nearest airports are Frankfurt (FRA IATA), Cologne/Bonn (CGN IATA), and Hahn (HHN IATA)

By busEdit

Stations of intercity busses are in Frankfurt (near centralstation, exit south/Stuttgarter Straße), Cologne/Bonn (at the airport, at the central station, exit Breslauer Platz and trainstation Leverkusen-Mitte) Koblenz (near centralstation).

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