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The Eifel is a region that lies in two German states: Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia. Smaller parts also lie in Belgium (Hohes Venn and West Eifel) and Luxembourg.

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Sunrise over the Eifel

The Eifel is a low mountain range bordered by the Rhine to the east and the Mosel to the south. The scenery includes some interesting formations caused by volcanic activity such as circular hills formed from vents and circular lakes in old craters.

Seasons edit

Traveling through the Eifel is possible all year long.

  • The peak season is from Easter until fall.
  • In winter one can go skiing in some small ski resorts.
  • There is a famous Christmas market in Monschau, but going there by car might be problematic (not enough parking slots) so one should take the bus from Aachen for example.
  • The Nürburgring is a Formula one racing track and once there is race upcoming then it's always crowded in all the area surrounding it.

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People living there speak German and you might find some speaking French, Dutch and a lot of the younger generation will speak a bit of English.

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By train or you might take buses leaving from bigger cities (e.g., Aachen) or leaving from the train stations.

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Best by buses or you take a cab.

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  • The charming and historic town of Monschau is a popular and great destination in summer, and possibly even a better one in winter. Famous for its fairy-tale like looks with narrow streets and traditional houses, as well as for it's Christmas market.
  • For hiking, mountainbiking and regular bike trips it's nice to go to the nature resort Eifel National Park in the north.
  • Laacher See. 2km diameter volcanic caldera lake east of Mayen.
  • Eltz castle near Treis-Karden.

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Many marked hiking routes, circular and long distance through the area.

  • Eifelsteig − 313 km walk from Kornelimünster near Aachen to Trier. Split in 15 stages with description
  • Römerkanal-Wanderweg (Roman canal hiking trail) - 100 km walk that follows the route of the Roman Eifel Aqueduct from Nettersheim to Cologne.

Cycling. Many signposted bike routes through the region.

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