Wikivoyage:Air travel information

Air travel is a critical part of travel. Potentially a confusing and stressful phase of travel, while internationally standardized, description should follow clear standards.

Articles on flying edit

Flying has an outline of flying-related travel topics.

Describing an airline edit

We do not have pages on individual airlines.

Country level articles can mention the country's major airlines, or if that doesn't provide many options, some major foreign airlines that fly to that country. However, we don't write reviews of airlines as we do with other listings. The exception is airlines that have, or had in the recent past, an ongoing poor reputation for safety or service, which should be described.

Otherwise, we only provide limited descriptions of airlines. Travellers select an airline based on many factors including routes, availability, price, and amenities. We do mention airlines' hubs, but when it comes to amenities we'd just be repeating what the airlines already say. (And when you look at the big picture, the experience is largely the same no matter what airline you fly.)

Describing an airport edit

See also: Project:Airport Expedition

According to Project:What is an article?, Wikivoyage's smallest-scale geographic entity is a city, defined as a settlement with some amenities for travellers, at least a hotel or other place for accommodation.

Therefore, a major international airport, with thousands of workers providing access to an array of airlines and destinations, with a good selection of on-site restaurants and hotels can have an individual article. A facility such as O'Hare International Airport may be as complex as a town or even a small city.

Small and medium-sized airports should be described in the article of the nearest city (or district), under the Get In section. Amenities within the transit area (duty-free shopping etc) could be described under the Get In section, while restaurants and hotels outside the gates, attracting visitors other than airline passengers, could be described under the Eat or Sleep section. For instance, we do not have an article about Hahn Airport, but rather the village of Hahn.

Describing airport transfer edit

A city article's Get in section should describe how to find a transport from each airport from where travellers could potentially arrive, even those located hundreds of kilometres away, in another city or province. For instance, Stockholm#By plane describes transfer to Stockholm from the airports at Nyköping and Västerås.

Transfer back to an airport should be implicitly understood from the same description. If the two directions are - for whatever reason not symmetrical, say so.