The traditional barnstar, from Meatball Wiki

One great tradition in wiki culture is the barnstar. This is a simple image of an iron star, as used for decoration on barns in the northeastern United States. This comparison arises from the fact that wiki community building is often compared to barn raising -- coming together to work on a project.

As Wikivoyage is centred around the traveller and improving the experience of travel, we have created the Barncompass. Used in the same way as barnstars, the Barncompass commemorates not only the wiki tradition of barnstars with its similar appearance, but also the compass - the voyager's friend for centuries. Much like the barnstar on other wikis, the Barncompass is a symbol of community-mindedness, and is an informal "award" to recognize a user's exceptional community and content work.

For contributions which are perhaps not significant enough for a Barncompass, or if you just want to let the community know you have completed a noteworthy contribution, you can celebrate the occasion on this page.

Giving a BarncompassEdit

Any Wiki community member can give a Barncompass to any other for any reason whatsoever. If you think someone's done exceptional work on Wikivoyage, plunge forward and let them know with a Barncompass.

To add the Barncompass, use the following Wiki markup on the user's User talk: page. Feel free to customize the text, of course.

{{Barncompass|This [[Project:Barncompasses|Barncompass]] is to show appreciation for your great work on Wikivoyage. --~~~~}}

How this appears:

  The Wikivoyage Barncompass
This Barncompass is to show appreciation for your great work on Wikivoyage. --Username - Time

Barncompasses may be awarded privately, but if you wish to announce the award to the Wikivoyage community, this may be done by adding a short note on the Project:Celebrate a contribution page.